USC Notes: It’s Good To Be King

Did you know Lincoln Riley has a personal driver?

The guy even dresses like a coach and has a locker at the Coliseum. When you make $10 million a year, it’s a perk of the job, especally for that grueling drive to Palos Verdes.

Pete Carroll never had a driver. He was too energetic and free-wheeling. Remember, he used to drive around Los Angeles in the middle of the night and talk to people, which led to A Better LA, a community outreach program that works with inner-city groups to decrease violence.

  • I hear Deion Sanders is asking for the world at Colorado so it’s going to be interesting to see if the Buffaloes try to meet his terms.

Speaking of Colorado, Dave Plati, the best sports information director in the Pac-12, is moving to an emeritus role after 40 years on the job. Because Plati is in Boulder and not Los Angeles, he won’t get nearly the attention of Tim Tessalone’s drawn-out retirement, but he was head-and-shoulders above everyone else in the conference.

  • Word on the street is that BLVD, the media company serving USC athletes, is rebranding. That’s a sign it wasn’t working as intended. What a surprise.
  • A bettor just placed a $901,000 bet on USC ML (-130) in the Pac-12 Championship game. The potential payout is $693,000.
  • It’s the one-year anniversary of Riley’s hiring at USC. Be sure to post a comment giving thanks below.

48 thoughts on “USC Notes: It’s Good To Be King

  1. USC up to -3. Point spread payout is -110 and moneyline is -150 on DraftKings. Bettor thinks USC will by less than 4. I’ve got USC 34-32.


  2. Sanders won’t take the Colorado job-not this year. At least he will leave when his son leaves. They are a packaged deal and some schools will not go for that. Colorado should give him whatever he wants because Sanders brings the agents who bring the NIL cash to players.

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  3. Colorado’s Sports Information Department is certainly without equal in the conference.  So it is sort of compliment to USC that in at least one area, the letterwinners’ list, CU basically followed the format used by USC.

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      1. He knocked that last ball outta the park in “The Natural”……


    1. colorado is the ncaa’s goal…mediocre style communism
      they have always hated SC…too many ncaa championships in too many sports from football,to track,to swimming,to tennis to baseball …you name it.


  4. I said USC would beat UCLA because they were better and they did, I said USC would beat Notre Dame because they were better and they did, now I say USC will beat Utah because they’re better. Utah’s quarterback Rising passed for 415 yards that won’t happen this time he’s not at home. USC scored two touchdown the first 2 times they got the the ball and made it look easy. Utah got the ball And took it to the USC 15 yard line USC then intercepted the ball in the end zone. USC should have gotten the ball at the 20 yard line and the way they started they probably would have gone all the way and scored a touchdown. That would have made it 21-0, The crowd would have been out of it and Utah would have been done. By the referees throwing that flag for a late hit that was not a late hit. Utah got the ball at the 10 yard line and scored on the very next play. All they did was get the crowd back in the game and the Utah players back in the game. Anyone that follows football for any period of time Knows that, so does the committee.

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    1. I REALLY hope we don’t see any of the “well timed” penalties in this game…


  5. I doubt the Committee takes the time or has the inclination to carefully analyze all the plays that the still-standing Final-4 colleges produced and the only thing that matters now in the Pac-12 is can SC beat Utah and hence qualify for the finals

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  6. There’s got to be something wrong with SC’s NIL program. I see schools that are not nearly as good as SC and they don’t seem to have as good of a future as SC recruiting like they were Alabama or Georgia ahead of SC. Why would they want to go there and not to SC? Why are they going to ND. ND is #3 in the nation recruiting. We just beat ND. Why are they going to Oklahoma and Florida? They had mediocre seasons. Why are they going to Miami. Miami was a joke this year. The last time Miami had a year this bad was 2007 and even that year they had 3 games that they just lost by a field goal. All those teams are rated higher than SC in the recruiting ratings. I’m convinced the problem here is a money issue.

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    1. To put it in cruel but unfortunately today’s terms if SC offers a lineman $5000 per year and some college in Wonderland offers $50,000 most of these broke high school players are going to take the money and run

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    1. He wounded us. And stole from us. It’s never time to move on.
      [This one got a little away from me]….

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      1. PC was Caesar…the Lincoln is KING…see any problems inherent within wolfies projections of winners personalities?


  7. If I still had to drive to work in LA and had the money I would probably hire a driver also…btw when and if one is KING, one does as one pleases. It would seem the Lincolns mind would be a busy one and the commute is a good time to do things on ones mind.

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      1. …believe me once he gets to El Segundo – exit – go west to Figueroa and hard right north pedal all the way to Expo. Figueroa is the fastest N/S artery from Expo to the 105….all the others once they hit Gage – you’ve hit a wall- they all go from 2+ lanes to 1.5.


  8. USC allows some ex Heritage Hall people to manage their external NIL and representation programs and it is not working? Instead of allowing highly successful businesspeople to form an external collective?

    Riley is going to lay down the law to Bohn-head/Folt-troll. He could call up some alums and have a great collective in place really fast. USC might whiff on some top players in the 2023 cycle due to NIL, but by 2024, there is NO WAY Riley allows anyone to mess it up for the football program. Maybe Bohn-Folt can have their wishes with the other programs, but not football.

    “I delivered you the CFP, now get out of my F’ing way!!!!”

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    1. AD Mike Bohn engineered the hire of Riley didn’t me? Pres. Carol Foit thankfully pushed back on any interest in hiring Meyer. No one is bigger than the university especially the head football coach no one. Having seen what no one expected a mere year ago the last thing we need is some emerging dictator i.e. Joe Paterno or Bruce Rollinson, demanding obeisance.


  9. You guys sound like the delusional Rose Bowl President. “We just want to keep our traditional time slot” Silly Rabbit, better turn a trick to keep your place on the street. Wolf is really sad to mock Riley when even he had to accept the work he’s done this year. USC is doing great with getting the attention of the best recruits. If the dummies like Conley Jr. take the money and get ruined at Oregon then God bless them. The top guys are begging for scholarships and Caleb Lomu might flip if the Trojans beat Utah badly.

    By the way, don’t be surprised who SC gets in the transfer portal. Gig em.


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