Discuss The USC-Utah Game

A Pac-12 defensive coordinator texted me: “Somebody is getting fired. They might blame it on secondary They might blame Donte Williams.”

There needs to be an inquest on what the defense is taught.

Utah corner Clark Phillips had a very costly slip there and Caleb Williams keeps making plays.

USC cannot cover a tight end. Period. What a shambolic TD that was.

Caleb Williams is still producing some magic.

USC is 0 for 8 on third down.

Where is the “offensive line is great” crowd now?

Someone should be fired with the tackling and defense on that 57-yard TD pass to Money Parks.

Lincoln Riley having quite a Pac-12 title game.

The run on 3rd and 18.

The 4th and 8.

The run call on 2nd and goal that led to settling for a FG.

USC punting with 17 seconds left on the play clock and 1:50, which helped allow Utah to score a late TD.

Some USC fans did the “Big Balls Pete” motion during the 4th-down calls. Not quite the same as during the Carroll Era.

Some parts of Allegiant Stadium are starting to feel like a sauna and this is a new stadium?

The Pac-12 can’t figure USC colors apparently.

You know who I credit more than Lincoln Riley for this season? The schedule.

No Oregon. No Washington. One tough road game (Utah).

That’s a pretty nice road leading into the College Football Playoff. Beat Utah and you’re in.


111 thoughts on “Discuss The USC-Utah Game

  1. Wow, this team was supposed to win 9 games only. They won 11. First year and you guys expect John McKay/Pete Carroll success. Guess what, most of these guys come back next year. They will have more continuity. Utah, congrats on the deserved win. Enjoy your loss in the Rose Bowl to Penn State. How quickly some of you fans have turned on the team because of one loss. Shame on you. No one knew how hurt this team was on both side of the line. But they were in this game this year. Better this loss than listening to the desperate trolls who are closer to losing their minds over USC. To Scott “Misery” Wolf and so called supporters who are ready to abandon ship:
    Get off the bandwagon and stay away. I want to thank these guys for a wonderful run. If you can’t salute this season and say Fight On then piss offf.


  2. Damn LJ, you’re usually reasonable. I guess the ugly SUCC FB debacle must really irritate you. When UCLA lost, I took in the shorts from the rah-rah crew. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, you start whining about my deceased wife. Not a good attitude. I’m sorry you feel compelled to act like an AH.


    1. After Caleb williams Got HURT throw ing Hand and LEg Injury. uSC Defense gave Up . And UTAH did What eve r they Wanted to….. Scoring at Will…. Letting UTAH tie the Score was just the Beginning. Of the Down Fall for USC. going into the 3 quarter USC Utah started and USC Defense made a STOP got the Football Back… the when USC has Injured Quarterback that can not Run mov in the pocket NO Mobity. this Football Game was OVEr and UTAh took It All Over. Just look at the Final football Score…UTAh took Full Advantage of Caleb williams INJury. . Fight on in the Cotton Bowl 12 and 2 With a New Football Coach and over 26 transfers sounds Pretty Darn Good..


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