USC Friday Column Supplement

  • Here’s the USC-Pitt game in 1974. That’s Heisman Trophy winner Tony Dorsett, of course. But who else is in the picture?

No. 59 is freshman linebacker Mario Celotto. No. 49 is star safety Charles Phillips. No. 83 is three-time All-American Richard Wood. At the top looks like No. 92, nose guard Otha Bradley. The player about to make a tackle on Dorsett appears to be defensive tackle Art Riley.

Imagine some of the NIL deals these guys could get. USC was ranked 18th and defeated No. 8 Pitt, 16-7.

  • USC basketball recruit Silas Demary Jr. comes from a sports family.

His father, Silas Demary Sr., played with the Los Angeles Avengers of the Arena Football League from 2004-07. He won the Arena Football League Defensive Player of the Year Award in 2005 when he set a league record with 13.5 sacks.

33 thoughts on “USC Friday Column Supplement

    1. The worst manager in MLB, Dave Roberts, is going to get the Dodgers bounced out of the playoffs, to the Padres.

      The idiot Roberts already screwed up by starting Kershaw. Anderson has been the guy all year for the Dodgers, pitching lights out and Roberts does his favoritism routine going with Kershaw and it backfired big time on Wednesday.

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      1. Ha! Dodgers [111 game winners] bounced by team that won about 85 games! As my students used to say in my first year of teaching…”that would be so cold.”


      2. Hey you know the drill it’s ‘Kersh directing traffic’ the same guy who mocked Freddie Freeman’s emotional return to ATL yet no one said a word about ‘Kersh’ slobbering when his bunkmate AJ Ellis got traded to PHI back in 2016…..Kersh it’s always all about Claytonska Kershaw
        ‘What does Clayton feel? Has he ‘ok’ed this? I don’t want any tantrums if Claytonska gets ’emotional’


      3. Roberts is not the manager. The people making the decisions are the Sabermetrics needs that no one sees.


      4. Naw that award goes to ‘Buck’ Showlater – the re-incarnation of Gene Mauch cept’ old ‘Buck’ is 0 – 6 in post-season (including this year) – even Mauch never had that many flat tires…then again Aaron Boone will go to 0 – 5 if the NYY lose today and tomorrow in post-season and his ineptitude will be a sweet 5 years in a row….you want to accuse a mgr being controlled by front office? Mr. Roberts meet Mr. Boone

        Ask any NYY fan and they’ll all say the same goofy thing about Boone ‘…I like him…’ heck even USC fans knew a likeable guy is nothing to praise – I give you Clay Heltonska!


    2. John McKay took the great Ricky Bell over Dorsett when he went to Tampa. It was the right choice….. but Ricky began complaining of being unusually tired after games. The sad truth is Ricky was already starting to feel the effects of the disease that would later take his life.

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    1. Yup – I remember watching Anthony Davis pulling up in front of Waite Phillips Hall in a gold colored Rolls Royce (no exaggeration) with a tough West 28th sorority blonde in tow around 8:30 am on a weekday. This was before he became really known esp against ‘the princess'(Spring 1972).


  1. I was at that game. Tony Dorsett was held to under 100 yards. I want to say he had 83 if I remember right. Also a few years later South Carolina came to town with George Rogers another Heisman Trophy winner and we held him under 100 as well and routed them. I believe the score was 38-7. Another Game was against Arkansas in about 2005 they had three NFL running backs, Peyton Hillis, Felix Jones, and Darren McFadden. We routed them also I believe the score was something like 63-10

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    1. Mike, great call on that Arkansas game. I think the ’05 game was 70-17, and the ’06 game was 49-14, something like that. Total blowouts. Darren McFadden was considered one of the fastest guys in college football, and he was totally hamstrung by the USC defense. In one of those games, Trojans scored 28 in the first quarter.

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    2. Dorsett had only 59 yards. He also had less than 20 when he played Oklahoma I believe in a season he ran for over 1,500. Still makes me question Pitt’s 1976 National Title given the schedule they played given how Dorsett put up ridiculous numbers against it. Rogers got over 100 due to breaking a long run late in the game. Score was actually 23-13. However never seen a running back get hit like he did for 60 minutes. Ronnie Lott and company.

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      1. I was at THAT Trojans vs Gamecocks “night” game.
        So unimpressed by Rogers that night.

        Still, Rogers had a fine CFB career and a decent NFL career.
        He beat Marcus for the Heisman (Marcus was a junior at a time when Juniors were never given the Heisman). Who had the better college and NFL career?


  2. Possibly the most dominating 2 – 1 loss in Dodger history.

    What a waste of a season for Dodgers.

    111 win is Meaningless if you lose in division series.

    Hope the boys play inspired tomorrow night.

    The crowd in SLC will similar to Petco.

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  3. It’s special Dodgers season but we to play there is no tomorrow. Play loose and free. Attack the first pitch which is most likely a fast ball. We need to play aggressive steal bases. Play with confidence we have what the fuck is going on look in the dugout. Nobody is talking pumping each other up. Wake up because if we lose tomorrow this we be bigger than 2017 WS lost to Houston WOW what the hell is going on.

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    1. Eric —There is a VERY good reason there’s that “what the fuck is going on?” look in the dugout…..

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  4. The theme of this thread?

    The Trojans of the 1970’s and early 80’s was of defensive DOMINANCE in all of CFB. Those PC years in 2000-9 were similar. Additionally, the USC Gamecocks of the 80’s were independent, so George Roger’s accomplishments were…well…tainted. Look at the schedule. Likewise, Pitt was independent during Touchdown Tony Dorsett’s years and he scored massive stats versus inferior CFB teams.

    While the Pac 10 had some lousy teams in the 70’s and 80’s, the level of play was amongst the best nationally and you knew that Ricky Bell, AD, Charles, Marcus earned tough yards for 9 or 10 of the Saturdays.
    I’ll go to my grave–hopefully a long time from now–still thinking that Ricky Bell, maybe AD, and Marcus were robbed of Heisman’s during their years.


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