USC-UCLA Tickets Just Became Available

UCLA made tickets for the USC available to the general public today.

You can see below the blue areas of the Rose Bowl where tickets are available. And they aren’t cheap, going from $130 to $559. Here’s a link for tickets.

Note: Some USC season-tickets holders never got a notice from USC to buy tickets for this game and now have no choice but to buy them from UCLA.

37 thoughts on “USC-UCLA Tickets Just Became Available

      1. T Bruins,
        If we go after record setting marlin and wind up needing medical attention here on the island….lets just say we won’t be going anywhere afterward….

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      1. I can’t even imagine how bad they treat an 80+ year-old senile troll like yourself. Well, at least you’re not the only one getting shit on…..feel privileged!


      2. Millions are being shit on, even killed, thanks to dipshits such as you.

        Glad I’m not one of them, as much as you obviously enjoy fantasizing about it.


      3. I have no fucking clue what you’re trying to communicate, do you?

        Gather your thoughts, and try to focus. I can’t read your mind, so clear and descriptive details would be helpful.



      4. My shower has room for three……you’re welcome to join in. Bring “Tiny” the shar pei’s black two-headed monster… got me salivating!


      1. Though the first part of your comment was accurate, could have done without taking the Lord’s name in vain. To some of us, it’s far worse than F bombs.

        Have never cared for the FCC’s take on that.


      1. True that….those bel-air tech fans will be foaming at the mouth to get their ‘knock off’ revenge after their loss to Troy….this is what is so amusing for USC their two biggest rivals feed off each other in their mutual hatred of USC.

        ‘blank em’ both’


  1. Now, I was having a pretty nice day until Scott had to put up a sucla reminder. ‘sucla’ for me is like a taunting red flag waved at an
    amped-up charging bull–
    It brings the devil out of me which is lurking beneath my surface,
    which as some Posters would say, “His devil lies only about an inch from the surface.”

    And so if I am going to some sucla-only party and I introduce myself to a sucla as follows:
    “Hi, I’m LJ, what do you do?”

    — “Hello LJ, I am a lawyer, the finest in all of Los Angeles that money can buy, and in fact I am known statewide. I maintain a room in my Beverly Hills mansion filled only with awards I have won through the decades of my illustrious career. Can I regale you LJ with my latest Trial conquerings?”

    — “Errr, no, I’ll catch you later, I need a drink”


  2. Joel Klatt seems to not understand the importance of getting off and staying away from EL BENCHO – the best teacher of young men in any sport. That’s what happens when your a national guy and your analysis comes from distance watching and third party intel. Why am I accusing Klatt of being misinterpreting? The Defense has 14 turnovers. Multiple guys have made catches and multiple players have made tackles. What’s really not getting talked about? Penalties are way down compared to last year.


    1. Klatt was on PMS this afternoon and stated the distance btwn. the top 3 (GA, AL and OH St.) is too big from the rest of the other next 3 (MI, Clemson and USC)…he noted their front lines on both sides of the ball and had Bryce Young ‘…one in a long time…’ going either # 1 or 2 next year’s draft.

      He did say USC ‘could’ get into the final four because right now the Pac-12 is better than the Big 12.

      Good match-up Friday at the Rose Bowl 7:30 pm kickoff WA @ ucla


  3. Ryno: Very sad to report that Dale Rech, the Florida businessman and lifelong USC football fan who led the effort to launch Student Body Right, has died. He was 76.

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  4. I’ve heard a lot of people say that the official should have blown the whistle on the Nielan-Nudge which would have ended that play with SC losing the ball on 4th down. Go back and look at the film. Neilan was on top of that play in a nano-second. That play was still alive. Had the official blown the whistle, that would have definitely been an early whistle.

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    1. Actually, it wasn’t a Neilan Nudge. If you look at the film, Neilan, Vorhees and Monheim all seem to get there at the same time.


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