Did You Catch This Gaffe?

If you listened to Mike Bohn on the Gene Smith podcast, you know there’s going to be at least one gaffe.

Sure enough, Bohn talked about the Coliseum and said “it’s hosted a Rose Bowl.”

For the record, the Rose Bowl was played at Duke in 1942 and Arlington, Texas, in 2021. Every other time it was played in Pasadena.

There was another moment where Bohn lamented the limited audience for last weekend’s USC-Oregon State game and said “the game was only seen by about 12 million people in the country. I don’t think we’re going to have that issue in the Big Ten.”

Since 2015, Pac-12 teams averaged around 1.2 million viewers per game.

  • There was some travel news:

Bohn said USC and UCLA could share charter flights.

“If we’re coming out to play Michigan and Michigan State in soccer, we’ll probably come on the same charter.”

And Smith suggested more than one sport could travel together.

“You don’t come from L.A. to play just one contest. You play Ohio State and Michigan and try to make sure soccer and volleyball are coming at the same time.”

34 thoughts on “Did You Catch This Gaffe?

    1. Scotty is nuts

      Bohn gets rid of Helton. Scott ragged on Helton since B4 dirt was invented
      Bohn gets crossed up and Scott makes a column out of it

      Did I hear ‘glass house’?

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  1. ok john but ware wuz the girafe,ore iz this wun of thoose majick eyez things and we gotta stair at ur colum fir a lowng tyme and maik r seein awl blurey enuff and than we wil c it,thanx

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      1. Eddy’s prose takes us back to the glory years of the blog with Bucket and Helen dishing out lessons on post modernism. I miss them. His post also stirred memories of drinking Giraffe Malt Liquor in Birnkrant many moons ago.

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    1. btw, Ed—- don’t stare at the above photo too long….. you’ll be able to tell something sick is probably going on below the bottom border of the picture…..

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      1. btw, Ed—- don’t stare at my Balls too long….. you’ll end up getting a woody, then I’ll be forced to pop it in my mouth. FortunatelyCroppedOutByScottForLegalReasons…🙄🙄


      1. I don’t want to get into the weeds on this one, Gabby, but maybe it’s time to check out the whole body of law on evidence of notice. Just as an example —it’s well known that, when it comes to restrictive covenants within a housing development, “scheme” —of & by itself –equals “notice of scheme”. In other words you don’t have to tell a new owner, “you can’t put a picket fence around your house” if there are 200 homes without fences within the development. If Trump possessed documents the very act of his possession, by and of itself, is proof of executive declassification. I know you’re not happy with this result —but the Federal Court has already recognize the principle in the Clinton “audio tapes in a sock drawer’ case…..

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    1. Speaking of the fake little dick gay and the rest of the fakes, I just got an email wanting to confirm my email address for my subscription to this blog. Is this another fake or did any of you authentic types get this also?

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      1. I read somewhere the CCP is requesting email confirmations from people on their “Kill List”….

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    2. Where is the fake little dick gay steveg ? I’d love ❤️ to get it on with him, we can play swords, but I’ll insist he sticks his in my mouth


      1. Thank you, Gabby —that is one of the few images more troubling than the one Scott presented of Bohn and Clay looking into each other’s faces with love eyes….


  2. Gene Smith hired Urban Meyer. He had a doctor on the Ohio State payroll that molested wrestlers (with Jim Jordan’s knowledge) and he’s trying to give Mike Bohn travel tips? Bohn doesn’t listen anyways, otherwise he would have fired Helton and replaced him with DeBoer. There must be a God because he’s protecting USC from this Bohn guy.


    1. Wow! I guess Rep. Jordan has been charged with felony sexual assault by now, right?


  3. Nothing on Vince I men’s bball freshman center?

    Prayers to him and his family.

    Scott – serious health trauma and you swung and miss again.

    Your inside USC label is pretty lame.

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    1. …and I get this Hank Gathers moment in my head…

      Indeed, prayers to Vince Iwuchuckwu.
      Get evaluated. Much we can do for cardiac anomalies.
      If he can no longer play competitive hoops, get a great education and have a great life.

      So says this old Doctor from USC.

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  4. In the pantheon of weak Scottie posts, this one has got to be in the top 10.

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  5. Scooter,

    I would lov to go on those flights to see what happens. The flight oculd turn into a lesbo orgy between the two teams or be the biggest catfight in the world at 30,000 feet int he air.


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