USC-Arizona Live Blog

The USC defense is atrocious. Really fortunate that the Trojans play a cushy schedule.

Even Shaun Cody says the Arizona personal foul penalty is a “terrible call.” So not every call goes against USC.

Lincoln Riley decided to try that onsides kick?

Here is the end of the first half if you don’t get Pac-12 Network:

Denis Lynch missed a 39-yard FG. Should Lincoln Riley have hired a special teams coach?

USC scores a TD and leads 24-16 but I’m almost done with this game after that officiating disaster. It happens almost every week.

USC is 10 of 12 on third downs.

What just happened?

USC gets to 9-yard line with only five seconds left but before the ball is set on ground, the clock starts running and runs out. Lincoln Riley is livid and the officials go to the locker room.

I’m hearing the ball was misspotted but why did the clock start?

Jedd the Fisch keeps throwing deep when he needs 5 yards.

Denis Lynch tries a 56-yard FG and it’s not a good idea (short, wide right).

USC defense stiffens as Arizona has ball on 1-yard line and eventually settles for field goal. It’s 17-13.

Hey, as long as Johnny Nansen is around, USC can score. The Trojans need three minutes to answer back as Brenden Rice catches a 2-yard TD pass. USC leads 17-10.

Arizona comes back with a field goal and ties the game, 10-10. USC having trouble covering Tetairoa McMillan, as expected.

The offense can still score and Arizona’s defense is still bad. USC 10-7 as Raleek Brown catches a TD pass.

Brenden Rice leaves game with a finger injury. So three receivers are out.

The defense comes out listless in Tucson. Just imagine pulling this in the Big Ten.

The defense is moribund and showing no energy. Alex “Scotty” Grinch better wake them up. He’s got linebackers covering wide receivers and it’s 7-3 Wildcats.

USC defense gives up 24 yards in first three carries.

USC had a fourth-and-4 at the Arizona 28 and didn’t go for it? Instead, Denis Lynch kicks a 45-yard FG and the Trojans lead 3-0.

  • It’s a long injury report today for USC:

Wide receiver Jordan Addison, linebacker Eric Gentry, linebacker Ralen Goforth, defensive end Korey Foreman and offensive guard Andrew Vorhees are out.

That USC-Utah game really beat up both teams. I’ll say it: How much did Foreman play to get hurt?

Mario Williams is not 100 percent but supposed to play. UPDATE; He doesn’t have his helmet but is dressed.

99 thoughts on “USC-Arizona Live Blog

    1. I may have overestimated our D-Line — they aren’t moving the worst O-Line in the pac 12 [of course the one time they ALMOST did —there was an obvious hold that wasn’t called]…..

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      1. I agree with that obvious hold. And this is exactly the type of hold they SHOULD be calling, because it allows the QB to escape and impacts the play.

        So that call on ceyair wright is a tacky small call, but WHY do these corners get trained to do this crap? It wouldnt have stopped a catch, but it draws the PI.

        Scott, I finally agree with you that Donte sucks. We need to get rid of him. Calen Bullock is not getting better either. Why dont we have a safeties coach? I dont see Grinch making his secondary great.

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      2. gamer, correct on most accounts.
        Bullocks will be a very good safety.

        If it works for the recruiting, send Donte back to Oregon or to a Pac10 school. His DB’s got torched again.

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  1. USC defense looks like crap. There is something wrong with a defense that cant ever come out sharp.

    Someone needs to get rid of Brandon Rice. The guy cant hold onto the ball. He cant high-point the ball. Kyron Ware should be playing more. Let’s get MJ3 on the field. Why no targets to Mario? There are so many better targets than Brandon Rice. He isnt fast. He isnt a great receiver. I dont care if his daddy is a legend, he isnt.

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  2. The Pac 12 is trying to give Arizona a shot at winning. The receiver was clearly out of bounds but the stupid Arizona coach still tried to steal a touchdown. Even Goodshed couldn’t screw USC on that obvious call. Try throwing the ball to your tall receivers before 3rd and goal, coach.


  3. A NEW all time low for the Pac 12 Network :game is being called by Super-Prick Arizona freak Gronkowski ……

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    1. I paid extra for Pac12 network–26 bucks.
      The announcers were so lame, I placed the audio on mute.
      Really enjoyed my one game on Sling/Pac12 (while on mute).

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  4. OK, so part of the reason I say this is a conspiracy to stop USC is that on the Pac-12 network, they dont show a replay on many of the ref calls. It seems to me that they dont want anyone looking at the call.

    When was the flag thrown on that USC touchdown. I didnt see or hear anything until after the ball was released. Seems like they are throwing flags AFTER THE FACT, when a big play happens. Just screw over USC any way they can.

    And even if that was a very valid holding call, which I cant tell, the coverage of the game is unwatchable. They start a long conversation with Gronk during a key USC drive. That seemed like a coverup so the refs could destroy the drive.

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      1. Thanks, Michael.
        Yes. This defense is horrible.
        Admittedly, two LB were out, but this defense is horrible.

        I do like #27, Bryson Shaw. Had a nice game.
        Looking forward to some more big plays from him.
        I still support Bullock.
        Ceyair Ware? Dunno.
        Mehki Blackmon is pretty good.
        The D line just cannot rush the passer nor wrap up.

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      2. Grinch doesn’t have enough to work with….. & having Donte coaching corners doesn’t help. USC has given up more yards in the last two games than our team did over any two games last year. It’s nice we racked up 625 yards …but, holy shit, we gave Arizona 550 yards.
        Back in August we all said that USC would be winning games by scores like this —but I guess I didn’t really wanna believe it.
        UCLA & Notre Dame are gonna be VERY tough to beat with this D-Line.
        [We shoulda had ONE more TD at the end of the half, though —we were cheated outta 7 points]…..

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    1. USC needs to stop whining about the corruption and take action. … up to and including legal action. Time to bring in a 3rd party to enforce the officiating rules —which the Pac 12 isn’t doing.


  5. So why is the clock running after a first down by USC? Why is the umpire holding up the offense from snapping the ball? Why doesn’t the head referee consult the replay official to reset the clock, find out where the ball should be placed and allow both teams time to restart? George Kliavkoff is purposely picking who referees which games in his conference which has a direct influence on who will win. The conference of clowns strike again.

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    1. WTF, whine, whine, whine in caps MG. SUCC wins big and all the Rah-Rah’s can do is whine like little babies about the ref’s.

      Clown U, win or lose has zero f**king class. Is it any wonder there’s an ugly stench associated with the ripple and puke Univ. FB program.

      #STINK ON


      1. Rents, let me give you a reality check…..1/2 tile back in 1954(leather helmet era)… Not one fucking outright title in over 100 years….

        Hurry, pull the finger!

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      2. Well, at least she admitted what Cal75 has suspected all along…that she’s usually drunk when she posts her stupidity.

        Go have another, Dumbass.




    1. Dumb fucks Bohn and Folt didn’t see this obvious payback coming? Okay. Make up for being stupid by taking action now!
      #Oh,What’sThatYouSay? ThatWouldn’tBe”Woke”?


      1. Really? First of all i think usc is playing like shit and doesn’t deserve to win. But when a team doesn’t substitute the official does not stand over the ball. Then reset the ball 3 seconds after the clock start ticking. Owns, it that happened to UCLA that would be on your all time beef list. Btw, my philosophy is that you should never complain about a call cause you should never put yourself in position to bet beat by a call. (see ND for years) ND getting the benefit of calls is part of college football so don’t complain and beat them by 2 or more scores. My point is that this is a clown show for the conference and that Georgie spends all his time disparaging usc and ucla for leaving when in needs to focus on his job of getting the members more revenue and not making the conference TV and officiating a travesty.

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  7. Scooter,

    The last play tells you all you to know about Pac 12 refs. The ball was not set and they start the clock without getting the ref out of the way. Then the ref says the half is over. Riley jumps all over them and they ignore him. Bohn better be in the phine with the commish and chewing his ass out. That was bull crap.

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  8. Hey George
    Maybe you should spend lest time disparaging USC and UCLA for leaving the conference and spend more time cleaning up the complete unprofessionalism and ineptness of the on field officiation and that in the replay box. Every week at every location fans, coaches, and announcers are just shaking their heads. Even homer announcers on their own network are baffled. I get it there are questionables in every game in the country, but it’s commonplace on every drive in the pac 12. I believe that this crew didn’t want to deal with their F-up because Fish had his team quickly run off the field. “cause if would be too hard to bring them back from the locker room” (in a whinny voice)


    1. I would say that no other conference will wan to schedule games against the Pac-12 because the refs are so horrible. Who wants to play a Pac-12 team?

      It is almost painful to watch a Pac-12 game on the Pac-2 Network.

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  9. Yeah, LJ & I said we need to play better and not put it all on the refs. But that last play was really bad and so obvious. Doesn’t get any more blatant than that!

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    1. This is war. Pac 12 vs USC. And only one side knows it’s war.
      This is what happens when pussies run a university —when the shit hits the fan they have no idea what to do. [Hint: It’s time to make a public stink the Pac12 will never forget —time to call for an investigation].
      Folt & Bohn let the team down with Helton —ruining several promising careers.
      Now they’re letting the team get run over by corrupt officiating without making a peep.


  10. Another point of contention on the last series of downs. On the previous the USC receiver went clearly out of bounds, yet the clock keeps running and USC had to take a time out. Then they put additional time back on the clock, thus admitting an error. Why wasn’t USC given back the time out?

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      1. For almost 20 years I’ve watched a Mike Mothershead officiating team ref horribly.

        Would the zebra gods punish me and send Mike’s team to the B1G16 in 2024?


    1. When we get into Arizona’s backfield we seem to be content to touch the QB w/o tackling him—-I wonder if we’re scared of more roughing penalties? If so, better get over it and sack the fucker in the second half or we lose.

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      1. No hope for this defense, Michael.
        I really don’t think Grinch is to blame.
        We just don’t have much in the front 7.

        Gentry–OK to good.

        A good D needs about 9 strong players and two weak players.


  11. OK, so anyone who claims that there is not a plot to cheat USC out of wins is completely ignorant. The referee calls at the end of the half were completely set up to steal a touchdown away from USC. This is just like the referee call in the Washington State game where they fumbled the ball and you can clearly see it on on the slow motion, but the referees said that the runner was down, when the knee pivoted in air and didnt touch the ground.

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  12. Playcalling –it’s almost like Riley doesn’t recognize when he’s in a kill shot situation —just as many dumb calls when USC is in position to stomp Arizona as with Helton…


    1. This team is so much more talented than a Helton team, but there are some core issues with execution. I feel like the Trojans are all about chaos this season. They are never going to fully dominate games with this defense.

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    2. Michael:
      Seems like Riles is playing game management this year. Seems to be working, including versus Utah. Riles could not predict the zebra story versus Utah.

      Remains to be seen if Riles’ game management can beat Chip and then ND. My prediction versus UCLA is 56 to 55, with one team missing an EXP/PAT.


      1. …and that…my friend… is why you don’t call an onside kick….


    1. slo cal…… you know I love you like a hemorrhoid!!!!…. In your mind, you’re a stable genius, much like the twice-impeached grifter you willingly voted twice for.

      After watching 3/4 of the game your only conclusion to that point was “So much for Moss getting some meaningful snaps”….. You must be the only person in the entire universe who would post a high-IQ comment like that……. I’m still fucking amazed.

      Dude, you are far and away the blog dunce……your words prove this daily!


    2. Yes, several of us had hoped we’d have a good enough lead after 3 quarters that he would play the 4th.

      As GameTV stated, it’s hilarious that you think you’re so smart, because you spend most of your time on this blog acting like a fucking child. You were stupid enough to vote for an 80 year old with dementia; You have zero business trying to claim you’re smarter than anyone, you idiot.


      1. slo troll ….can you copy and paste the comments from others in the blog hoping Moss gets some snaps…..I don’t think one fucking person was concerned about his playing time….post the comments or it’s another fucking lie!


        Trump is running from the law…..looks like 81 million made the right choice…..I’m sure you have no fucking idea what that means


      2. PS…… you’re the one talking about a 74-year-old woman lactating into my mouth(fucking weirdo)……And Biden showering with his daughter…..or calling me the catcher and when you want to be the pitcher…… you’re too fucking senile to recall what you posted in the past….So. who has made the childish comments?


      3. Posted by Trojan1967 and liked by 5 people!

        USC 52 – Cats 27, Miller Moss sees some playing time
        USC Band – #1. Arizona Band – nowhere to be found

        Posted by SCallDay and liked by 4 people!

        USC wins big in this one: 63 – 31
        Miller Moss gets to the play the entire 4th quarter and plenty of second stringers see the field.
        FIGHT ON

        GABBY?! Shown to be the biggest idiot on this blog for only the 100th time! LMAO

        If she were really smart, she’d quit while she’s behind. But we all know she’s not that smart.


      4. One other person mentioned Moss…. where are the “several others”.?

        I’m waiting!!!!!…..

        My point is, after the shoot-out we were in all you could mentally comprehend from the scenario playing out was…..” moss isn’t getting any snaps”……you sound like a fucking door-knob


      5. speaking of plow….. I debunked the lawyer over and over to the point he started to mock me….. you comprehend, doubt it!

        Why can’t you ever offer a rebuttal to my political comments like plow, parcel, PT, and MG….. instead you offer a box of cricket….or your best line…..” you were stupid enough to vote for him”….the voice of a true dunce!


      6. Not only is she an idiot who can’t read. She also can’t count! LMAO

        No wonder she was stupid enough to vote for dementia.


  13. We just went up 37-29, it’s funny how more explosive USC is when Addison & Williams are not on the field just sayin. Shane Lee is getting burned but made up for the blitz sack. These receivers are showing us what depth we have at the position LR play the young pups

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    1. Now 45-37, all the keys to the game except turnover margin. Onside kick coming Bryson Shaw is a perfect safety to play with Bullock ball hawking skills. Shaw sees the play happening., before it happens we need more players like him. Well my keys came true 2 100 yard receivers Washington Ford Dye 113 a turnover , defense caused a little havoc on Delaura who looked like Fran Tarkerton of the Vikings of old. It will be interesting going forward on the depth chart. Addison heal up your not needed until SUCCLA. Caleb was incredible tonight A+ performance. Fight On.

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      1. I wouldnt give Caleb an A+. There are times he holds onto the ball too long when he has a receiver open underneath. Just take the quick dump off and let the receiver get yards after catch. But he sure knows how to extend a play. I would give him an A.

        The problem with this SC team is the defense will always allow opponents to get back into the game.

        Bryson Shaw is a really nice addition, but what we really need are linebackers who can cover and make tackles in space. Tuasivi Nomura is not good at making plays in space.


      2. I see why Nomura doesn’t get much playing time……the dude is a slug!…… He makes Lee look like an Olympic sprinter.


  14. Gametv hopefully our new linebackers from the incoming class will be better tacklers in space. The Curtis kid should be a day 1 starter he plays with IQ and physicality. Peavy RE at 6-4 235 if he can bend the corner on a tackle or use swim moves. Hopefully they use him at linebacker.

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  15. Competitive game twice in a row, LR regresses to a 7 on 7 coach, the same thing that damned him at Okie. USC had a freak in Gentry that was well coached it got from ASU but the kid is obviously way too light and wasn’t going to land. Otherwise we’re getting much of the same of what we saw from Grinch’s struggles at OU. Otoh, UA were playing out of their minds at times, especially De Lauria, but it should have never, ever been that close. And stop taking up the BS from the LAT, if anything the PAC 12 refs seem to be heavily favoring USC and UGLY, whether it’s to try to get them to reconsider or more obviously for the payout of the conference share of the postseason pot.


    1. “PAC 12 refs seem to be heavily favoring USC”

      I lost all respect when I came to that point in your comment…..just saying!


    2. I think Riles is game managing.
      7 ugly wins, 1 pretty loss. Not bad considering the $#!t$#0W Riles inherited. I’ll predict right here that we beat Cal at home in an UGLY win, to go 8 ugly, 1 pretty. Likely will beat CU pretty, going 8+1 with a pretty loss.

      No doubt, Riles is D1 coach of the year, followed by Josh Heupel.
      Grinch is not the problem. We have mediocre front 7 talent.


  16. In regards to Scott’s last comment. It was not a late hit call it was a roughing call. Every one is looking at it as a timing thing. I looked a the replay 5 times. It wasn’t a late hit. The linebacker went high with an extended arm to the face and neck. I looked at it in the first place because the timing looked like it was on time.


  17. Unreal, AZ hangs 37 points on SUCC’s D – LOL.

    No doubt Clown U FB is ready to mug Alabama, Georgia or Ohio St.

    Tennessee would bitch slap Clown U up and down the field.

    #Cue: Anything by Cheap Trick.


    1. Rents….. are you still keeping track of moral victories?….. Taking a page from your logic.

      Unreal, GA hangs 49 points on Duck’s D – LOL. …..Duck’s hang 45 on the ruin’s sorry ass…..LOL

      No doubt ruin FB is ready to mug Alabama, Georgia or Ohio St.

      Tennessee would bitch slap ruin U up and down the field

      Cue: Empty RB – No one Cares!


      1. Crabs, you must care ’cause of your horse’s ass reply. I mean comparing Oregon FB to AZ FB is ludicrous. Besides AH, SUCC doesn’t play Oregon. SUCC’s cupcake FB schedule was put together by Andyain’twinning. Mighty SUCC, the elite, bitch, bitch, bitch mediocrity.

        #Cue: Farmer in the Dell


      2. stop making fucking excuses…… whine whine whine!

        (the name is Gabby, not the nick-name of your boy-toy)

        #Cue: I need cheese with my whine


  18. Missing three of the best players in the conference, road havoc and bad decisions from the coaching staff. Caleb being way too greedy. They won. Hopefully, they can pound on Cal, Colorado and be relatively healthy for the big rivalry game. It’s a good thing for the Pac 10 that the L A schools are leaving because this conference is getting worse. That defense lacks leadership not talent. Bryson Shaw came in making plays. Most of the transfers are making the game changing plays. . . where is Earl Barquet? We knew they weren’t a playoff team this year. Still fun to watch.

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      1. The thing is I don’t need this team to placate my need for revenge against the NCAA. NIL has destroyed their power over the sport. Just seeing the Trojans become relevant again while Miami is toilet sauce, ND is a hot mess and high and mighty Nicky Satan can’t win any more championships is enough for me.

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  19. OWNS thinks SC has no class look who’s talking. He must have been an English major in High School if he graduated. It is quite obvious he did not attend college with his vocabulary, and use of 4 letter words time and time again.


    1. Absolutely tommyd, SUCC is an ugly 4 letter word. Unfortunely for you, the shoe fits Clown U. I mean the bozos have never lost a FB game w/o being jobbed by the ref’s or some other pathetic excuse.

      #Cue: “Don’t Ya Bother Me”


      1. USC is three letters…….did you get the memo?…..

        Wow!!!….the RB was absolutely empty……I heard attendance was 15k……and 2k of that was illegals the cripple from texas bused over… need to thank him!

        You get more desperate each year!


  20. Stanford and Colorado are by far the worst teams in the Pac 12. One wonders if David Shaw will get fired after this season. The Stanford program has slipped by quite a bit in the last few years.

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  21. Memo to: Gabby -AKA Crabs

    There you go again, whine, whine, whine. You’re a typical AH that loves to dish a load of crap but just can’t stand the heat of repartee.


    1. Dude, it’s been 24 years since the ruins last won a conference title…..pathetic….RESPECT IS EARNED NOT GIVEN…..

      First, win something of relevance before you pop off…..simple!


  22. I hope ucla makes it to the playoff.Then we’ll see the net result of that mighty program that some on this blog are so proud of.It won’t be Bowling Green or Alabama State, little gutties.The dog always barks loud in his own yard – so let’s see you get to the dance and fold like a tortilla.


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