USC Going Back On Pac-12 Network

The USC-Oregon State game on Sept. 24 will kick off at 6:30 p.m. and be televised on the Pac-12 Network.

This looks like an intriguing matchup and a possible trap game so why put it on a network a lot of people can’t watch?

It’s moments like this where I feel USC can’t get out of the Pac-12 fast enough.

39 thoughts on “USC Going Back On Pac-12 Network

    1. Hire Kris Richard as defensive coordinator he’ll put a legit defensive coaching staff together and make the Trojans defense elite…problem solved


      1. YES!!! Richard I am sure will walk away from a sweet DB gig at New Orleans to come coach as DC at USC. What a crock of bullshit you are TB

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      2. 12 tackles for a loss, 5 sacks, two fumbles forced, and two pics in last game. Ya, we really need to change the DC.


    2. LMFAO!

      Michael Guarino got called out for spending more time on this blog than with his supposed wife and now he’s trying to stay away



      1. This is the inner Tebowobama speaking: “Help!!! I am being held prisoner by this wasted space, this train wreck of a human being…”

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      1. LOL! I wasn’t bragging about my good works. Just reminding people of what they can do, to get not only Pac-12, but also Longhorn, SEC, ACC and Big-10! (Which they WILL want in 2 years.)

        But thanks for reminding me to be humble. Reminders are a good thing…for pride cometh before the fall. – Proverbs 16:18

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    1. It can also be streamed via internet. One may need to sign up for a month trial with a provider, then just make sure to cancel after you no longer need it.

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      1. Inner Tebowobama “Me thinks I protest too much..okay, yes, I admit I ordered it during the Helton years, but that was only so I could watch the, ahhhh, ya know, the country country meets.”

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    2. If you can’t get Pac12 network it is your own fault. Dish has it. It is why I went to Dish 2 years ago, which makes me smarter then everyone else. I’m the unofficial USC historian, and I know everything, just ask me, and I’ll tell you.


  1. Pac-12’s problems due to chronic incompetence by Larry Scott, who pulled a really big con on the Pac-12 university presidents. He promised $$$, but never had a vision of what it means to grow a conference and create interest in the produce. He was a tennis promoter, and it turns out that tennis promoting didn’t translate so well to running the pac-12. New guy (Kliatkoff (sp?)) doesn’t have a background in college athletics either. He was a vegas marketing guy.


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  2. If the four corners teams go big 12, the Cal, Stan, OR, and WA went B1G, the OR st and WA St. could go mountain west. Or San Diego and Fresno replace USC and ucla into Pac12.


    1. That makes the most sense.
      Two local early preseason games.
      Five games against former PAC 12 schools absorbed by the BIG. Keeps tradition alive and locks up Washington, Oregon(who cares), and So/No CA.
      Five games against BIG schools with 2-3 long travel schedules per season. With a bye week for coast to coast travel.

      Viewership of Colorado, Utah, AZ has such a small base that it would be hard to see how they have much negotiating power.

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      1. MG

        I hope you get a Rutgers tradition.

        Maui to Piscataway is a 12 hour flight. Enjoy. Bring your topcoat.
        I can hardly wait for the SC whining to begin for Penn St and Rutgers travel fiascos. In the WINTER. And their winter will make you a believer.

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    2. Steve49 Fresno State & San Diego St going to Pac makes sense and the Big only would want Stanford & Cal because that would satisfy their academic standards, and that would satisfy UC Regents knowing that the Big would add both Stanford & Cal, so it would give the Regents leverage against the Big &UCLA, because they are bitching what about Cal that also would stop all the fuss right. Hopefully for UCLA, Warren is in contact with the Regents on a back door agreement if they really want UCLA. A situation that needs monitoring. #RealignmentExpansionLeavingAConferenceAndDontTellTheCommish/RegentsWill CostYouFutureMillions#BigTimeDictatorshipIsTheNormInTheChangingWorldOfMediaDrivenExecutives


      1. Two or Four west coast teams must or eventually will be added to the Big that would ease the traveling back through 3 time zones on back 2 back road trips. Hopefully it gets worked out. 9:00 am games against those physical BIG teams will be brutal especially when they play in late October in November, TV wants primetime games against Ohio St Michigan Penn State. When they play Wisconsin Iowa I’m sure those games won’t be primetime unless they are ranked in the Top 25.


      2. How is this a “trap game” ? Oregon State is better than the opponent before it (Fresno) and after it (ASU).


  3. MG

    You’ll be happy to know that the longest runway at University Park Airport(State College, PA) is 6,700′. A fully loaded Boeing Heavy needs 9,700′ to take off so a direct flight to Penn ST from LAX ain’t gonna happen. It needs 6,700′ to land. No margin for error.

    Please make other arrangements for that weekend. UA says 13+ hrs from LAX to State College if no weather delays.
    I know you’re disappointed.
    Kleenex, hanky, tampon?


    1. Cal75,

      If Penn St. does not use the University Park Airport, then I believe they have to bus at least an hour and a half to Harrisburg PA, 86 miles one way and use their airport. That is just like flying into Spokane and driving 90 miles one way to Wash. St.


      Beat the Pagan Catholics this weekend.


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