Florida Gulf Coast Upsets Andy Enfield

Florida Gulf Coast came to L.A. and beat their former coach, Andy Enfield, 74-61, in the season-opener on Monday night before 2,355.

USC’s new four-guard lineup had a rough night from the field as Drew Peterson, Boogie Ellis, Kobe Johnson and Reese Dixon-Waters were a combined 10 for 30 from the field.

Do you think Enfield wants to move to the Big Ten? Do you think Big Ten coaches are nervous?

USC was 3 for 19 on 3-pointers.

Thanks, Enfield!

In Wyoming’s 102-69 win over Colorado Christian, Max Agbonkpolo scored 16 points and Ethan Anderson had 8 assists.

14 thoughts on “Florida Gulf Coast Upsets Andy Enfield

  1. It may be time to find a new coach, but does anyone care? I mean Enfield took us pretty far last season, is one game about to call it a season?
    Is basketball really a sport?

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    1. I said it last year, giving Enfield a new contract was a big mistake. It feels like Bohn is absording the USC playbook – bidding against yourself for a coach noone wants.


  2. SC plays 4 guard, a position that usually demands good shooting and they still cannot put the ball in the basket, looks like another long basketball season

    To complete the analysis of why Oregon vs Utah will be a rematch for the Pac-12 championship if Utah should beat Oregon (assuming SC beats sucla) is because Oregon will have a better conference record due to the fact that they will have beaten Washington which trumps SC having beaten a worse team in Arizona St.

    As convoluted as this is the Pac-12 had to use some system to sort this out. Of course Oregon has won 23 in a row in their Autzen Stadium and will be favored over Utah but that is not a sure bet and takes some of the luster off the SC-sucla clash that will probably precede the Oregon-Utah game

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    1. LJ the PAC12 Rules regarding how the tie breaker system works for each team is based on bs. If USC is to make it based on Oregon beating Utah. What if they get upset by Washington that would mean that Utah must beat Oregon to eliminate Oregon, setting us up to win out period to make the championship game. Due to our strength of schedule which is comparable to Oregon especially if we win out ND is ranked plus SUCLA. Washington is ranked 23. Hopefully this will play out n we don’t have to worry about anything.


  3. Greetings sports fans, well as i am under seige i continue my journey ! well did a meteorite land in the viscinity of the pool in white owl i mean whitehall ?! was it chinese !? Regards , E


  4. Greetings sports fans , well aahhh AAron rodgers looks like he wants to play some where else judging from those wobbbley ducks he was tossing up !? Well the Caleb tends to try two many passes over the middle of field !? with small recievers the sidelines and down the field 20 yards ? up under center and the draw play where is that play? the wheel route short and long variety ? Regards ,E

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