USC Notes: Does Lincoln Riley Count Penalties?

“He was awesome,” Lincoln Riley said.

Is everyone going to just forget the three pass interference penalties? Does PFF factor those into their grades? I gave Blackmon credit because he was definitely defending the receivers Stanford wanted to throw to.

But I’m not pretending the penalties were not called.

  • USC is ranked in the top 10 of the Top 25 polls. You know where else USC made the top 10? In cost of attendance.

USC ranked ninth nationally at $81,659, according to the Business Journal. The University of Chicago is No. 1 at $84,456. Northwestern was No. 2 ($83,838). The University of Pennsylvania was No. 3 (83,298). Columbia was No. 4 ($82,584) and Brown was No. 5 ($82,570).

Locally, USC beat out Chapman University ($80,096); California Institute of Technology ($79,947) and Occidental College ($77,878). Pomona College cost $77,710.

38 thoughts on “USC Notes: Does Lincoln Riley Count Penalties?

  1. I’ll take some questionable PI calls over a CB getting totally beat and the play goes for 6 points…..easy choice!

    Wolf continues to display his pettiness, and refuses to give due credit… It’s why he’s nothing more than a third-rate blogger. Same pathetic agenda!

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    1. Scott is bitter blogger who post nice old pictures of USC. Its OK though it’s a nice home for UCLA fans. They have so little else in college football world.

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      1. Are you talking about me? I hate USC so much but spend my days here. More than anyone else. In fact, I spent my entire weekend so eager for USC to lose to Stanford that I was so disappointed. You would think I would try to find a hobby or maybe even a girlfriend but I’d rather waste my life posting inane comments. I’m such a loser!!!


      2. I know why I don’t have a girlfriend. I’m gay! All of my homophobic comments are because I hate myself.


    2. There was a lot of hand wrestling on both sides of the ball last Saturday. The edge in wrestling went to Stanford’s larger more physical receivers. You make an argument that some of those penalties could have been “no calls” or maybe even against the offense. All in all, the Trojans’ DB’s are substandard and will have to play much better if we are going to go to the Pac 12 Championship game.

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  2. You take the PI instead of giving up 6, fundamental stuff. At least he was smart enough to prevent them from scoring. Who cares what it cost these days, I’m not enrolling. Those days are long over. Did we forget last season, wasn’t it just about every time London went down field he was interfered with?

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  3. Pac 12 refs are just flat out bad. Not just terrible calls, but also totally inconsistent, with terrible no-calls, so the defender nor the receiver can’t tell what is allowable. Addison was just about tackled on two of his receptions, long before the ball arrived, the zebra was standing right by the play, and never was going to pull the handkerchief.

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    1. Now that USC is back, or heading to being back, the refs will as always screw with USC in any way they can, just like the old days. USC has always had be good enough to always overcome the Pac12 officiating.

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    2. The refs, in effect, penalize the USC receivers when it comes to interference calls cuz they think “these guys are supposed to catch it anyway..”


  4. Those penalties were go-either-way calls made by homer refs. They were borderline at best. The defense is allowed to touch the offensive players. But I’ve seen USC called for interference when balls went sailing over everybody’s head and the “player interfered with,” was blocking. The film should be in the commissioner’s office by now. Hopefully the refs will learn how to call games before too long.
    As for tuition, Scott isn’t getting his money’s worth? If he cared about what he’s doing instead of being a moose-turd-pie type of guy, he’d be killing his job.

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    1. The refs have sucked for a generation, so in our lifetime don’t expect them to get any better, what’s more consistent.

      Discussing Scott on here is pointless, we all know him to well. Then along comes a Friday morning notes that blows us all away because it is almost like journalism.

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      1. 67,
        …but on many days Scott posts 7 times a day —and there’s a gem in one of them…

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  5. Come on folks, what is today, ‘Pile on Scott Wolf Day,’ or something?

    The guy is a facilitator. His job is to throw out some morsel of SC football news
    in the hopes that his followers will bite at the bait, and carry the ball from there with their own insight and opinions.

    This blog is more about the posters than it is about Wolfie.

    And admit it– You probably did not write much until you started posting on this blog. and I bet your writing skills have improved since then because of all the writing practice Wolf has provided you.– That can’t be a bad thing

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    1. IF Scottie would update his blog software and develop some new sources so he actually had some “inside” news, he would expand his readership enormously.
      He tries for the Friday column, but that is about it.

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  6. Agree LJ, I only post on this site too.

    Much better blog than the Cut and Paste Wallace or Fake Pick Em Weld site.

    How the LAT or Daily News does not get that other site to stop linking their articles is just plain crazy.

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    1. Agree, Young Dole, especially with your comments about the “Other.”

      The Statute of Limitations for a defamation action against this guy does not run out until November 2022.
      So I am seriously considering a lawsuit against this ‘Too Much Ego-Man.’

      If I do file in the Superior Court, how can you help, Young Dole?

      The plagiarism, in fact worse, the outright copying of the L.A. Times and other
      SC-football related newspaper articles is so actionable that I would believe the publications might join in such a lawsuit in order to put to a halt to ‘The Other’s financial benefits derived from such illegal copying.

      We shall see how I proceed, but for now I am leaning toward forcing ‘The Other’ to Court to explain himself and his situation to a Judge.

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