USC Morning Buzz: A New Look Coming?

I spoke to a Nike official on Tuesday who told me talks are underway with USC about wearing an alternate uniform in either 2023 or 2024.

What would it look like?

“I think the most likely option would be an all-white uniform,” the official said.

USC’s considered an alternate uniform in the past but decided against it because of the public backlash. Steve Sarkisian pondered wearing an all-white uniform during his tenure but it never got approved.

“It could happen next season or maybe the first season in the Big Ten,” the official said. “We’re talking.”

This white helmet was created by the Pac-12 media day in 2014.

  • I’m hearing Lane Kiffin did not take the Auburn job because he really wants to succeed Nick Saban at Alabama. There was a lot of chatter Tuesday on the coaching grapevine that Deion Sanders will take the Colorado job but nothing will be finalized until after Jackson State completes its season.
  • USC QB Caleb Williams is one of three finalists for the Maxwell Award, given to the best player in college football. The other finalists are Hendon Hooker (Tennessee) and C.J. Stroud (Ohio State).

82 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: A New Look Coming?

      1. I’m shocked that USC opened as 1 to 1.5 point favorite in the first place!

        It’s always difficult beating a team twice in the same year and honestly, kinda had me concerned as the bookmakers are no dummies.

        I thought we’d open as about a 4.5 pt favorite.

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      2. I just have a feeling that SC could go up by 2-3 scores early and then end the game up 3 scores. It feels to me like USC is peaking at the right time. And Utah is either missing some players or they are a bit gimpy.

        Plus, the refs cant throw this game on national TV, it will look real bad (or maybe they dont care)


      1. I wonder if fans lost their minds when McKay switched over to the stripes on the shoulders with this much stress or when he added the Trojan profile on the helmet. The change will happen, prepare to avert your eyes. It will be a a traditionally responsible change (No OU duckshit here), & for sure no names on the back, but it will happen.


    1. You’ve got that right steveg49! I watched a bit of the Oregon Oregon State game. It looked like Christmas decorations fighting Halloween decorations and Halloween won.

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  1. What’s the deal with the Rose Bowl not wanting to go along with everyone else on the 12 team playoff? They alone are holding it back because they want to always have their 5pm (est) time slot. Who cares?

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    1. They stand to lose part of the $450 million pot due to their attitude and unwillingness to make some changes to accommodate the expanded CFP

      I heard the Rose Bowl(powers that be) are the only ones holding this up from starting by the 2024 season


  2. I am with the Rose Bowl on this one. If it mean F the SEC/ESPN, I am all in! Iger should intervene and get the 2 sides to iron out differences.

    It does take a genius to go and figure out when Jan 1st runs into CFP semi final games. Maybe we can get that USC kid who made a $100M in BBBY stock back this summer to help as he is/was Math major.


  3. Forget which poster noted Caleb Williams using nail polish with some ugly words on his fingers – I called him on it only to find out the poster was right – he did do it.

    My apology to that poster.

    My bad and shame on Williams acting like a fool – get he’s only 20 but he needs to pull back before that begins to be a habit.

    Happy we canceled that game against the lower tier FCS school unlike Ucla and Notre Dame –

    Per Nike’s come on – let’s not change anything for Nike. Do that and watch the next edition of the ‘Shriner Outfits’ they’ll come up with kind of like that memorable uniform the Angels thought were ‘hip’

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  4. Not a chance in hell.

    If Lane Kiffin faced a backlash, that resistance will be doubled if “the scourge of sports” (Nike) tries to impose this on USC.

    Look at 1974 and the cover of SI.

    AD and his Nike Astrograbbers gave Nike its first national exposure.

    USC did a world of favors for Nike. We don’t need Nike to impose its “Beaverton-based colorful Christmas tree” creativity on the University of Southern California.

    The Trojans don’t need Nike’s new-fangled uniform bullshit. Save that for programs desperate for relevance.

    Tradition matters!

    (Perhaps those now running the USC Equipment Department need to be doused with cold water and enlightenment to remember University Park isn’t Eugene nor Westwood.)

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      1. I think we’ve been missing the point, my friend. I recently realized they don’t want to be right. They want to be annoying.

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      1. Trump set the Afghan withdrawal date in motion with the Taliban, Biden simply inherited the problem. After 20 years of war, the death of over 2,400 American soldiers and a cost soaring beyond 2 trillion, Biden made the right decision. Was it pretty, hell no, but it was the right one. Your lack knowledge is both insulting and revealing.


    1. Wasn’t that the ‘lambs’ two years ago when they came out with their ‘….guess what we’re wearing this week?…’ get up = my favorite is their ‘fading to white’ sherbert numbers….

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  5. Scooter,

    If SC goes to all white, then something will have to be done about this. Maybe the gang from this blog can buy the tickets right above the tunnel and when SC walks out in their all white uniform, then we pour the SC Cardinal and Gold paint over them. Where is Bluto when you need him. Or we can capture the equipment truck and burn it to the ground before they take the uniforms out. Like George Tirebiter said, over his dead body. Penn St., bama, georgia, andSC stay with the tradition. They don’t need to have gimmicks or wear gimmicks.

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  7. If I was setting odds on USC using an alternate uni by 2025 season, I’d put that at even money (and I’d bet it).

    I’m against it too but I’m sure it will happen, everybody will bitch and then everybody, well most everybody, will be fine with it (as long as we’re winning).


      1. “Never have so many owed so much to so few.” Churchill explaining the outcome of bettors laying money down on Alabama to win the National
        Championship with the Vegas bookies.

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  8. Agree onewayuse, Nike will use the old method of ‘Do as I say or see your money reduced’ and so get their way, but I only hope they don’t give the design contract of the new uniform to Oregon

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  9. AS long as they win. Most of us will be dead by the time they change this. Remember folks, the best kplayers have the most sway on this.


  10. If they really want to add another uniform alternative I say go with black! It looks good with their Cardinal & Gold colors. That White & Silver helmet that’s shown in this article ARE NOT SC COLORS!
    But IMO stick with the TRADITIONAL UNIFORMS.✌✌✌

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  11. Scooter,

    the standard uniform will be from now until the end of time, Same uniform (cardinal and gold, and white jersies for the road), clear mouth piece, white socks only and black shoes only. That is the SC uniform. No more and no less.

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    1. Dude… sound old and outdated. I’m sure you still wear the same style of clothing from decades ago……lol!…… Let the players and coaches decide!…..

      I have been impressed over the years with the cutting-edge uniforms from Oregon

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