USC Gets Commitment From Outside Linebacker

Three-star linebacker David Peevy of Lincoln High School in San Diego committed to USC tonight. Peevy chose the Trojans over Oregon and Washington.

USC now has commitments from three linebackers:

Tackett Curtis, inside linebacker, 6-foot-2, 225-pounds

Braylan Shelby, outside linebacker, 64.5, 235-pounds

Peevy, outside linebacker, 6-4, 230 pounds

45 thoughts on “USC Gets Commitment From Outside Linebacker

  1. Looks like somebody is doing their job for now. Caruso is getting exposed for the fake Democrat that he is. Can’t beat a Fidel Castro loving Democrat with zero experience in L A politics.

    Still think the staff sucks at getting talent? Peevy said Lincoln Riley was one of the leads in his recruitment but some people on this board questions his commitment to defense. Just embarrassing ourselves, isn’t it?

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    1. That’s a good deal! If he comes to SC, and plays as well as he does in high school we’ll have a good man. I’m not being a “fanboy” here. The local news station carried a game between Lincoln and another high school. It wasn’t a contest. Almost like watching Alabama playing USC with Max Brown playing the deer in the headlights. The Lincoln team was bigger, faster, and stronger.

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  2. is timmy obama gunna turn this into one of his poleenisan rants, even if nun of thees playurs are from those hawiiay islans whur that mikel gurino esquyre livs?

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    1. Hi missus G—I’m sorry to say we have the real obamas here……

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  3. I know we have several bourbon enthusiasts. How about scotch?

    I’m ordering the 12 year old Dalmore which I’ve enjoyed several times and was wondering if the sherry cask version is worth the extra $15, ($80 vs $65).

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    1. stop lying!….. you barely have enough coin for your weekly supply of Depends…….And you continue to blame Biden because the price of the “industrial strength” Depends has tripled over the last six months


  4. Has any one noticed that the tackle i have seen in all of college football this year was not called targeting on the field, text book internal lineman head up with a running back attacking to keep the back out of the end zone ends up a targeting. What? There is no way to make the tackle in that case without driving forward and how do you do that without the helmet being in front of the shoulder pads. Pac 12 crappy officiation seems to always fall in Utah’s favor these days.

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  5. What’d Wolf say?–

    “How dare you Wolf criticize my Trojans even one tiny bit, you are spied-on by your ‘Inside USC blog’ posters, some 20-strong, and we unitedly tell you that it is time to lighten up a bit ol’ friend and let the true Wolf finally come out howling, showering a little mercy at a world in need of some


  6. I stopped watching after that call made by the replay guy who saw the running back get blasted by the Cougar defender. The guy isn’t a defenseless player. He has the ball and lowers his head. He ran over a Cougar defender earlier in the game. I hate the Pac 12 and their no common sense, ridiculous inconsistent officials. Only on the Pac 10 can a defender get a penalty for tackling another player running into him.


  7. If you watch his highlight film, he looks good. Everyone of their recruits looks good to me with the exception of Grant Buckley. On tape he looks slow. I can’t help wondering what they see in him.


  8. From a recruiting standpoint, SC is still rebuilding this team. There is more work to be done even after the season is over both with new recruits and in the transfer portal.


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