Jordan Addison And Eric Gentry Do Not Practice

Wide receiver Jordan Addison and linebacker Eric Gentry did not practice today and are officially day-to-day according to Lincoln Riley.

As I said this morning, since they are not 100 percent, does it make sense to play them this weekend? Depends on how much better they feel by Saturday.

  • And now for some basketball. Here are BetOnline’s current odds, which have USC fourth in the Pac-12.
Pac-12 Conference Regular Season
Arizona State 25/1
Washington State50/1
Oregon State 100/1
  • USC women’s basketball is picked ninth in the Pac-12 preseason poll. Coach Lindsay Gottlieb is currently on maternity leave but might return next month.

26 thoughts on “Jordan Addison And Eric Gentry Do Not Practice

  1. If I were Riley I wouldnt play either of them this week. Get more of the younger players out on the field and let them get some playing time to see what they can do. Raesjon Davis should see time at LB and at receiver there are many options, MJ3 and CJ for sure.

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    1. Gentry and Addison put out of commission by sprained toe nails.

      ‘Ol Mule Shoe needs to invest in a new team pedicurist, a trip over to Korea Town is long overdue, too many Ladies of Troy going down with hang nails and sprained toe nails.

      I doubt that there’s one player on the present USC team that would start or even be 2nd string on any of Pete Carroll’s teams.

      ‘Ol Mule Shoe reminds me of the Oregon teams, all finesse and no toughness/strength.



      1. Inner Tebowobama: If only they knew how much it pains me to talk about toe nails. I can never forgot the time I painted my nails pink to try to make the cheerleading squad. I thought my pom-pom wrist action was the best, but I did not make the cut. Then the ladies dunked me in the pool….they laughed and laughed and laughed…I cried all the way home. But I cannot tell this story to the guys! What would they think of me?!


    1. So Scott occasionally refers to Stanford as “Standord”?!! I’m sure he has his reasons!

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  2. They will not play, end of discussion.

    Need them healthy for last 2 games.

    Another slow news day.

    Let’s start a new topic:

    Lakers to win over 39 games this year.
    Under is my pick.

    To think Lakers could of had Demar Derozan at beginning of last season.

    Thanks LeBron.

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    1. YounDole,

      I used to be a big Laker fan, not anymore. Jeannie needs to get rid of LeBron. he is past his prime. She needs to rebuild the team. She needs three star players. Make them young. Build a team around them. Lebbron is just like Kobe, ALL BALL HOG. Hope they lose.


  3. I was listening to one of the fairly well known USC football pundants and he said that Jordan is hurt worse that LR is leading on and that he may be out for the season. I don’t know where he got that info and I have no idea whether that is true or not. That’s just what he said. Hopefully, he doesn’t know what he is talking about.

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    1. If Jordan had a “season ending injury” he wouldn’t be at practice at all — he’d be getting operated on…..


      1. That makes sense to me. I’m just telling what this guy said. I don’t know where he gets his sources but I follow him and he has been right in the past. But what you say makes sense.

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    2. Addison weighs 175 lbs. soaking wet, no wonder when he went up against a decent defense she would come away with some kind of injury. I think she got hurt when the sprsined toe nail she has flared up, slowed her down and she took a shot that finished her off.

      Looks like USC will have to wait until they hire their next coach, we’ll see if they get it right and hire someone who believes in size, strength, toughness instead of flash and finesse.


  4. We are still chasing after Matayo Uiagalelei and I hope we get him. We certainly do need D-Linemen. The word that I’m hearing is that he is leaning towards Oregon. If we do lose him, I don’t think that it is the end of the world. He is a 5 star coming from a football family but when I look at his production so far this season, I’m underwhelmed. In 9 games he has 41 tackles(23 solo, 18 assisted), 6.5 TFL, 3.5 sacks and one caused fumble. I mean, those aren’t bad numbers but they are not all-world numbers either.

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    1. Matayo Uiagalelei, that girl a worth a shit. Soft just like her sisters. Waste of a scholarship and she doesn’t have the grades. If USC offers her then the academic standard has really been set low.


  5. I see the Arizona game at Tucson this week as a definite trap game. Arizona, has an excellent offense they can score on anybody. Their defense is so…so at best.

    If SC has an off day on offense Arizona can stay with SC their QB is that good.

    It won’t be an easy game like everyone thinks including Scott Wolf.

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    1. While I like your caution, tommyd, the Zona defense is rated about 125 out of 128 in D1 CFB. Worse than so-so. Their D sucks.

      Yeah, their offense will put some points on the board on Saturday. No one ever said Jedd (the) Fisch was a lousy offensive mind. Jaden de Lauria–the zona QB–gave USC serious troubles in Wazzu last year in the first half (before an injury took him out before half-time).

      USC should put up 49 on Saturday.
      Zona should put up 28.

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      1. Arizona gets 21 -35 depending on the officiating. We’ll score at least 10 more than they do….
        [I did notice that one of the SC sites mentioned how much the d-backs and linebackers wanna prove they can tackle this Saturday]…


  6. Arizona has 0 depth. They get tired after one half of football. I couldn’t bet on them any time this year and this game is no exception. Jedd Fish can’t coach. He’s too rigid. They let a bad San Diego St team push them around. They stay with USC for 20 minutes then they’ll fall apart. I think they are throwing games on purpose.


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