My USC-Oregon State Prediction

This is supposed to be the first test for USC.

Maybe. Maybe not.

Oregon State should have the best defense USC has faced to date. That doesn’t mean it can stop the Trojans’ offense.

People like to pretend when these games take place that years of recruiting doesn’t matter. There is no reason USC should lose this game.

Oregon State is a team of overachievers. But the Beavers will be under a lot of pressure. They need to keep USC’s offense off the field. They need their best passing game of the season. They need to almost play a perfect game.

Here’s my prediction: USC 45, Oregon State 27.

23 thoughts on “My USC-Oregon State Prediction

    1. Good prediction, I went 125-24. Oregon St is a pretty decent team, it is just that USC gives me such a big fuccing Boner🍆 , and not to mention I’m the ultimate Trojans Ass Lick 👅


  1. Jonathan Smith dominated USC last year and dominated Alex Grinch for three years when he was at Wazzu. Don’t F with me SC … just go out and win this game like you should.

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      1. Daddy Charles don’t you think USC has a higher caliber of players with big PENIS’s than WA had in those days? OSU is decent, but USC is exceptional in gender size.. Yum 😋


    1. Video of Washington State coaches telling the Cougars to “Stop playing!” during a 4th quarter timeout is appearing on the internet…..


  2. I say the game will end up 17-14 SC. Hey look….I hit it right on the nose…..True, I picked the score after the game was over but we don’t bother with minor details like when you actually made your pick.


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