USC Morning Buzz: Here’s A Stat That Won’t Please You

Here’s a stat that hasn’t been discussed much in the afterglow of the media fawning over USC’s victory over Stanford.

The Trojans rank 106th in rushing defense, allowing 183.5 yards per game. It’s worse if you go by fancier stats like rushing success rate (119th) or rushing marginal explosiveness (121st).

I’m not a stat geek but I know if a Clay Helton defense did this we would all be talking about.

I’m not worried about it when USC plays Fresno State but maybe when USC plays Utah or say a real team if the Trojans reach the College Football Playoff.

Also, I know Lincoln Riley and Alex “Scotty” Grinch are discussing it this week so it’s an area to keep an eye on for improvement.

35 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Here’s A Stat That Won’t Please You

  1. Scooter,

    A couple of things: it is still early for the defense. Grinch is seeing different things on the field in the first half that he might not have seen before. However, he makes adjustments and his defense does shut down the run in the second half. Also, they could use a couple more dlinemen and de’s. His defense does shut down oin the redzone. an interception and fumble recovery were great. If they don’t do that, the the score would have been SC 41-Stanford 42. Stanford wins. Yes, they have to improve, but they will.

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    1. Here’s a fact, Stanford ran that same RPO run play that kept exposing USC’s weak ass defensive front. Huge chunks of yards every single time, Grinch and Nua had no clue how to deal with it.

      That’s okay, the longer those two Bozo’s leave the same players in the game to get beat and tossed aside like rag dolls, the more people are going to put the blame on them fod leaving those girls in there and not giving other players a shot to see whzt they can do.

      Kourtney Foreman, they need to sit her permanently, she has shown no reason to keep herself in the game, just a huge bust. She just doesn’t have it. She’s too afraid to power rush anybody, I’m tired of seeing her trying to go around linemen and getting shoved to the ground. Get her the hell out of there.

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      1. Please!!!!!….. stop watching USC football….. Your mental health is far more important than a football game. But hey!!!!…. if you continue to engage in the perceived mental torture I would label you a fucking idiot


      2. Gabby/pudly speaking into the mirror again. Let’s hope Patton Mental Hospital can contain her better than USC’s weak defensive front contains the edge and she doesn’t escape again.

        It’s brutally hot in the I.E. this time of year, don’t need to give her an excuse to strip naked and run around unsupervised in public.


    2. hi john, usc cnt stop nobdy frm running ball. that y missus like 2 jiggle any body balls who cum over mi house and sumtime I suck thre balls 2 . Yum 😋


  2. Here’s a stat that doesn’t please me: “The consumer price index increased 8.3% in August on an annual basis, a smaller figure than the 8.5 percent increase for the period ending July, but higher than expectations.”

    Dementia Joe claimed last month that we were at 0% inflation. He’s also warning us about what a horrible 2 years it’ll be if the GOP takes the House & Senate. That’s because the first 2 years under his administration have been so great! LOL

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    1. Slo cal….. wow!….. you major senile troll, the blog runs 100000% better when you refrain from posting your perceived grievances related to “all things Biden”. You have some mental issues, I’m serious!

      We all laugh at you…. the blog dunce!

      Quit mixing words to fit your pathetic agenda. You typed “Dementia Joe claimed last month that we were at 0% inflation.” He actually said, there was no increase in inflation month over month. It’s truly sad that a stable genius, like yourself, struggles with basic concepts!

      Prices have been essentially flat in the US during the last two months, referring to CPI remaining unchanged in July and in August. Gas prices are down an average of $1.60 a gallon since the beginning of the summer. June inflation was at 9.2% and now stands at 8.3%.

      This month, we saw some price increases slow from the month before at the grocery store. And real wages went up again for the second month in a row.

      It’s the primary job of the Federal Reserve to control inflation, not Biden, with the policies. You need to get educated, old man.

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  3. “The Trojans rank 106th in rushing defense, allowing 183.5 yards per game. It’s worse if you go by fancier stats like rushing success rate (119th) or rushing marginal explosiveness (121st).”


    What have I been telling you clowns, the defensive coaching sucks, they leave the same girls in there to get torched and beat like they stole something, over and over and over again.

    Why give other players a shot to see what they can do, huh?

    Let’s continue to see Tuli Tuilupoopoo, Kourtney Foreman and Blackmon embarrass themselves.


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    1. hi john,u shudda let us poeple now u gotta hav a tikkit to go to the standfurd gaim. and also let poeple know dat I’m a dumb mudder fukerrr


  5. I’m clueless to what the coaches are practicing . Are their any drills where they can polish their techniques against the run. I’m tired of watching the defense looked confused just before the snap, it shows their not prepared or lack confidence to execute the play. CAN WE GET PLAYERS THAT KNOW HOW TO BULL RUSH, HIT THE A GAP WITH PHYSICAL INTENT, PLUS CONTAIN THE EDGE. 72 IN TOTAL DEFENSE NOT CUTTING IT AG.

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    1. Look at Wk 3 schedule how many ranked teams are playing it’s still hostess cupcake week. Can we really analyze all the top teams based on the numbers, yes n no. The numbers are skewed to a point we are 1 turnover margin, 3rd & 5th in TKL n Sacks, that only translates that we are a bend but don’t break defense, let’s just accept it we will not get better in those area’s where we are not elite. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Our is just on that side of the ball. What goes down must come up? See what happens Saturday can change this trend?

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      1. Eric,

        However, I will take this year’s defense over last year. Last year’s defense would have lost the Stanford game just this Saturday. They are more discplined in not having penalities like they did each and every game, tackling is better, and turnovers have increased.

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  6. In the last 2 years we have not been able to set an edge. D-ends or tackles on the outside crashing or looping from out to in and just leaving the edge like a barren desert. Will and Sam can’t set an edge running from inside to outside and playing man from the corner because of RPO they can’t make reads to come up to turn the plays back inside to the flow. That’s why setting the edge is so important in a base defense or when blitzing since you won’t have help form the backers.

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      1. Agree Gabby poor evaluation of players, I rather take a high 3 star with upside than overrated 5☆ who doesn’t work hard. Go look at the NFL All Pro list qtr of them were not 5☆ coming out of high school aka Tom Brady 7th round 3 star. Aaron Rodgers went to JC on on. Every NBA, MLB, NFL scouts GM, and coaches cannot evaluate talent period.

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      2. Exactly!…. Hard work, determination, and adversity will pass perceived athletism in the long run. Too many of these young men read their press clipping and forget what it takes to compete and overachieve at a high level… we both know a few players this applies to currently on the USC roster.

        One of my favorite overachievers is Hunter Renfrow, a walk-on at Clemson to a 100-reception receiver for the Raiders. And a USC product, Clay Matthews, All-pro linebacker for the Packers

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  7. Here’s a fact that the defense haters won’t refute. The USC defense hit the star Stanford back so hard he coughed up the football near the goal line. That Star left the game and when he came back for another play he coughed up the ball again.
    When was the last time Todd Orlando or Clancy Pendergast had a player do that?

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    1. Ghost of me your right, we just want a defense that can be more stout in the trenches that all. We are tackling better and doing those things to turnover a team when the are driving the ball down our throats. Nothing wrong with trying make your weakness become a strength.


    2. Ghost,

      SC’s defense is tackling correctly and with authority. Reminds me of SC’s defense of old. I will give Grinch a pass for this year due to not having players. That is on Helton for not recruting, but he couldn’t recruit because no one wanted to play for him.


  8. Fresno State will not beat SC with their run game but that is another area that needs to be fixed. I still say that this is a rebuilding year. We need to recruit more high quality bodies on that D-Line.

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  9. Stop letting infantile children get you upset. If they stop the run then there would be no pass rush. Grinch plays a one gap- one read defense. Playing more conservative would infuriate everyone. Texas torched Alabama and still lost. SC defenders are using poor eye discipline and over pursuing by not maintaining gap integrity. Think Aaron Donald. He’s great against the pass because the other guys take care of the run. They made adjustments and forced Stanford to pass near the goal line. Expect Byrd to play more at end and Taleni moved outside. Figueroa also had a huge game. The drop in urgency is concerning. Lack of experience in Grinch system was always a liability for this team. USC stomps a nemesis and Wolf gripes that it wasn’t dominant. Never satisfied.


    1. This World,

      I also think the average USC fan is not satisfied either due to the last 12 fruitless and incompetent coaching and hiring by SC. Swann should have fired Helton on stage after he won the Rose Bowl. That win was all Sam Darnold, not won by Helton.


  10. Greetings fans, well the trade for aaahhh this guy adams of auburn and 2 first rounds for his services was a bad move injury ;prone and a auburn unreliable player!?carroll reallly screwed up with that one plus this clown wanted a pay raise? another new york white elephant!? Regards , E


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