Alex Grinch Sends Message To Korey Foreman

Is Korey Foreman ever going to live up to his five-star hype?

As I noted after the Oregon State game, he didn’t play a single snap despite the fact Romello Height (shoulder) is out for the season.

Why didn’t he play?

“Practice,” USC defensive coordinator Alex Grinch said.

“The conversation’s not about Korey. The conversation is about every guy in our program being evaluated from an effort and execution standpoint. If you play at a high level and compete at a high level and you do so with extreme effort, we will not only play you but we will start you and champion you . . . Some guys are doing it, and some guys aren’t doing it at the level that we anticipate and expect them to.”

It’s good to see the coaches are not going to coddle Foreman.

All of this would be less of an issue except so many treated Foreman’s commitment to USC like it would transform the program.

No one more than USC itself. It let him be the first player to wear No. 0. And remember this billboard outside the Galen Center?

32 thoughts on “Alex Grinch Sends Message To Korey Foreman

  1. Hope Korey figures it out, he has the talent. Good to hear Grinch has high expectations and demands that the guys deliver in practice. D gave up 320 yards in offense to Oregon State, they were averaging 480 yards of offense before that game. D is coming along.

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    1. Korey Foreman is the best linemen in the history of USC, it’s the media’s fault that he’s not playing. And I know this because I’m the official Ass lick, USC fanboy, and I have an excuse for every player on the roster. And if my Trojans happen to loose, then I have hundreds of excuses 😀😀 Oh, and one more thing, I suck a mean Peenus too. 👍🏼


      1. I told you clowns that Kourtney Foreman was going to be the huge bust that she is.

        You idiots kept trying to hype her up


      2. Inner Tebowobama: “I hope no one notices my infatuation with Foreman. But he is such a HUNK. Ooooh, I can feel his arms around me. Anyway, I hope my negative posts have provided cover for my true feelings. OOOh, Korey XXXXXXXX”


    2. On the money, 67. The Defense is starting to BELIEVE in itself —that’s worth more than all the “stars” in the world when push comes to shove in the final minutes of close games…

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      1. Why is the poster who predicted oregon state would win by 20, who predicted stanford would run for 400 yards, who thinks the space program was/is a sham, claiming victory?

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  2. ugh,so the teem iz playin good fut bal evin tho wun gye aint,so y aint we evr herein abowt playurs who iz trans formin the pro gramm so we can miss qwoat them and maik thare lifes mizzuruhbull,

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    1. ugh,so the teem iz playin good fut bal evin tho wun gye aint,so y aint we evr herein abowt playurs who iz trans formin the pro gramm so we can miss qwoat them and maik thare lifes mizzuruhbull, y I soooooo fuccn stooooopid, I don’t even know wht I jst said 🤔🤔🤔🤔


  3. I have read this statement made by Grinch in several articles today. I think it needs translation for Korey, “You ain’t nothin’ til you show ME you got somethin'”
    His Friday night credentials have expired. He needs some Saturday cred if he wants to play on Sundays someday.

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    1. It was a very good statement, much more direct than Clay Helton’s ineffective positive discipline approach but more appropriate than something from MG.


      1. What you say does not generally conform to Carol’s standards for political correctness, but it’s fine for the miscreants (like me) who post here.

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      2. Thank you..


  4. Alrighty, now that Wolf has shown his true colors by refusing to delete the filthy language some vile imposters wrote using my name, thus damaging my reputation, a ‘line has been drawn in the sand.’

    You won’t be seeing me around here anymore, and besides, my work is done on this Blog and it is time to head out into the Sunset and write my ‘Outside SC’ book. It commences as follows:


    A creative-writing teacher once scolded me by saying,
    “Don’t tell me, show me”

    All our lives we’re Told the truth, seldom Shown the truth.
    For example, a football player might brag about the upcoming game,
    but will he Demonstrate that superiority on the field–
    Or as they pointedly say down at the neighborhood basketball courts,
    “Talk is cheap, man, show me what you got!”

    In this book, we attempt not to tell you the truth,
    but to display-and-demonstrate truths in action,
    brought-to-life examples, so you are better equipped to examine your own various opinions
    (OK, we do at times try to ‘tell you the truth’ as we drop-in an opinion-or-two)

    The vehicle chosen to evidence truths was a Sport Blog, of all things,
    because the comfortable ‘fraternity-feel’ of such a blog often
    brings-out the candid best in men, who are not accustomed to being as open as women usually are.

    This “sports’ device to explain certain truths was often clothed as a
    sports-related thought to appease the Blog’s sportsmen,
    but in fact was a divergent tactic in which to clandestinely exhibit some universal truths

    And the Sports Blog chosen involved USC, this writer’s old-college, but those matters pertaining solely to USC football, which most potential readers have no interest in, are reserved in a specially marked section that can be skipped

    Instead, the goal here is to try to deliver-on and impart some universal truths in ways you perhaps have not yet experienced. And although the writing can vary from Waikiki-mellow to Hurricane Katrina violent,
    the mood is always light, hopefully funny, as the quest to find humor in everyday living continues-on

    (P.S. This is why I asked MG to cleanup his language so I would not have to excise some of his stuff)

    Love is all there is, and I depart with much joy that you have all brought me. Carry-on, mates, carry-on!

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    1. John — How serious are you being here? And, if the answer is “very”, are you going to do a book or a blog? A quick read left me a bit confused [I’ll re-read it in a moment]…..


      1. Do a blog invite the people who you want to exchange points of view with. Require an account (free) then use the same method Scott does scour the internet for info and report it on your blog.
        How to keep the vile prepubescent remarks off:
        Step 1. Require membership no member no posts.
        Step 2. Membership is pending and requires an email. Once the application has been submitted, copy the email address, go to inside USC and type a comment (as simple as the word “duh”) then post using the copied email. When the avatar appears, you can check it against known troll avatars.

        3. Have fun
        I know how you feel L J I have quit a number of times now I use one of my former names when I want to post something stupid or controversial- expecting trolls to pounce. Then I can just ignore the trolls.
        Has anyone noticed that troll rhymes with asshole?

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  5. I think that the coaching staff is handling this thing in the right way. Corey has great ability. He also has a great opportunity now that Height is out. If he doesn’t want to take advantage of it then maybe SC should move on. They certainly shouldn’t be playing a guy who isn’t performing just because of his reputation like Helton did with Toa Lobadahn at center


  6. The message to the players is 100% on target. Actually, the core of the USC defense is starting to be built here. I dont think this defense will ever become an elite defense, there is simply too much ground for them to catch up, but it will be good enough for an attempt at a perfect regular season record. I want to see Domani Jackson on the field and maybe Zion Branch (he dressed out for the Fresno State game and I assume the Oregon State game).

    Solomon Byrd has really helped that offensive line production. Can we get some of the interior linemen to increase their production?

    I am actually more worried about the offense after that last game. The o-line was not good. The whole reason Caleb was bad was the problems with play calling and the problem with the o-line. It is still Caleb’s fault for letting it get to his head, but Riley and the o-line bear alot of responsibility.

    Pac-12 referees and TV crews are still the worse in the country.

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  7. Korey Foreman will probably redshirt because he needs more time to mature he is the ultimate athlete who was praised too much making him not want to work hard. He needs just take year off, because he is not producing enough in practice to play on Saturday. It’s now or never wake up young man, because your teammates are succeeding and your not.

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    1. He got hold of Nick Saban’s “rat poison.” You can’t take the effusive praise seriously, but I’m sure in a small environment like a high school where you’re well known that it is hard to do. Never had that problem myself.

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  8. Korey just needs to transfer to U of Arizona where he will be appreciated not to mention spoon-feed to playing on Sunday…Over there they develop and show players how to not only play like a champion but think like one


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