I Guess We Should Be Watching Tulane-Central Florida Game

This season has really gone to pot if we need to monitor the American Athletic Conference championship to see USC’s bowl opponent.

But if USC goes to the Cotton Bowl, it would play Tulane or Central Florida.

From Georgia in Atlanta to Tulane in Dallas. What a comedown.

I’ve been to several Cotton Bowls. It’s usually cold and boring. It would actually be more fun to go to the Alamo Bowl and play Texas.

That loss to Utah is really going to sting for the next month.


33 thoughts on “I Guess We Should Be Watching Tulane-Central Florida Game

  1. Get over it. Just report something. It is highly probable Caleb will not be playing in the bowl, whatever it is so we will already have one hand tied behind our backs. Perhaps USC can hold a tackling school until the bowl game comes along.

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    1. USC just announced Donte Williams was given a 3 year extension with $750,000 raise “for meeting pre-season goals …plus $100,000 bonus for getting team to Pac 12 Championship”….


  2. Let’s be honest here…without a healthy Caleb and with our defense and offensive line we didn’t much of a chance to beat Georgia or Michigan.

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  3. Pac 12 eliminated divisions this year to give the conference a better chance to get into the Playoffs. Ironically it may have actually hurt this year.

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  4. What could have been with an SC victory–
    Ohio St or Alabama

    Instead is probably this–
    Ohio St


      1. The last time Bama and Georgia played each other in a conference game was back in 2016……talked about a rigged system within the SEC….


  5. Wolf…..please stay away from the Cotton Bowl and save yourself the torture. I will send you a dozen donuts to help the situation.



  6. No sooner is the above written but TCU comes back from the grave still again to push it into overtime, just an amazing Season for the Horned Frogs (or is it Toads) reminiscent of SC’s 1969 Cardiac Kids with the Wild Bunch, although TCU hasn’t finished it off quite yet

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    1. TCU out. Now if only Georgia and Michigan lose…
      Everyone lose, please. Even teams not playing today….

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  7. TCU joins us in the misery department. Can’t miss a beat in these conference title games or your opponent will take advantage. Hope this doesn’t get another overrated SEC team into the playoffs.

    Hope Lincoln Riley learns from his mistakes this season. His poor clock management at the end of the first Utah game and his refusal to bench a hobbled Caleb in the title game cannot happen again! No way in hell Caleb should have been in the game after the first quarter with his injury. You had halftime to get Miller Moss ready and adjust the game plan accordingly.

    Donte Williams should be clearing his desk out and updating his resume. The secondary is piss poor and our tackling is pathetic! Find a coach to teach these guys the basics on how to tackle!!

    This team exceeded my expectations and the future looks bright for our Trojans. We just need to clean-up a few things and bring in some better staff members. USC is on the right path as you can tell from all the haters and losers who are back on the bandwagon!
    FIGHT ON ✌🏻


  8. Tulane winning. I’m fine with NY6 Cotton Bowl, but Texas would be a more interesting matchup. Would USC decline Cotton invite?


  9. Wolf . Normally I side with you. Stop the drama. We have had a good year . Give a cripple crab a crutch. Too early to be bad mouthing and singing the blues.


    1. Also ,Wolf we have enough coming from the bragging of Utah. They got lucky and know it. Caleb was going to beat them and they deep down know it. Next year I will help you sing the blues if we repeat this. We are winners this year. Let us face it. Not perfect but good.

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