Pick The USC-Cal Score

OK, no one is going to pick Cal.

But can anyone get the exact score?

Cal is Cal, as always. They have a poor offense. But will they be able to muster a few moments vs. USC?

A Pac-12 coach told me earlier this week he thought Cal could give USC some problems for a half.

98 thoughts on “Pick The USC-Cal Score

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      1. Inner Tebowobama: I hope no notices that I adore AOC and think she/her/them/they is one of the intellectual giants in politics–but it is true. She at least knows there are 53 states in the union, not 54. Geesh. I would see she is at least on par with Baba Looey. But enough of this politics, have to get back to the Gumby show.


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        Oh, have to go I hear Al Green music playing and my lovie dovie calling me.

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    1. 35-28 USC in OT.

      Cal makes it interesting by storming back in the 2nd half to tie the game against USC’s suspect secondary.

      But the D makes a stop in OT to win.


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    1. You know what? Maybe something terrible happens to you and your family this weekend? That would be a tragedy wouldn’t it? Maybe it’s better if you don’t post here anymore.

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      1. Sorry I got your panties in a bunch! But this football in real life and shit happens. Capo, you are not! Fredo maybe?


      1. The g in steveg49 stands for Gestapo or as Marjorie Taylor Greene says, “gespacho”



      2. Inner Tebowobama: What I like best about Biden is how he hotfooted it out of Afghanistan and left the Taliban all of those nice modern weapons. Biden is such a cool guy, helping out Iran, Afghanistan, China…always thinking of others. Having said that I am rooting for Felix Dzerzhinsky as next Pres. Someone who is effective at passing legislation like child mutilation legislation that we demos support.

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    1. USC has a really good offense. Their defense stinks. When Brian Kelley was at ND, if a certain coach didn’t get the right results in a season, he fired him and tried somebody else. One year he fired the whole coaching staff. I’d get rid of Donte Williams and, at best, I would give Grench one more year. Somebody has to take responsibility for that poorly playing but very talented secondary.


      1. It’s too bad their solid defense gives up drives in the last minute of tight games [obviously I’m happy about them doing it in the USC game —but— why did they have to let up when they had Washington pinned on their own 7 yard line with a 3rd and 16? Lou Holtz –yeah, I know you hate him — said he handled situations like that by rushing EIGHT … keeping 3 “safeties” way back just in case…. & steamrolling the o-line.

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      2. That prevent shit will cost you every time. Pin your ears back and throw everything at them (don’t forget the kitchen sink).

        LSU is going toe to toe with Saban…..I hope the energy can sustain the test of time. Bama always wears you out by the 4th QT.

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      3. Actually, I have mixed feelings about Lou Holtz. When he puts on his Dr. Lou hat, I actually agree with a lot of what he says. But he does hate SC football. But he’s just another trojan hater. There’s a lot of them out there, so I wouldn’t say I hate him.

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  1. Good afternoon to all my fellow Trojan Fans, and a special shout-out to slo cal and his virgin Bloody Marys.

    It’s time to pick a score/winner in the USC vs cal game. The two teams have met 110 times, with USC dominating the series 71-33-6 (ouch!)

    The betting market has steamed this line after it opened at -19.5 in USC’s favor, quickly moving to -21 or -21.5 depending on the book.

    Only twice in the last three seasons has cal lost a game by more than 21 points, and both games were against the ruins.

    I’m looking at the game going over the posted total (60.5) and cal gets a late score for a back-door cover.

    42-24 USC

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    1. Like I said….it’s hard to win today without a good QB. Because of the rule changes, todays game is an offensive game. You need a pretty good QB to have a good offense. There was a time when you could win with defense but not anymore. Look at Iowa. They are rated 5th in the nation in defense and yet they are just 4-4 on the season and they haven’t really beat a good team yet.

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      1. I agree with you 100%!…. A good defense can keep you in the game, but you need the Offense to actually win the game.

        Look at Saban, when they lose it because their offense has been neutralized by a dominating defense and the other team plays off the defensive momentum and elevates their offense to a win.


      2. That’s why I like how LR is building this team. He’s building the offense first even if you just have to outscore the other team to win. The defense can always be built in the near future when you get the players and maybe even a new DC if necessary


      1. Yes…..I just don’t think were going to score “at will”….Cal will play inspired and hang on until their will is broken.

        I would love to see 54-6……just not feeling it!

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  2. If Cal score two touchdowns then we have a miracle .

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    “Don’t Say Gay” was in a bill
    Putin price hike
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    Trump overpowered secret service for wheel of “The Beast”
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    January 6th was an insurrection
    BYU students hurled racist insults at Duke volleyball player
    And don’t forget “democracy is under threat…”
    And switch hitter pelosi. Ho-boy. Another Ed Buck

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    1. Please have cal’s handler take him back to his room and double down on his meds……the guy is definitely out in left field.

      What a fucking fruitcake!


      1. That bitch ass house mouse Cal 75 hippie is telling everyone he has cancer…what a fucking chump!

        If he does, that’s Karma

        Teach him to be a lying asshole!

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      2. Actually the Ed Buck insertion (no pun intended was funny).

        USC 38 Cal 13

        Moss gets mop up duty in Q4 and Raleek gets 100 yards.


        GLTA on Tuesday, hope the inflation fighters win.

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    2. Pasadena City College flunkie Cal 75 hippie is fucking pathetic. The Castro District house mouse bitch comes on this blog and starts claiming he has cancer…who the fuck does that?

      A fucking clown, that’s who

      Little bitch hippie is looking for sympathy…fuck him

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      1. the hippie travels around the carnival circuit pushing firearms and ammo…..fucking lowlife…..

        We don’t need any more guns in the hands of the wrong people!


    3. Biden knows it’s over. How do I know? He’s not hiding in his basement with a confident smile as in 2020—he’s out in public, looking disheveled, begging for votes while calling voters “idiots” …..
      Gabby — find an easier cause to defend. You’re wasting your skillset on this regime. [There are times when even the best Public Defenders tell their clients to just plead and hope for a reduced sentence].

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      1. MG…. If the rules of engagement allowed, I would say it’s time to replace the QB in mid-season. Like I have said on numerous occasions, I’m a supporter of the Democratic party, and not one individual has my total allegiance

        This is the ship I boarded, If it sinks, I’ll go down with it. At this point in time, Obama, to me, is the face of this party. I wish he was still in the WH. I know you roll your eye hearing that. But there was more mutual respect across the party lines during his presidency…. We all strive for stability

        Obama was the last President to win the popular vote twice, dating back to Eisenhower in 1956. Obama was well-liked and overall united the country

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      2. I’ll give you this — Obama is a very large improvement over Biden in terms of communicating —but —–let’s face it — Rice [who was and still is Obama’s right arm] is running the show for Biden —-thusly, Obama gets to look sane and reasonable while poor dumbbell Joe takes the heat for implementing Obama’s policies. Obama doesn’t mind accomplishing indirectly [as an ex] what he was way too politically savvy to try directly [as prez].

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    4. Nice list Cal. All factually correct but only a partial list. What about “Jim Crow on steroids.” And, “all our military leaders agree that white supremacy is our greatest threat.”


      1. go back to bed you senile relic. The last time you popped off, I slapped you around like a pinata…..Focus on football, save your BS for Truth Social


      1. Can someone wake up slo cal, I heard he passed out on virgin Bloody Marys.

        Mrs. slo cal is pissed off, she found out the senile guy used her KY jelly to lubricate the outhouse door hinges.



    1. testing?????? by November you should be cleaning up the rough edges.

      If you’re still testing….I have major concerns, just saying


      1. …we all know when a post needs an edit, Gabby, and we do it mentally…[since we’ve been deprived of an edit function for going on five years]…

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      2. At the very least an “edit” function. Christmas is coming, perhaps Wolf will surprise us with an upgrade to the blog…..(I heard he’s part Grinch)

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      3. the green guy… ‘o wait, they are both green. Not the guy who continues to wake up night after night experiencing the nightmare of his “bend-put-don’t-break” defense.

        That’s some shit one should have to live through. Riley told him, help is on the way, great…… he forgot to mention the, “not until next season” part

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  3. The bears won’t give USC no problems unless ott can break a couple of long runs. They don’t have no passing game that’s worthy of beating us. Like I said the final score 48-17 Trojans. Big plays passing down field. I think Releek gets a lot of opportunities in this game. Ford will have 100 yards receiving as well as Williams if he plays.

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  4. Rooting for Notre Dame. If Notre Dame wins then Clemson will fall in rankings hard and if USC beats ND it will be a much bigger plus.

    If USC wins out, they go to CFP. Wins against an Oregon in the top 10, UCLA in top 10 or 15 and Notre Dame in Top 25.

    I dont think we can win out, but I can sure hope for it.

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      1. Absolutely Crabs, SUCC, with 10 minutes to go and up 12 points snatch defeat from the jaws of winning a natty vs Tixas at the Rose Bowl. As I recall Young waltzed into the end zone scoring the winning TD untouched.


      2. rent……. even being in a position to win a natty is something you have never experienced….thanks for reminding us



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