Big Ten Looking At Los Angeles For Tournament

The Big Ten held its basketball media on Tuesday and commissioner Kevin Warren suggested the conference could hold its basketball tournament in Los Angeles.

“Now we have the flexibility to have (tournaments) really anywhere across the country,” Warren said. “We’ll look at ways to build that with our new family members in UCLA and USC from a location standpoint.”

I know the Big Ten has a bigger/more energized fan base than the Pac-12, but holding the conference basketball tournament in Los Angeles sounds like a recipe for a letdown.

If Warren wants to move it west, go to Las Vegas. But keeping it in the Midwest is always a better option. He might realize that if he comes to a game at the Galen Center.

19 thoughts on “Big Ten Looking At Los Angeles For Tournament

      1. T Bruins —the truth is: we won’t really know exactly what USC has this year until all 4 quarters against Utah are in the books. I’m as anxious to find out as anybody. My suspicion is we’re even with Utah & the difference maker will be the officiating.
        #WeWON’TBeBlownOut …

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    1. “It’s one of those prizes….”
      –Dustin Hoffman [when Charlie Rose corrected him for mixing up the Pulitzer Prize with the Nobel Prize]…


  1. Tebow’s next “contribution” to InsideUSC headlines:
    “If it’s Sunday It must be Monday.”
    [Actually, when tebow isn’t writing “I hate” pieces… or anything having to do with politics… his observations are really smart]……


  2. Shows the significant statistical jump that USC D has made this year.

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      1. Certainly have not played a solid offense.
        FPI computer has USC at #55 defense.

        FPI has USC at #5 or 6 offense–despite playing 2 pretty good offenses: Wazzu #21 and OSU #52 (ok, mediocre by the computer)


      2. How come their head coach looks like a walking upright boar? Man that guy is fat….

        “Hey put that one back…..that’s it the whole gallon of Rocky Road….I’m cutting back…”

        when he sits around the house he sits ‘around’ the house…..

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  3. Dem PA Senate candidate Fetterman (who’s a stroke victim) has to have interview questions presented to him in text caption format. Joe’s like why didn’t my handlers think of that!?

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  4. USC has improved over last year because of the coaching and new attitude from the players this game will define our destiny to PAC12 CG. Oregon vs UCLA either sets up to play Oregon instead of UCLA but we need to go undefeated to get to their ultimate goal. You can’t tell me each USC player does realize what opportunity they have to be remembered as one the greatest USC team’s to overcame so much adversity and expectations from a storied university to return to a national power. FIGHT ON

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  5. I don’t get the histrionics? Washington St is a crappy team now? Losing starters in college football today can have severe consequences-ask Nick Saban. How come nobody including Scott Wolf talks about all the players USC have injured and taken out during their games? Look it up, teams lose starters playing against USC this year. I can list the players but trust me it’s more than 15.


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