Another Observation From Game 1

A few people who went the game Saturday noted the band seemed to be noticeably smaller.

I heard this last season too. Maybe it’s a fallout from COVID-19. Who knows? The sun deck (the end zone bleachers where the band watches games) is definitely smaller, perhaps because USC wants it to look full with less band members.

Here’s a look at the band seven years ago.

47 thoughts on “Another Observation From Game 1

  1. Any idea why USC is on the sideline that has the afternoon sun in their eyes rather than at their back? I recall seeing something many many years ago that the PAC 12 dictates which sideline the Home Team needs to be on (for example North or East) but can find anything now.

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  2. Any idea why USC is on the sideline that has the afternoon sun in their eyes rather than at their back? I recall seeing something many many years ago that the PAC 12 dictates which sideline the Home Team needs to be on (for example North or East) but can find anything now.


      1. trojan1967,

        I never saw an episode. the reason is, they asked sienfield what the show was about and he said that the show was about nothing. Why waste time on something that is about nothing. Besides, he too was a pedophile. He was an adult going out with a 17 year old girl at that time.


  3. Releek Brown is a special talent closet player next to Reggie Bush are they being secret about the injury or does LR play Belichick’s NFL injury report must be a high ankle sprain or Chet Holegrem lansfranc foot injury please find out Wolfe that will scoop of the season be the first outlet to report it wolfman

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  4. I note SC went from a 32-point favorite last week against, in effect, a Junior-College football team, and are this week down to a mere 9-point favorite over Stanford, the retired Indians outfit, now called the Cardinal

    It is probably a realistic point spread. SC should win this contest, and should win it with some style-points.

    However, this basically same group of Stanford footballers has returned from last season, and they vividly recall humiliating SC to the extent that Troy had to fire its coach, one Ton-o-Hel, following that Stanford devastation.

    So who can predict the outcome of this 2022 Clash?– Stanford is not as strong in the trenches as in years past, but they still win games with a superior passing attack.
    And Troy’s immature, developing secondary seems ripe for the pickings.

    But even if SC’s porous defense surrenders 40-points or more, it does not assure a Stanford victory. For this SC offense might be one for the ages, although the jury is ‘still out’ debating its influence and efficacy.

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    1. Hey LJ I have a delusional feeling that this will be a magical season Why these positions with ☆= Elite QB☆ RB☆ WR☆ LB☆S☆ *? =Needs to get 2 Elite improving WIP = Work in Progress OL*? DL*? CB*? NC*? These ☆ positions are elite enough to carry the team through road adversity when we need to make a play. *? R positions that we need to keep improving so by the ND & RUINS, we will be running on high octane after we beat Utah in midseason. A magical season is 11-1 PAC12 championship and invite to CFP That would be a start for LR era.

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      1. IMO…. a one-loss USC will have a challenge getting into the CFP due to the quality of its conference opponents. A one-loss SEC, ACC, or Big10 team will get in first, strength of schedule matters. We really needed ND, and Utah to stay undefeated and beat a one-loss Oregon in the PAC12 title game.

        The PAC12 has underachieved for over a decade, and the respect level is low! I hope I’m wrong. We need to go 13-0 and leave no doubt!

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      2. Agree with you Gabby. Great analysis the only way we can get invited is Ohio st needs 2 have 2 losses as well as Georgia and another 2 loss SEC who makes a title conference game which loses, who is not in the final poll ranked in the top 6. And USC will need to be ranked in top 5. That is a lot of its. Hopefully they will factor in the Lincoln Riley factor of putting teams in playoffs. A USC team will be high rating for TV.

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      3. Lofty expectations, ET, through the roof actually.

        I am pleased that Wiley has no extra pressure being applied by the Trojan-faithful

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      4. …the defense would really have to improve for your scenario to hold up, but I am intrigued. If the team stays healthy

        Personally, I don’t think this team can go 12-1 this year (which would include the Pac 12 champ game) due to some inherent issues with the D-line, special teams, etc. Nevertheless, we are moving in the right direction.

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    2. Remember this, John — if Stanford really controls the ball & scores 40 points, USC will probably have about 25 minutes on the clock in which to score 41….

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  5. 1. The poor saps that were routed last year are all gone (transferred, graduated or sacked).
    2. The worst head coach in USC history is no longer here (yeah even worse than Hackett).
    3. The new players have no connection to last year’s loss nor the coaching staff.

    USC 42 ‘Legoland’ 10

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      1. Take away Emmitt’s son’s quick hitter in the first minute and ‘Furd averaged less than 3.5 yards per carry the rest of the game.

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  6. Micheal,

    My way of telling if SC is back or not is the oline and dline. If they won Stanford, then they are on their way back. if it is equal or more toward standford’s way in line play, then SC will still need work. My opinion.


    1. PasadenaTrojan I answered your questions, I remember when Petros played for PV youth football he was actually good.. Its in the board but couldn’t reply on that particular thread


  7. Dr. Art Bartner–one of the greatest Trojans of all time.

    Spirit of Troy will be fine.
    Gonna be fun competing the the great bands in the Big 10.
    We will need to bring our A+ game.

    Soon, we will no longer have to deal with the Stanford Band.
    My heart is lighter already.


  8. The one claim to fame I have is that band used people from other schools to fill it out early in Dr. Bartner’s carrer. I played at home games on Saturday when Mt.Sac was home. It was great fun. Maybe the new regime friend on this practice.


      1. Yes I believe he was the last marching band director. He came after Wiggins. He took the band to the Jr. Rose Bowl. I secured (stole) a fire extinguisher for their R2D2 (motorized wheelchair) I was enrolled in Cal State LA, but my younger sister, Diane, played clarinet, flute and bassoon for Alexander. I just came back to help the band. The other day I mentioned I didn’t blame the band for not wearing their uniforms. The Mt.Sac uniform had two fronts and was not even in cold weather. The Covina High school uniform was a tuxedo with a nagahyde overlay. Even the 70s USC uniform was hot, but beer flowed freely among band members.


      2. The ’84 Olympics was the beginning of the end for the old band. Art frowned upon “beer for the band” handouts on the way to the Coliseum and the use of profanity with crowds around.

        Them not wearing their uniforms is just a sign of the times. They’re much softer these days, even though saying that made someone cry the other day. (And in so doing, proving my point. LOL)


  9. Hey Pasadenatrojan I do have some connections with USC in a sense, I coached for Carson Pop Warner from 88-91, some of my players have went to USC, and my homies , played for Carson & Banning back win City Championship meant something. I coached at Warren High. I ve been associated with many PAC 12 black coaches who recruit in the local south bay high schools. So I get a little intel from them. I cannot give names, because I’m not at liberty due to privacy issues. Ok just a diehard Trojan fan like some of us on this board. I have couple sources that all three Serra DB are strong candidates to sign with us. I know Jason Mitchell personally the father of Jason Mitchell . He played with my cousin at Harbor JC, before going to USC. He is 100% going to be a Trojan that’s all he knows. #IAmNotAReporter#ExYouthSportsCoordinatorCoach#WhoLoves#WarDODGERSWSBOUND#LAKERSTRADITION#USCRESTORATIONOFOURPROUDHISTORYOFTHEPAC


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