It’s An Expensive Pac-12 Title Ticket This Year

The price of a Pac-12 ticket is going up.

According to TickPick, the no-fee secondary ticket marketplace, this is the most expensive Pac-12 Championship game on record. TickPick reports that 67 percent of all purchases made are coming from California while only 7 percent are coming from Utah. The average purchase price ahead of Friday is $177 – 36 percent more expensive than last year’s Pac-12 championship between Utah and Oregon ($130).

The current “get-in” price is $130.

The biggest purchase made was for three tickets in Section 132, Row 1 for $770 a ticket ($2,310).

For any fans or readers price-shopping, note that these are all-in prices. Fans can expect to save 10-25 percent on tickets.


16 thoughts on “It’s An Expensive Pac-12 Title Ticket This Year

  1. If you compare these tickets to Disneyland prices, they’re pretty reasonable [and you’ll be getting entertainment that doesn’t insult your intelligence]….

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    1. Disney only charges $28 for a souvenir bucket of stale theater popcorn. That’s a steal isn’t it? We have passes so we go walk around all of the overcrowded queues and give up eat popcorn and go home.
      The game’s on TV for the cheap seats. We bought our tickets on speculation after the Stanford game. I did that because I am too cheap to get the PAC12 channel where I assumed the dead brain trust would put the game. Anyway Sam’s Town is cheap Thursday nights.

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    2. Disneyland is such a rip off and then you have to be torutred by seeing some guy dressed as Sleeping Beauty with a beard because of Disney’s acceptance of homosexuality, transgender, and body part changes. You can have them. I rank Disney along with the ruins. I hate them and depsise them. At least in Las Vegas, you expect people to be like that and dressed that way.


  2. California here they come to Las Vegas to see if the Trojans can really do it.
    It is an uphill battle for SC to even make it to the Final-4 with sucla, ND and now the Utes coming in with the confidence of having already beaten these guys and a Rose Bowl berth on the line– remember when going to the Rose Bowl was the ultimate prize and now has been relegated to second-tier status (although its ratings are always high). However, for the marvelous teams of the 2021-2022 Utah Utes making it to 2 consecutive Rose Bowls will make Utah football history!– You think that might be a motivating force squeezing every ounce of energy out of you playing your heart out in the biggest game of your short football career– and SC feels every ounce the same way, it is Nervous-Time for all these young lads

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    1. Actually, I don’t think Riley or the Trojans are the least bit nervous, John…

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      1. I actually think the Trojans are looking forward to this, John. I listened to all the Tuesday post practice interviews and you could see the guys were raring to go. I think that’s the effect Riley has on them.

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      2. Michael,

        You know as a very fine lawyer, the more that you are prepared, the more comfortable you are. I remember McKay and Carrol having the team prepared so much, that it seemed like practice to them.


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