USC Notes: Some Pac-12 Coaches Happy Oregon Lost

USC is going to play Utah on Friday night. Yes, Friday, because the Pac-12 has to play its title game on a Friday, unlike the other major conferences.

But Oregon’s loss that allowed Utah into the Pac-12 game led to a flurry of texts among some Pac-12 coaches last night, happy to see the Ducks blow a 21-point lead. Why?

Among some coaches, there was a feeling Lanning had been unjustly built up as a golden boy and got exposed in the losses to Washington and Oregon State. Also, the coaching grapevine says Lanning is a difficult coach to work for, which makes him less popular.

  • Austin Jones has rushed for 274 yards the past two weeks, quite a step up since Travis Dye got hurt.
  • USC is ranked No. 4 in the AP Top 25 poll, up one spot from last week.
  • When Korey Foreman intercepted a pass to preserve USC’s victory over UCLA, some believed it would mark a turning point for the defensive end. He followed up with zero tackles last night.
  • Georgia Southern beat Appalachian State, 51-48, in OT yesterday, which means it finished 6-6 under Clay Helton and is bowl eligible.
  • Luke Fickell was not interested in the USC job last season but he took the Wisconsin job today. Talk about making your life more difficult.

46 thoughts on “USC Notes: Some Pac-12 Coaches Happy Oregon Lost

      1. Inner Tebowobama: I cannot really let on, ya know with guys and all that, so I have to say the above but it is all a subterfuge–hope the guys buy it. Truth is I think Oregon’s uniforms are sooooooo cute. They are so soft and cuddly, oooh, I wish I could just drown myself in their great big manly arms. I once send them a design but Phil did not like it–a great big green and yellow bow attached to their helmets. He was soooo mean in turning me down–I shan’t forgive him–ever! Bye-bye

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  1. Oregon’s OC just resigned to become ASU’s head coach.
    Foreman recording zero tackles adds just a bit of happiness to Scottie’s Thanksgiving weekend.

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    1. Paul Chryst had a good run at UWisky, as did Brett Bielema.
      Bielema left Wisky in a lurch to go for the money and prestige at an SEC school—and swiftly failed. Barry Alvarez took over for him in the Rose Bowl and the lads almost beat a top Stanford squad.

      Wisky is a great job. Plan on losing to the top 2/3–UM, tOSU, maybe Penn State, and clean up versus the weak Big 10 western division.
      It’s a great gig. Jim Leonhard is a great DC–one of the tops in the game–and was presumably the HC in waiting. I’m surprised Leonhard was not tapped.

      I think Fickell has proved over the past two years that he is NOT a miracle worker. He will prove my point again that “dominant” CUSA, AAC, Sunbelt coaches usually descend to their mediocrity once they get to the Power 5.*

      *At least that’s what Scott Frost (and PJ FLeck and Jeff Brohm) told me last week.

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      1. You know you’re right ….. forgot about their jaunts to the Rose Bowl. I guess one rarely ever sees any team come out of the Big10 West and this year Purdue going up against MI is proof of he’s got hat talent isn’t there.

        As to the swipe per the CSUA, AAC, Sunbelt well Brian Kelly came out of some bottom feeder rathole Grand Valley JoMomma’ then Cen. MI and then to Cincinnati but you know I doubt that lard @$$ ever wins more than he has this year.

        Harbaugh’s made great strides since he was at USD – he’s whipped the worst fan base outside the confederacy with back-to-back defeats of those Buckeyes.

        Let’s cook up something tasty to make those Utes choke on this Friday

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      2. Lots of Austin, Addison and “pump and runs” from Williams should do it, Alvarado….


  2. The thought got lost as Wolfie transitioned to a new topic
    but it is patently unfair that the Top-4 of Georgia, Michigan, TCU and USC have to play a 13th game to get ‘in’ the Final-4 while Ohio St and Alabama having played only 12 games sit idly by watching to see if any of the Final-4 eligible lose next weekend

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    1. Agree. It reminds me of the CS championship where LSU beat Bama during the season, won the SEC Championship then lost to Bama in the National Championship. Bottom line, LSU had more victories then Bama but Bama is the Champ. The point is Bama should Never have been selected to play in that game.

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      1. Cry me a river you fool! Roll Tide! Shove it up your ass dip shit.
        You know very little. Big games count. Utah beat the Trojan so
        why are they playing again?


    2. Saban and Big Ten Commissioner Warren already lobbying for Alabama and THEE Ohio State. Bama has somewhat earned their reputation but throughout the BCS and Playoff Era Ohio State has received every benefit of the doubt.

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      1. If I’m the committee, I rank Alabama at #5 and OSU at #6. They got worked in the second half by MI. They don’t deserve a spot in the playoff.


    3. That’s exactly what Dan Wetzel is posting on yahoo – permitting a school that failed to play in their CCG and when the team that did play lost suddenly turning and rewarding the squad that didn’t have the wins to play in it.

      He said the four as they stand now should be in regardless of the CCGs and that the outcomes of the CCGs should be the sole factor on seeding them a week hence.

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  3. Um it may not have went for a sack or tackle but Foreman had a few key pressures including one that led to a sack. But Scottie isn’t interested in that.

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    1. Yep. I RECALL that play.

      Korey needs to bulk up a little more, I think. He is quick and has a good motor, but he seems to get handled by stronger OL.

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      1. Exactly! He has the speed to go around a tackle but doesn’t have the power to bullrush a tackle. You get that in the weight room. If he gets that(and he’s only a soph), then I think he could be a pretty special player.


  4. Georgia favored by 17 over LSU
    Michigan favored by 16 over Purdue
    TCU favored by 2 over Kansas St
    SC favored by 2 over Utah

    So while Georgia and Michigan are heavy favorites to remain at No. 1 and 2, TCU and SC are in for dogfights with practically even games facing them

    Assuming SC wins not sure if we want TCU to lose setting up an SC-Michigan match instead of SC-Georgia although my preference would be Michigan thinking SC would not give up those gigantic-yardage plays by Michigan that Ohio St somehow could not defend

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    1. The game where you might have an upset is K-State over TCU. TCU won the first game in Fort Worth. K-State was ahead at the half. This should be a revenge game for K-State. The problem is, they are playing in Dallas which is another home game for TCU.


  5. I was all over the Beavs upset yesterday, but if Lanning rubs some people the wrong way that’s probably a good thing for them. National media has had its face buried in Oregon’s crotch for several weeks.

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  6. College football playoff committee is controlled by the SEC/BIG10. You already have Nick Saban reading his script about Bama should be considered due to ‘only’ having 2 losses. The BIG commissioner then drops his script about Thee OSU should still get in due to only having 1 loss. Complete bullshit if you ask me. You don’t get in if you didn’t even win your conference!

    The SEC has looked weak this year and I dare say there’s parity in that conference similar to the Pac12. This whole NIL thing has somewhat evened the playing field among the top programs. The good ole boys in the South aren’t getting all the top players anymore so they’re afraid of what USC will become under Lincoln Riley in the next few years.

    I’ll be in Vegas for the Pac12 title game for some revenge on the Utes! Neutral site where (I’m hoping) the refs won’t affect the outcome of the game. Fight on ✌🏻


    1. The NCAA rules committee has been controlled by the SEC for years. That’s why they have been able to cheat for so long and get away with it. The head of the rules committee was also the SEC commissioner for year(may still be). How’s that for a conflict of interest.


  7. Folks, USC will play Utah on a neutral field that’s not at altitude and with an intact defense that is playing stronger. Unless they pick Mothershed or McCall to call the game, then USC will win by ten and get the Pac 12 paid. What’s changed since the last time these two teams met? USC has gotten better despite losing their best leader. The Utes? Lost to a wild, undisciplined Ducks team and they have less time to prepare for the Trojans.

    The revenge thing is real for USC.

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    1. I think SC should win. I thought that won it last time but the pac-12 officials would have none of that. This time they don’t play in that Salt Lake madhouse. But even if they were to lose, I still think that this would have been a highly successful first year for LR.
      Utah is a well coached team but if I were a bettor, I would bet on USC this second time around. When 2 teams are fairly evenly matched and Team A beats Team B the first time around, a smart bettor will always bet on Team B the second time around. Team A has to be much better than Team B to beat them twice in one season when they only play twice. Ali beat Frazier twice but they fought 3 times.


  8. Yes, and also real is the fact that the Utes can make Utah history by playing in back-to-back Rose Bowls which should supply enough motivation to play their hearts out equally as much as SC will


  9. Odds and ends–

    One of the things going for SC against Utah is that when relatively equal teams play twice in one season it is difficult for the winner of the first game to repeat in the second

    The pressure is on Wiley not to lose twice to arguably the best Pac-12 coach outside perhaps of Wiley

    The defensive effort in the ND game felt like vintage SC defense teams from the past and vindicated Wiley’s complaint that “I am sick and tired” of hearing about our defense being our weak link with fans forgetting how the defense has bailed out the offense on numerous occasions with a national 2022 record of turnover ratio

    One last reflection of Stanford’s Shaw retirement is that but for the Indians’ or Cardinals’ bombasting of SC in the 2021 game that was greeted by a 40,000 chorus of Trojans’ boos at home, then SC might have been saddled with the incomparable
    Ton-o-Hel for another season or two thus negating the Wiley hire

    Contrary to popular belief Wiley said after ND that establishing the run was the most important element to winning a football game with the apparent analysis being that if the opposing team has to play the run honestly then the passing lanes will be opened

    Loved how ‘Celeb’ explained in the Post-Game ND conference how he values so much the concept of leadership of a group of athletes, and that SC has “A committee of 20 or so Trojan leaders” in the locker-room and that “Good teams are led by coaches whereas great teams are led by the players”

    So SC has a new “Trifecta” with the tall task of defeating Utah, and if successful trying to beat possibly Michigan and then Georgia. The odds are against the Trojans succeeding but then again the odds were against Troy beating both sucla and ND

    And finally as ‘Superman’ cautioned, embrace the present because you never know what the future will bring

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  10. I don’t know if Utah has enough speed to deal with USC or if they have the game breakers needed to beat the Trojans. I do know that SC receivers stopped dropping balls and the o-line are blowing defenses up.

    Who is the best team that the Trojans have played? If you say Utah then what happens if they play a full game instead of running out of steam due to injuries and altitude?

    If you say UCLA or Notre Dame then how can Utah stop USC?

    What’s best served cold on a blank slate?


  11. Utah tan up a huge score and they looked great. SC has definitely had the toughest games leading up to the championship game. It’s such a bummer that the feeble PAC-12 management has to have the game on Friday. What is the problem with those guys ? Are they just stupid?


  12. No fans are worse than Oregon fans. Zero titles and they think they rule the roast. At least other teams can hang their hats on a tradition of winning.

    #Million_uniforms_zero titles


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