Discuss The USC-Notre Dame Game

I’m setting this up early today if someone has some early comments to make.

I would like to see USC and Notre Dame both wear their home jerseys in this game. It happened in the old days so it’s not unprecedented.

146 thoughts on “Discuss The USC-Notre Dame Game

  1. I have now witnessed amazing greatness in the Coli

    First was C White, then Marcus, then Carson, then Reggie, then Matt and now the best sophomore QB in USC history- Mr Caleb Williams

    Once he wins Heisman then YoungDole will be forever gone, it be Caleb and Six

    FYI- great crowd tonight, saw so many recruits just in awe.

    I also picked 38 to 17 score, pretty darn good.

    Did not see Scott on sidelines either.

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    1. Scott didn’t make it to the game….he OD on donuts…..I heard the atmosphere at the Coli was amazing….I’ll be at Allegiant ….should also be crazy there


      1. @ YoungDole, past Heisman at USC are:
        Mike Garrett, running back, 1965.
        O.J. Simpson, running back, 1968.
        Charles White, running back, 1979.
        Marcus Allen, running back, 1981.
        Carson Palmer, quarterback, 2002.
        Matt Leinart, quarterback, 2004. (Reggie Bush does not count because his award was stripped due to a cheating allegation) You may not like Mike Garrett as an AD and OJ Simpson as a criminal but you can’t leave them out of history. In my memory, OJ Simpson was and is the most excellent Trojan of them all. It’s too bad he is a lousy human being.


    2. YoungDole,

      You miss informed ignorant bastard! What about the greatest of them all ORENTHAL JAMES SIMPSON! Charles “he ain’t really white” White?? Marcus “wife stealing” Allen?? No talent Matt “white boy” Leinert?? Reggie “hamburger eating mofo” Bush ain’t $hit compared to “airport bench jumping” “real killer hunting” “charged but acquitted” and “double murdering (allegedly)” greatness that is OJ Simpon!! USC ain’t nothing without me!


      1. I am quite aware of Garrett and OJ!!

        I was referring to me being in the Coliseum for 43 years witnessing 5 and now 6 Heisman winners.

        These trolls are amazingly stupid.

        FTFO and Congratulations Caleb!


  2. You guys don’t understand. This team can beat Georgia. Why? They are more healthy than Georgia and they will be able to run on them. More importantly, they have the speed to compete with Georgia. Losing Dan Lanning is more an issue than it shows. Not saying USC would absolutely win but they could compete. I’m not worried about any opponent that USC plays in Vegas. I wish they had more athletes on the defense line but they bullied one of the most physical teams in college football today. That was the biggest takeaway.

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  3. Incredible game. It felt like Riley opened up the playbook and gave Freeman a master lesson in strategy. Caleb has a better sense of vision when he runs than nearly any running back.

    This was the most satisfying game to watch. Notre Dame is the best defense they faced. The most physical team. And USC played all four quarters.

    How can they give the heisman to anyone else?

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  4. Scooter,

    I was at the game. I have not seen the Coli like that since the Carrol years. Place was almost full, band was rocking, people were going bonkers and it was loud with ethusiasm. Cale reminded me of Reggie and Matt when they were playing. Great atmoshpere. Great win


  5. anybody listen to what little herbie had to say on tv? I mute him since he said what a GREAT coach hellton was and SC should keep him…what a dipsh…t


    1. Don’t forget Brian Griese too

      By end of game he was singing SC’s praises (like all, acknowledging suspect D) and he put them in the playoffs ahead of tOSU.

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