How’s Morale In Heritage Hall In New USC Era?

You might think morale in the USC athletic dept. is at an all-time high with Lincoln Riley turning around football and a move to the cash-rich Big Ten.

But I’ve heard from several sources that morale is actually low as employees often feel powerless with major decisions made by the Cincinnati mafia. It’s not just athletic director Mike Bohn but chief operating officer Nick Bowes, who also came from Cincinnati and seems to be the most influential person in the dept. following the departure of Brandon Sosna (also from Cincinnati). Bowe’s wife is associate athletic director Lindsay Jaffe, who also came from Cincinnati.

People are complaining about being moved around Heritage Hall without consultation. At least one has been exiled to USC’s downtown L.A. office.

“The people at the top are pretty unresponsive,” a source said. “You don’t get anywhere trying to talk to them. Decisions get made but not explained.”

  • It will be interesting to see how Student Body Right, the USC-booster collective that aimed to pay every player, proceeds following the death of Dale Rech, who led the group.

48 thoughts on “How’s Morale In Heritage Hall In New USC Era?

  1. Finally someone ousted the West 28th Fratboys … that lifer Steve Lopes who was licking his porcine chops awaiting his crowning to replace Swann instead he was shown the door.

    Boo hoo west 28th fratboys and welcome to a new change for good or ill good riddance

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  2. As long as we keep winning feel free to exile them all downtown. I’m sure lots of people on this blog with mgmt experience suffered from massive eye roll when they read the word “morale.”

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    1. ugh,itz awl bad john,nuthin good evr hapins,jussed bad noos fahlowed bye moar bad noos. but mi good noose today iz da missus got her period, sooo her not pregnant wit a nudda dumb fuc Ed.G Jr.


  3. These are all the people working in Heritage Hall during the Max Nikias Scandal Era?

    Fuck them, they played a huge part in the demise of Trojan athletics

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      1. MG: How about illegals asking for taxpayer funded relief! Oh, wait a minute, we already have that in California. Illegals get stimulus checks, unemployment benefits, protection against evictions, health care benefits, a free education, food stamps, protection against deportation, and now a California government benefits ID card which will eventually be used for voter ID. Is this how California voters wanted Newsom to spend their tax revenues? Who voted for this agenda.

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      2. Plow Horse —It’s hard to imagine voters with the brains they were born with wanting this set of agenda items ….


      1. Plow Horse
        Has anyone noticed how much of their food is paid by food stamps. It’s about 95%. I went to the market the other day. I spent $10.80 for one item. Naturally I paid $10.80 since I don’t get food stamps. The guy in front of me bought items costing $11.08. He paid $.81 cents. Food Stamps paid the rest.


      1. Wow faux Ed masquerading as Faux Pudly. That’s funny. Have you tried being Bruin Rob? How about Larry Flynt, I know he’d get a kick out of your posts.

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  4. To continue a theme, the leader of Student Body Right got whacked by those with ties to the Cincinnati Mafia for stirring up too much trouble in the old neighborhood (USC).



      1. ..the best to abandon…and get beat up by at the courthouse?
        I love Brando as an actor —but, fuck, what a long line of girlfriend suicides followed him…..

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      2. Marlon Brando liked boys too. Great actor. Great person, his personal relationships would suggest not so much.


      1. Georgy got dealt a bad hand by Larry Scott, but his comments a year ago to Big12 schools were dickish. Georgy should’ve been more cognizant of possibility that USC would leave, in light of Oklahoma and Texas move.

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  5. I would imagine morale is low among the Board of Bustees because their agenda is to destroy the football program and now nobody is listening to them and they are powerless. Calling Bohn, Bowes, Sosna and Jaffe the “Cincinnati Mafia” is like the deep state calling Trump and his family the “Queens(NY) Mafia”.


  6. Question – just how dirty were other athletic department compliance and/or officials at the schools hit by Rick Singer? For a preview of the upper tier corruption at TX-Austin, in particular, and Stanford read this riveting account of the former mens tennis coach Michael Center from SI Jon Wertheim – it’s a full 10 minute+ read but well worth it.


  7. Dennis Dodd is saying that with Notre Dame telling the Big10 to go service itself, then they (the real Indianapolis Mafia) will add Stanford, Cal, Oregon and Washington. That will probably force the Arizona Schools, Utah, Colorado and the Leftovers to the Big 12. Unless the SEC gets greedy (but they won’t) and tries to beat the Big 10 to the FoodStamp Conference. George knows he’s the captain of the Titanic and the iceberg that sunk this conference was USC leaving.


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