USC Notes: Things Could Get Worse Than Pac-12 Network

Here’s another reason it’s time to get away from the Pac-12.

If the Pac-12 Network were not bad enough, the college football punditocracy keeps mentioning the Pac-12 could do a deal with Amazon or Apple.

If it is a secondary deal, OK. But what if the Pac-12 makes Amazon its primary partner?

Amazon Prime is available in only 42 percent of internet households in the country. That’s a blip compared to ESPN or Fox Sports.

Does the Pac-12 think its fans will become Amazon subscribers? A lot of them refused to get the Pac-12 Network and now they would ask fans to make a big leap without USC and UCLA.

I can see the reasons why a move to the Big Ten is a problem. But this TV situation just sours everything about the Pac-12.

  • Lincoln Riley said today he recruited players like Mehki Blackmon, Travis Dye, Eric Gentry and Shane Lee to change the culture at USC.
  • Riley said freshman cornerback Domani Jackson is practicing again and making progress. Jackson has been hampered since tearing his ACL last year at Mater Dei.

36 thoughts on “USC Notes: Things Could Get Worse Than Pac-12 Network

    1. Ed’s “Home Entertainment System”: “Plug in television wire to wall socket, press “On” button below screen, all 12 channels ready to go!

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  1. If they proceed to go with an Amazon deal, they will have sealed the fate of the pac12 network and the pac12 in general. If very few can see it why would it be important? Just like the USC/OSU game being on Pac12, bad decisions prevail.

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    1. The Pac 12 Commissioner doomed the Guarino household (otherwise known by it’s Tennisonian name, Joyous Guard) to an extra $20 cable bill when he stuck the Oregon State game on the Pac 12 Network….

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  2. Good on Riley for recruiting players that understand being held accountable and who demand accountability from their teammates. Culture needed a total overhaul, and he got it.

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    1. Last year’s team had the worst attitude I’ve ever seen in all my years of watching USC football. I never want to see a player deliberately slow-walk off the field [cuz his “heart was sad”] for the rest of my life. That stunt cost us the game –it led to a “too many men on the field” penalty — which led to a Cal TD.

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  3. LR, Does this mean Jackson is ready to get some snaps this week? Or is wishful thinking? PAC12 Media deal with Amazon WTF? It’s bad enough that they have the Thursday night NFL games. So what next for PAC12/10 new media deal, why don’t they just get Peacock, Netflix and streaming to get them to bid on the rights.

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      1. So Cal,

        Bezo’s girlfriend used to be on Channel 5. Her son, from Tony Gonzalez, the Hall of Famer from the Chiefs, went to Loyola. One game at Loyola, I saw Jeff Bezo’s and Tony Gonzalez there on the same sideline. Bezo’s was sitting with the girlfriend and Tony on was on the sideline.


      2. Nope. Channel 13.

        “Sánchez began her career as a desk assistant at KCOP-TV in Los Angeles. She also held positions as an anchor and reporter at KTVK-TV in Phoenix before joining the syndicated entertainment show Extra as a reporter. From there, Sánchez moved to Fox Sports Net.

        In 1999, Sánchez returned to KCOP-TV to anchor UPN 13 News. Sánchez also landed the entertainment reporting gig for FOX 11’s 10 p.m. news on KTTV in L.A. In 2005, Sánchez became the original host of FOX’s popular dancing competition So You Think You Can Dance.”


    1. May I suggest the fried chicken sandwich, fries and strawberry shake at McDonalds….?

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      1. Stanford losing was the last straw. The roof caved in. The torrential rains swept through the house.


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      2. 67 —Know what will be interesting? If Fresno scores MORE points against us than it did against Oregon State.

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  4. Hilarious hearing Dims cry about what Abbott & DeSantis ae doing when the open floodgates were created by Dementia Joe! Not to mention the fact that his guy, Mayorkas, flies illlegal aliens wherever HE wants to in the middle of the night and it’s OK with all of the ones who are now crying.

    If the Dims didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have ANY standards. Such hypocrites.

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    1. Dumbass Newsom wants the DOJ to charge DeSantis & Abbott with kidnapping!

      He figures if Biden can weaponize the DOJ against his political enemies, so can he.

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      1. What Abbott and DeSantis are telling folks is “we KNOW we don’t have the housing, educational or medical resources to support you ….MAYBE the places saying they WANT you will have them.” Last time I checked that’s not exactly “kidnapping.”

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  5. Gerard Martinez: BREAKING: #USC lands the commitment of Baltimore (Md.) defensive lineman Sam Greene. He becomes commitment No. 17 for the #Trojans in the class of 2023. Greene was offered a scholarship by USC in August.

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  6. Anybody want to discuss tomorrow’s SC-Fresno St game–

    If Stanford could put up 28-points and should have had 14-more,
    then Fresno St’s above-average passing attack will do likewise.

    So guess what, offense, it is on you guys again!– like it will be next week on the road versus tough running Oregon St, and for the game after that, and for the game after that.

    Them’s the reality at present.


  7. Micheal,

    Please do not compliment Newsom like you did, when you called him a piece of shit. He is worse than that. Abbot and De Santis should sedn the illegal aliens to Newsom’s, Pelosi’s, AOC, Maxipad Walters, Bass, Shiela Khuel, Adam “Rat Fink” Schiff, and Feinstien’s house. Let the ffed them and practice tolerance with them.


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