Rumor Of The Day

In coaching circles there is talk right now that Oregon coach Dan Lanning could get the Auburn job.

Why would he take it?

The uncertainty regarding the Pac-12 and financial power of the SEC is the primary reason.

What about competing in-state with Nick Saban?

“How much longer will he be there?,” a coach said.

19 thoughts on “Rumor Of The Day

  1. Auburn and its following is every bit that of Oregon and then some when comparing the Tigers ‘decades of fine football to the recent Duck success, and the Ducks’ coach is in his prime looking down the road 10 years or more, and what he sees is Duck Season closing until further notice whereas the Auburn-Alabama wars will always be there

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      1. Deep down I do give a shit, sometimes two shits depending on my mood. I hate it when someone shows me up with their la-di-da color combinations. No Duck will upstage me!

        And, yes, that is no mistake, I have condemned their coaches to the nether regions for eternal torment (they get to listen to me all day long!). BWow! I better calm down–but I was tipped off the the Vodka bottle was disguised as a vinegar bottle. Put down the hatchet, Granny!

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      2. Couldn’t have said it better…
        (partially cuz I wouldn’t have sworn in public).

        Still, on point, TO.


    1. I would love to see Lanning leave Oregon. Anything to weaken the Ducks going forward. When I watched them play last weekend, there were so many players from California that should have been Trojans.

      They are still a decent competitor for talent going forward, but another coaching change will weaken them further.

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  2. If the Big 10 doesn’t make a move for Oregon, he’s gone. (Assuming the rumors are true) but humidity might play a factor. It would for me. The only good thing to come out of the area is..,, I don’t know what

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    1. Probably some pretty good meth from the area.



  3. That would be awesome if another Ducks coach leaves UO behind for a “better” job.

    Nothing would be better than seeing the Ducks relegated again to being a “stepping stone” school – where a coach takes the Ducks job and then steps up to a “better” program.

    Happened with Willie Taggart when he left UO after one year for the Florida State job. Mario Cristobal leaving Eugene to take the Miami job after only three years. And now Lanning considering it after one year.




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    1. Lanning would be wise to look at the fates of those who move on from Oregon to “better programs.” Remind me, where is Willie Taggert now? How is Miami doing this year? Besides Uncle Phil is a good friend to have.


  4. If you like lots of strong willed boosters, Auburn is the place he should go. They have take a good coach and destroyed him at Auburn. Alabama will always be the big dog but they do hate each other so there is that. It would be good for Oregon to know they are just a stepping stone to better jobs.

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  5. I’d be surprised if he just up and leaves Oregon after just one year. If he actually does leave, I wonder if the media will treat him like Judas, as they did with LR…….I really don’t think so…..that only happens when you leave and go to USC like LR and Lane Kiffin.

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  6. Despite the loss to Utah, I like what LR is doing. They actually have a chance of going 11-1 and being one point away from a perfect 12-0 season. Plus, he’s going about it in the right way.
    Todays college football is different than it was in the 1960’s. In those days, good defense won NC’s. But over the years, they have changed the rules to favor the offense because the fans love offense. They make more money with great offenses. Todays rules reflect that. They should dress todays QB in a Tutu, not a uniform. You almost can’t touch him. The way to build a program today is to go with a great offensive coach, build a great offense and create a defense that limits the opponents offense even if they don’t stop them cold. That is exactly what LR is doing.

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  7. Parcelman007 man your right on today. You do need a great offensive mind to win the NATTY. You also need at 5 playmakers on defense who make the big sack, int. or big stop. Most teams this year are winning games by explosive passing offenses, mixed in with some great defensive game plans. Furthermore, they also are playing teams where they are more talented than the other team.

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  8. Oregon is a big time college, where coaches use them to elevate their coaching status by winning in the PAC12, where they have a recruiting presence with other big blue bloods across the country. It boggles my mind that he wants to leave, in my opinion he needs another year or two to see if he is a one hit wonder. He should wait to see if Oregon goes to the BIG conference, or he will definitely be gone if he given a 10 year 105m deal which would be stupid by any university for unproven head coach. Auburn don’t do it, you will not be able to be successful in the SEC.


    1. I usually agree with you Eric, but Oregon is NOT a big time school.
      An under-budgeted College (with good track, FB, MBB) which ranks academically about #350 out of 790 colleges in America.

      Take away the Phil Knight money and the Ducks would have been worse than CU Boulder.


  9. Lanning is gone. They are already talking buyout. This is big boy territory and Oregon can’t get the players that USC or UCLA can get. Uncle Phil won’t last forever. Oregon doesn’t have the cash or cache to keep him and his staff. Except Tosh Lupoi. He is dumb enough to stay behind and try to play savior. They will be epic in their failure. Knight couldn’t buy Oregon into the Big ten and their coach is going to say “I’m going home duckies”


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