USC Moves To No. 4 In CFP Rankings

As expected, USC moved into fourth place in the College Football Playoff rankings.

The Trojans would play Georgia in Atlanta on Dec. 31 if nothing changes.

  • The transfer portal has been a great success but not necessarily for all the players.

Cornerback Jacobe Covington, a transfer from Washington, has struggled to make an impact.

“He’s a guy we brought in to play and play early,” defensive coordinator Alex Grinch said. “He didn’t, which is a frustration. I hope he was frustrated by it. Some weeks, I’m not sure that he was.”


56 thoughts on “USC Moves To No. 4 In CFP Rankings

  1. The committee’s actions signaled, a win and we are IN!

    IMO, Michigan should be #1…..Their blowout win over Ohio St. was the best win any team had this season…

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      1. No it’s far more likely GA gets USC or TCU and MI the other ‘unless’ there is a huge beatdown of UT and the other 3 (GA, MI & TCU) barely win or possibly lose otherwise the best is to get to the Fiesta.

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  2. If you are going to win big, you’ve got to have more stars than you have opportunities to play. That’s just the way it is. Ohio State, Michigan and Georgia probably have a lot of 4 stars on their 3rd string.

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  3. In reality, LR has greatly exceeded any expectations. This team is a winner, and will go into the Utah game with a winning attitude. They have no fear of anyone, just bring it on. So this is the biggest game of the year, for the last decade, and the reward will be the right to play against the best in the game. Doesn’t matter who it is.

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      1. Is he out? I just saw a press conference with Whittingham and I got the impression that Kinciad will probably play. Tavion Thomas is definitely out with a thumb injury. That’s almost 700 yards of rushing but I got the impression that Kincaid will probably play

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  4. Style points are for the regular season not for the playoffs where a win is a win so if form prevails it will be Georgia v SC and TCU v Michigan although I believe TCU has a chance to lose to Kansas St which would then probably pit Ohio St or Alabama v Georgia and SC v Michigan

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  5. Be warned I am more SC sentimental after work after dark in the Winter–

    The ‘Wiley-Celeb’ partnership has placed college football on notice that beware of
    “There is nothing like SC Trojan-Football”

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  6. I keep hearing that USC knows how to attack Utah now. And it’s true.
    But don’t forget Utah knows how to attack USC now too.
    I say we win —but be prepared for lead changes.

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    1. If you are a bettor, you have to pick SC. That’s the most logical pick. That’s who I pick, though not a bettor. But you can’t be too confident about your pick because of one guy…..Kyle Whittingham. The guy has won 153 games. He was 13-0 one year and he never had great talent. But I still would pick SC. I heard rumors that the SC players actually preferred Utah over Oregon because of what happened in the first game. I just want to see SC beat Utah. If they beat them and get into the layoffs, I’ll be happy even if they lose in the playoffs.

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      1. I get it…..that’s where I’m at now too — but when we beat Utah we’ll both be hoping for a win over Georgia…. it’s just the way the mind works….


  7. I’d like to sit with the committee and ask them why was LSU with two losses in the running to get in to the top four, and Alabama with two losses maybe had a chance of getting into the top four, but USC with two losses would be out. I would like to know what kind of explanation they would have for me. They would probably tell me that they lost to the same team twice. anyway you look at it, its still two 2 losses. But we really don’t have to worry because we are a better team and we’re gonna win. They’re quarterback is going to have to play at his absolute best and that’s not gonna happen because he already did it when they played us the first time. Riley has that offense on a roll and it’s gonna be really hard for anybody to stop it.

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    1. The odds are heavily in our favor this time –no altitude problems, no insane stadium, no memorial to deceased players, officials on notice that criminal charges will be filed if they invent roughing penalties out of thin air….BUT… we still have to TAKE CARE OF THE BALL and DO BUSINESS.

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  8. Kincaid is struggling but they have their best WR back for the game. I’m still not concerned because if they kick field goals and SC scores touchdowns then Utah will have to abandon the run and throw the pass.

    I’d rather face Georgia than Michigan. I think the Wolverines will win the title for Jim Hardbum, even though he has three people calling plays on offense. God knows why. . . .


  9. The P12 still wants to screw our Trojans- be prepared for the most corrupt officiating you will ever see. If you’re coming to the game I suggest packing a foldable pitchfork.

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  10. Frustration can be a good thing.It motivates one to get better,rather than be and stay complacent or passive where one is . Contentment is a good thing for ones situation but it does not mean one cannot be frustrated. One can be content while pushing to be better and that is what a mature person does.

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  11. Scooter,

    for argument’s sake, say SC wins this Friday. Who does SC really want to play? If they play TCU, SC advances, if SC plays Michigan, SC has the pedigree to beat them. If SC plays Georgia, it will have been since 1964 since SC and Georgia played against each other. I for one think SC ca beat any of these teams, but what do you expect from an SC fanatic. It is my opinion.

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