USC Sunday Buzz: Notes From Stanford

Some notes following the USC-Stanford game:

I’m not liking those gold tights Jordan Addison wore (pictured) vs. Stanford.

  • USC is ranked No. 7 in the Associated Press poll and No. 8 in the latest coaches’ poll.
  • Safety Max Williams had seven tackles, an interception, a forced fumble and a recovered fumble.
  • Linebacker Eric Gentry led the defense with 10 tackles.
  • Wide receiver Terrell Bynum, a transfer from Washington, has not caught a pass in two games.
  • Wide receiver Gary Bryant, a starter last season, has caught two passes in two games.
  • A fairly quiet game from Korey Foreman, especially considering Romello Height was injured early. Solomon Byrd, third team on the preseason depth chart, had two sacks.
  • Linebacker Tuasivi Nomura had a big hit in the game. He was a late addition three-star a few years ago and he is now ahead of higher-ranked players on the depth chart.
  • Clay Helton ended up getting Scott Frost fired, 363 days after Helton got fired by USC.
  • Here’s a play you might have missed yesterday:

31 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz: Notes From Stanford

    1. Kourtney Foreman’s jersey number matched his performance grade for yesterdays game…

      Kourtney Foreman may be the biggest bust in the history of USC football


  1. Flow. I think Dedich was wearing those gold tights also. Same with Caleb and his black tights. Although I don’t like the look as well, it’s just Men in Tights. Tight tights!


  2. Biggest takeaway from yesterday —Riley was as excited as Pete Carroll used to be: “the team is getting better —we’re working hard to get better & we are getting better!”

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    1. Michael, watching Riley was more fun than watching the previous four and a half head coaches. Kiffin was dower always hiding behind his Denny’s Menu looking as if someone had passed in his corn flakes. Coach O was wound up like a kid imitating a pro wrestler. Sark looked a drunk contemplating a appetizers menu. Helton looked like a kid watching a fat boy eating ice cream across the street, while wishing he could have a quarter to buy some. Donte tried to look like coach while his coordinators made him look stuipid. Riley looked like a recovering alcoholic with the DTs he was animated tugging at his collar, making hand gestures, and maybe signals to his quarterback. What I really liked was the lack of card signs being held by players who are otherwise useless.


  3. #6 Blackmon…they need to sit his ass down. He may hold the record for most pass interference penalties committed by one player in one game


    1. Interim coach similar to Donte Williams while a serious search is made.

      Last Monday’s Dan Patrick Show gave birth to a possibility of Urban Meyer taking on the coaching duties @ NE…..could happen….a return to the Big 10….ceded in the weaker Western division….knows intimately the recruiting skill necessary to secure talent….

      Meyer needs a comeback and NE needs a solid hire…..Meyer has been humbled and knows he was ‘passed over’ by Foyt/Bohn and USC has hit a solid victory with securing Lincoln Riley. In 2 years’, USC joins the Big 10. It’s a good move for both.


  4. Scooter,

    My report card:

    Qb: B: First half he was outstanding, second half, he let his foot off the pedal. Don’t know if that was Riley’s decsiion or not.

    Receivers: A: Great game in the first half and they dropped three passes all game. Good blocking on the downfield when running the ball

    Rb”s B+: Hit the holes with determination and authority. Ran with conviction. blocked very well and caught passes. Hit the correct hole.

    Oline: B-: Two penalities and two sacks in the second half. they were coverage sacks but still sacks. Open holes and pounded stanford’s defense.

    DL: C+: Could not stop the delayed RPO by Stnaford. Nothing but a counter. Stanford allowed penetration. Dline should have just stayed at home. They did get to the qb in the second half for three sacks. Stopped the run in the second half.

    lbers” B+: This is the heart of the defense led by #53. They hit the hole and punished the rb and qb.

    Db’s: C-, got three penalities against them. However, I believe the refs were jobbing SC. Too many passes with out coverage. Need to get on recievers better

    ST’s: B-: 2 out of three field goals, but the ball hits SC player in the helmet. he should have been looking for the ball.

    Coaching: C: Took the foot off the pedal in the second half or the players were tired or second string was in. Until SC is dominant once again, there is not let up.

    Overall C+: Stanford was physical and took it to SC in the first half. Second half it was a combination of SC shutting down the run game and Stanford knowing that they had to pass to catch up. D in the second half looked better after adjustments.

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    1. Nice analysis —let’s wait & see if it matches as well as last week’s with Scott’s [assuming Scott goes into his in an impartial and fair mood]…


    2. I think they went out the second half and worked on ball/clock control. It wasn’t a matter of not being able to score 70 points, it was more like working on an aspect of the game.

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    3. Substitutions were made to assess the skill set of those sent in…..injuries are inevitable but minimizing is key to having the necessary starters available throughout the season esp. RB’s and DBs.

      Officiating, esp PI calls, were solidly in favor of ‘legoland’ – that made the DBs back off and gave the opponent ‘easy’ touchdowns.

      USC has a very winnable schedule as does the entire Pac-12…..What is strange is that ‘the princess’ plays 3 Pac-12 teams (‘legoland’, Cal, USC) 4 ACC, OH St., Navy . UNLV, Marshall & BYU. I thought they were to play 5 ACC squads per year.


  5. Might be a wise idea to curb your enthusiasm so early in the schedule. A win is a win and that is good

    This furd team is worse than last years
    Cal 41-11, 636 yds offense.

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    1. Bad example, Cal75. That game easily coulda gone into overtime except for a few bad calls….and a couple of missed tackles…. and one or two bad breaks….
      Give Stanford another 2 TD’s and subtract 2 TD’s from Cal….. and, well, Cal still wins…. but you get my point….


    1. They took Colin’s photo 429 times before he said “Mmmmm —I may not know art…but I know what I like…”


  6. I always thought Nomura was a good player coming out of Corona Centennial. A little small at that time but good. I still say that Eric Gentry could be the next great SC linebacker.

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    1. Hey Parcelman, I watched Nomura when he came in. He did a decent job and pursued the ball well. I had to look at my roster to see who that guy was. Gentry is a sophomore cast into a starting roll on a new team representing himself quite well. By this time next year he could be a genuine force to reckoned with.


    2. Gentry is special. Lead the team in tackles. Still young and will absolutely dominate by the end of the year. Has there ever been a 6’6″ middle linebacker. Julius Peppers was awesome but he was on the outside. Will be an All American and first round draft pick.

      Love the aggressiveness on defense. Max Williams forced the fumble. Nomura had a Butkus type of tackle. The team targeted E. Smith after it was revealed that he had a shoulder injury and caused him to fumble. Blackmon’s interception was spectacular. How often do you see a db block a pass and have the athleticism to catch it and return it. Not worried about Blackmon’s PI calls. All of them looked like BS. Bullock continues to impress. Now about that d line . ..

      As for Stanford, sure wish we got David Bailey, the rush end out of Mater Dei. He looked special for a freshman.


  7. USC wins and he complains about tights. Like that matters because Head Coach doesn’t give a toss. Did you see Foreman get less reps than Solomon Byrd? Or that Dedich was out in the second half? This staff adjusts and doesn’t wait for results. Why can’t Wolf admit this team is better than last years team? How good can this team be? Don’t act so impatient. Time will tell.


  8. I told y’all Gentry was special leading the team in tackles here is where the defense is in numbers 72nd in TD 360.5 per game looking for an improvement in the 260.0 that would put them into 25 as of week 2 alabama is 18 @ 253.0 Ohio st 23 264 they average 2.25 -2.59 per rush GA 220 (8) 2.20 per rush that where our defense needs to get to. There are weakness in all these teams except GA passes completed by yardage average ohio St. 53 11.43 Ala 11,26 USC 34 10.41 Georgia 6 7.62 Utah 4. 7.50 So u see where we need to get to be an elite defense I have more stats but not enough time does anybody program data? Fresno St., bite us because they are comparable to us in offense numbers will give you those numbers closer to game day.


    1. We give up 4.89 per rush @ 106 to terrible must get dlm who can stop ball carriers before they get started or teams are going to be able to run ball control and put our offense on the sidelines, can we recognize and call audibles to stop the bleeding before it’s too late.


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