Notes: It’s A Big World Cup Day

It’s a big World Cup day: USA vs. Iran and England vs. Wales.

Is the USA going through? Will this be a high-scoring game (meaning more than two goals)? Will you watch England vs. Wales instead?

  • The Pac-12 commissioner traditionally holds a press conference in the stadium before the conference title game. But Pac-12 commissioner George Kliavkoff announced today he was moving it to Thursday and it would be via Zoom. Kind of a Pac-12 move, to be honest.
  • Jordan Addison will not win the Biletnikoff Award again this season. The three finalists are Marvin Harrison Jr. (Ohio State), Xavier Hutchinson (Iowa State) and Jalin Hyatt (Tennessee).

45 thoughts on “Notes: It’s A Big World Cup Day

  1. MGM Grand replied to questions about why USC has gone from a 1 point favorite over Utah to a 3 point favorite overnight: “We’ve been assured the Pac 12 officiating will be less corrupt this time around.”

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    1. You fanboy clowns are starting with the refs, huh? Already lookung for excuses for when the Ladies of Troy lose to the Utes on Friday.

      Caleb is due for a bad game and Friday seems a good a time as any to shit the bed


    1. I was in the stands at the Stanford game and watched in awe as Addison broke away for a touchdown, afterburners on, leaving the Tree secondary gasping in the wake of his vapor trail. The dude CAN FLY!! Or so it seemed. Even Andrew Luck, with whom I was fortunate so walk across campus post game, expressed awe at Addison’s speed and agility.

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  2. The porblem with the earth is the oxygen breathable. Year in and year out wich is different from other planets. This is not good.


      1. True news:
        President Biden just surveyed his burnt up fleet of security cars and asked “what’s holding us up?” Secret Service explained that the smoldering vehicles couldn’t be driven.


  3. The basic problem with soccer in most Americans’ eyes is the lack of scoring and watching most drives end in futility with no points awarded unlike American football where teams get at least 3-points for if their touchdown efforts fail

    Soccer has been around a long time and its devotees probably would not agree to any changes in the ‘Great Game’ such as widening the goal to make scoring easier.

    Another problem for the tv money-makers is soccer does not have any natural breaks in the action making it difficult to cram ads in while American football’s constant change of sides is gold-and-diamonds to the people running college football


  4. I know there is strategy in soccer, but football is all about strategy (schematics) and that is what makes it fascinating. It is like chess, where soccer is more of a checkers.

    The rest of the world only loves soccer because they dont have real football.

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  5. Pretty simple report card
    QB A
    RB A
    WR A –
    OL A
    Defense B
    Coaching A
    This is an incredible run and rarefied air in beating UCLA and ND back to back.

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      1. Good point…


  6. It’s called the beautiful game because something so simple that a 2 year old can do is turned into a hot mess of WTF and Huh? when it’s done properly and unexpectedly. All sports have a cynicism element and soccer (or football for the cognitions challenged) exudes it in annoying levels. But with the explosion of opportunities spread throughout the entire world, we get more action in the Champions League where big money and big glory allowed a small kid from Hershey, PA to win the world’s greatest annual test, and lead his country to glory against a nation that has never lost to the United States of America in the toughest tournament to win.

    There’s levels to this.


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