USC Morning Buzz: A Good Step Forward But Not Like Carroll Era

The official attendance figure for the USC-Notre Dame game was 72,613.

“No disrespect to our fans, but that’s the first time I’ve seen that much people in the stands, going crazy loud. Throughout the whole game, too,” Tuli Tuipulotu said.

It’s kind of sad that the game was seen as a landmark moment in their careers, especially when it wasn’t even a sellout. There were comparisons to the Pete Carroll era, but that was when the Coliseum held 92,000. And every seat was full.

Saturday was a good step forward. But did not harken back to the Carroll era. Remember the Stanford game when people rushed the field in 2013? That was post-Carroll.

Anyways, here’s how the Coliseum looked during the game Saturday.

  • I have a friend who skips the Trojan Athletic Fund pre-game buffet because it costs $150 a ticket. Also it got moved from the Peristyle to campus.

“It would cost me more than my season tickets to go,” he said.

46 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: A Good Step Forward But Not Like Carroll Era

  1. At the epic 1974 USC v ND game there was 83,552 in attendance

    At the 1972 ND game, with maybe the best team USC has fielded, the attendance was 75,243

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      1. Not really back, just had to vent about Wolf and his bitching about everything, guy can’t enjoy anything. Aside from his very well done Friday column he’s worthless. Maybe he could be the new Huell Howser for PBS, but Wolf would have to smile and be pleasant which he can’t pull off.

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    1. With excellent Television coverage and big screen TV’s at home, I can see why Los Angelenos stay at home.

      I went to the CU UTAH game in Boulder on Saturday afternoon (to scout the UTES in person, ha ha). Maybe 15,000 in attendance–mostly wearing red.

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  2. “It’s kind of sad that the game was seen as a landmark moment in their careers”

    This is a landmark moment! Any reasonable person would see this.

    Took out the gutties and the domers.
    One play away from 12-0.
    Re-established USC football in 12 weeks, after 4-8 last year, after Helton, after Haden, after Swann.
    They should, and will, remember the domer game for the rest of their lives.

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  3. And Wolf, a big FUCK YOU for your coverage this year. You piss and moan about everything. Last year’s team quit, were 4-8, no bowl, no talent, the program was at it’s lowest since Hackett. Along comes Riley who has the Trojans one game away from a berth in the playoffs and you’re bitching about the attendance. Hey fuckhead, PC didn’t have to deal with TWO PRO TEAMS taking fans away. And stop with your fucking whining about the defense every fucking day, did you see the “talent” that was left to Riley ? Yes they give up points, but for fuck’s sake, take into account what he has to work with.
    Go cover soccer you bald headed goof.

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    1. What is all the profanity about? Please enlighten me! I know it is just a word, but I am still puzzled. Smile!!! It does make you standout if that is the objective, you have accomplished that.



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      1. We freshmen paid attention, i.e., locked our doors, out of an abundance of caution, when Rossovich occasionally wandered into Trojan Hall (1966-1967). The stories that were circulating of his escapades were amusing and alarming.

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  5. Anyone else note the live video feed just after the end of OR @ OR St. game of Marcus Freeman and Lincoln Riley talking. There was a real ‘connection’ btwn. the two unlike anything I’ve ever seen btwn. coaches from USC and Notre Dame. Freeman may very well become a great coach and now he’s been put through the wringer on what this annual matchup is all about – he just witnessed seeing his school’s greatest rival using the Irish as the second to last step to playing in the national college playoffs…..that has got to hurt and hurt hard. Next year will be equal in intensity and both glory and anguish for both sides.

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      1. Exactly Mike! Brian Kelly was an arrogant demanding soul which explains only one of the Irish assistants went with him down to Baton Rouge….the rest stayed put with Freeman and what makes that even more telling is Freeman’s sole year, prior to 2022 was last year….he came over as an assistant to start the 2021 season from OH St. as DC.

        Tim Hyde, a noted Irish wonk, is a co-host ‘Blue-Gold’ – yesterday he spent over an hour dissecting the game and was very blunt on how USC out schemed and was totally prepared for ‘the princess’. When a Irish fan posted about lack of holding calls against USC he quickly retorted ‘…they didn’t lose this game because of the officials…’ echoing what John McKay said over 50 years ago “:…there’s holding on every play…’

        Hyde made note of the learning curve for Freeman and how much preparation will be needed when they meet next October in So. Bend.

        Hyde did state using the transfer portal was not the Irish way to create a team rather thru methodical recruiting offers.

        Nothing but respect from Hyde and the same from Freeman which I believe is more than mirrored by Riley.

        Anybody read that recommendation over on ‘Trojan Wire’ via Yahoo to make an offer to Jim Leonard?

        Leonard was assumed to be the heir apparent for the WI Badger head coaching job that went to Fickell. According to the article he has a very very good defensive mind and might be leaning towards joining the GB Packers.

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      2. Back when Pendergast was fired (for the third time at USC), I pegged JIm Leonard (along with Aranda, Venables, and Morgan Scalley) as one of the best DC in CFB. Don Brown was a bit old, in my opinion.

        Anyway, Leonard is a great DC and should have gotten the job at Wisky.


  6. Some Posters going at Scottie a little too hard this morning,
    because afterall everybody here should be familiar with the
    daily Wolf routine of playing the contrarian to incite protests
    and indignation from his followers. I mean if you told Scott that
    today is Monday he would disagree and say it is Tuesday somewhere

    Yes, I noted the good cheer between the SC and ND coaches even before the game and why not, they’re both gentlemen

    I believe due to construction SC-Oregon St had only about 30,000 and the Trojan players said it was plenty loud, so it is not the number but how loud the number is and I am happy to see the Trojan crowd really getting into that ND game

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    1. ‘Yes, I noted the good cheer between the SC and ND coaches even before the game and why not, they’re both gentlemen’

      … is that a ‘bone’ tossed towards me without having to acknowledge nor hit the ‘liked by’?

      Man up

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  7. So what you wanted barely bowl eligible followed by a loss to a non PAC 10 team in the Vegas bowl? Who was that team again? Oh yeah Utah. Great first year if you like embarrassing losses in low tier bowl games


  8. Are you ever going to have a sell-out in the coliseum? It just seems to me that there are seats in the coliseum near and on both sides of the press box where you can’t see the game unless the play on the field is inside the 30 yard line. Who would want pay money to buy those seats. I’ll admit, I’m not an authority on this, not having been to the Coliseum since they re-designed it.
    They never should have de-signed it that way and there were plenty of people who warned against it. But Max Nakias wanted it that way and Max never listened to the fans or anyone else. Max only ever listened to one person…..MAX
    If you really want to create a USC football dynasty, you must turn that USC crowd and the whole stadium into a madhouse like the nuthouses in Eugene and Salt Lake City. I think LR realizes that from some of the comments he has made, like when he talked about college football being alive and well again in Los Angeles.


    1. Why do you want to be like every one else? I like the way we are. Rowdy equals a good ?
      What about unique? Do you like that? Leave that for LSU and Mississippi State. I have been to both. No class.


      1. If everyone else has something that is vital to success, then YES, I want to be like everyone else(as long as what everyone else is not evil).


  9. Some of us still are afraid of covid. I am surprised we get as many as we do. Places that are packed completely never tell you how many people were infected. Nor do we.
    People are still getting sick, even some of the real “he men and super women”. And, people are still dying. So, “can” it about huge audiencies, some of us are not invincible, present speaker included.
    Also, just shut up about being overlooked , there were ample reasons for the reluctance to be pushed up ahead of some . We are exactly where we ought to be. We finally earned it. We can be supportive without being churlish. Come on we are better than that. And, stop calling the girls at UCLA Sluts. Have some class. Class is what we are known for and we should continue that image. Stay out of the “gutter”, please.

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    1. I’m just curious. Who are you responding to? I read the comments for this post and I couldn’t find anyone who said the things you’re protesting about.


  10. The English used to tell their cousin George Washington,”that’s nice but not quite right” when they compared his estate, his carriage even his clothing to what he had to what they owned or had in England.

    Comparisons are a poor man’s jealousy fit of another’s man success. Methinks the lady doth protest too much.


  11. Not every seat was filled during the Carroll era. In 2001, year one, the average was 54,022. Two years later it had increased to 72,482, in a nat’l championship year. So Pete was not an instant success, altho records would be set in attendance later.

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