USC Morning Buzz: Lincoln Riley On Running Ball/Stopping The Run

Here are a couple observations from Lincoln Riley on Monday night.

“We weren’t excited about how we defended the run, and it was very similar to the week before. We’re not getting beat physically much,” Riley said. “We had a couple missed alignments, we had a couple guys in the wrong gaps.”

And on the offensive line:

“We definitely took some steps forward in the run game. This game was the best we had played in the run game to this point. We had a couple holes in pass protection that we need to do better. Part of it was hanging onto the ball too long.”

  • The Coliseum will be the site of a concert Saturday night by German band Rammstein.

That means a lot of fire and smoke. The Coliseum field will be the “fire zone” for fans to watch the concert. Oh boy!

36 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Lincoln Riley On Running Ball/Stopping The Run

  1. hi john,u thinck it wud be good to git rid of the stoopid bokks and let the home liss liv in the libarey,then no wun got to reed bokks no moar and evry wun got a hoam,

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      1. I believe the homeless are UCLA graduates, not current students. This explains why they are having so much trouble getting donations from their alums. Also explains why some donors were sending in half eaten sandwiches.

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      1. We have go easy on Faux Ed. He’s living in his mama’s basement since he lost his job with hustler magazine. He has a jizz fit every time he posts with his vile crap.

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      2. Truman,
        ….Now that image is gonna appear in everybody’s mind every time he posts….


  2. Good to have a professional coach in place who lasers in on the issues that need attention. Oregon State gave up 170 yards in rushing on 27 carries to Montana State…Hope USC can take advantage of the beaver run defense.

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    1. Good point 67. Glad to hear Reilly say “were not getting beat physically much.” This means they have the ability to improve significantly in the short term by simply making some gap adjustments on the d line. I don’t know if that was the case last year but several teams beat up our d-line including Oregon State and UCLA.

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      1. Only one sub on the o-line [who I’ll leave nameless] cried “no mas” in the Fresno game….

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    2. The Beavs escape from Fresno with a nail-biter road win vs the Bulldogs two weeks ago, while the Trojans pretty much trounce the ‘dogs (albeit at the Coliseum).

      I’m liking our chances at Reiser Field on Saturday.
      No rain in the forcast so far….

      Riles has already covered one pay-back game this year.
      Seven more to go!


  3. That Rammstein video is Satanic. Should attract hoards of the mentally ill and violent to the coliseum. People who shoot at school kids watch this kind of garbage.
    Whoever at USC approved this act for the coliseum should be fired.

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    1. I think it’s all for show and enjoy it the same way I enjoy the lights that Muse often uses in their shows.

      But I can understand how someone would see it the way you do. That’s what it great about our country! ‘MERICA!!

      P.S. As long as it doesn’t lead to something as tragic as a school shooting. All too often we find out after the fact that all the signs were there, but ignored.


    2. It’s “Art.” And there’s good art. And bad art….


      1. Who? What? Where?!

        Someone must’ve hacked my account, because I genuinely believe each & every one of those is worth the $500,000 ANONYMOUS buyers are paying for them. Afterall, what else would they be paying for, if not for those timeless pieces?! 🤔🤔

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      1. PT: That group would take a knee to Rammstein like it’s BLM if they thought it could gain them a few votes. All of them sold their souls long ago. Think about it. They took a knee to BLM knowing that the founders were trained Marxist who advocated for the destruction of the nuclear family.

        Remember when music was suppose to be beautiful. Something that uplifts the soul. The popularity of Rammstein is a reflection of a depraved society. And MG is correct, music can be objectively bad and this garbage is just that.

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    3. …just don’t mess up our TURF.

      There have been Trojan games after concerts (Rolling Stones?) where the field was unplayable.

      So nice to no longer share the turf with the Rams (nor Raiders nor Chargers). Got everything moving in our direction. Keep the turf
      clean and fast..


  4. If UCLA wants to really increase attendance they need to do the following as many of their fans are homeless.

    1) Give out 1 free ” Pup Tent” , and 1 free “Sleeping bag” for each fan attending the games.

    2) Free food at halftime

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  5. Plow Horse,

    that is why I listen to Sirus Radio, Channel 73, which covers the 60’s. Most of it was music about love, losing in love, and just being affrimed in their own skin. I have heard different Christian music, but I prefer Roman Catholic songs, even though some are from the Protestant side. I just they that they are more reverant. Besides, I grew up on those songs like Ave Maria, both versions, Holy Holy Holy, and then you have Gather at the River. I remember that being in Sgt. York and Red River. Boy, do I go back in time. LOLOLOL


    1. As a (former) musician, I listen to just about everything. I’m talking classical, show tunes, the whole gamut. And yeah, even Gregorian chant.

      But 95.5 KLOS is my first go-to in the car.


      1. So Cal, I listen to eveything as well. But before Sirus Radio, and when I was a kid, it was KHJ 930 A.M., then KlOS, then the Mighty Met, KMET 94.7 FM. Then they went to that fake jazz station. Then it was KLSX because the Mighty Met went off the radio, then back to KLOS. Then in 1989, I went to KFI to listen to Rush Limbaugh and have been there since. When I get tired of them, then i go to 105.1 FM, Country Music, KLOS, Kola 99.9FM. I used to be a big KRTH fan but they only play the 80’s and nothing else. Listen to sports, and Relevant Radio which is the Catholic Radio station in L.A.on 930 AM.


      2. What instrument did you play and what was the name of your band? In Pasadena, there was a band called Snotty Scotty and the Hankies and they played mostly 60’s music. Waht is funny is, when I listen to Sirus Radio, Station 73, the 60’s station, if I hear a song that was played by Scotty, I will say, oh the cover band like the rolling stones is playing a Scotty song. I reverse it.


      3. PT: I lived in Sierra Madre in the early 90’s, a few doors down from the bassist for Snotty Scotty. Used to watch them play at the Loch Ness monster pub on Fair Oaks. Also Rob Rio and the Revolvers and the crocodile band. Did you ever see The Trip at the Sunset Club in Sierra Madre? Good memories.


  6. I thought that the O-Line played great. Considering that they didn’t have a healthy left tackle, they were awesome. The problem was not with the O-Line. The problem was with Caleb Williams. He was holding onto the ball too long. You can’t protect him forever. Also, the receivers who weren’t getting open. If they can stay healthy, that O-Line will be one of the best in the nation by the end of the year. They have 2 outstanding LT’s. Their LG is a potential all- american. Their center is a veteran who will get his chance in the pros. Their right guard is one of the most underrated players around. And their RT (Jonah Monheim) is now rising out of obscurity and destined to be a star.


  7. Plow Horse,

    I still am an avid follower of Snotty Scotty and the Hankies. Scott Fennel, Scotty passed away back in Oct 26, 2016. His band included, Rag Head, the basist, Tom ” Billy Buger” Buerin who was the drummer, Steve Bruin, lead guiatar. Billy buger went to La Salle and his family owned a table and chair rental company in Arcadia. Steve Bruin went to Blair High in Pasadena. He could not read a note of music, however, he learned music by listening to it. He is an excellent guatrist. Scotty went to my high school, Loyola and went to St. Phillips in Pasadena. His family onwed a glass shop. I would listen to Mercy, the girl band, and a few others from the area. Good times. I used to see Scotty at Hazels, a typcial dive bar and perfect for Scotty. It was located between Green and Union on the west side of Fair Oaks. But his bar home was the Loch Ness. Perfect for them.


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