A Weekend To Forget

USC lost to Utah in football, 47-24.

USC men’s water polo lost to Cal in the national title game, 13-12.

USC women’s volleyball lost to Ohio State in the second round of the NCAA Tournament.

USC men’s basketball beat Oregon State, 63-62, at the Galen Center. I suppose that is the bright spot. Oh, and USC women’s basketball defeated Merrimack, 80-48!


47 thoughts on “A Weekend To Forget

    1. Defeared is an old fashioned form of the verb, “disemboweled.”


      1. Once wolf finds out Caleb is back to practice sooner than later, he’ll find every reason why Caleb should sit the game out.

        Wolf knows the odds of winning the game greatly increase with Caleb running the offense……. He’ll make the case for Moss to start, which I’m totally ok with……

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      2. May I add to that observation? If Caleb comes back real soon, Scott will say that he was over-dramatizing the injury during the game to get Heisman sympathy votes…..


      3. When Caleb wins the Heisman, wolf will claim it was due to the “sucker vote” from sympathetic voters…. Wolf is studying his playbook to find a way to minimize Caleb’s Heisman…..(mind you, I’m projecting he wins it….fingers crossed)


      4. …no —let’s go one further —If Caleb returns to practice in, say, 10 days or less, Scott will say Caleb was faking the entire injury to cover his less than stellar second half performance….


      5. I’ve been following some of the big cable “news” Comment Sections —and there’s a major hate on toward Caleb — lots of talk about how he shouldn’t get Heisman cuz he puts a bad [make that —the very worst of all time] word on his fingernails sometimes. I think Caleb is so spectacular —so obviously the best player in country—that there’s a strong campaign to ensure he doesn’t get the recognition he deserves.

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      6. …btw….
        Tulane is good in areas that will give us trouble —running back, receivers and o-line. They beat Kansas State at their own place….which is very hard to do.
        If we don’t get Vorhees back I think we’re gonna have problems keeping up with them.


      1. Little biddy Crabs, SUCC’s olive oil coated gladiator.

        #Cue: “Do You Think I’m Sexy?”
        #Crabs loves fat, slick cucumbers.


      1. I know you’re talking about 2002……That 2008 defense was something special…. I think every starter from that defense was drafted.

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  1. Having just read some 150 sports comments, y’all all over the map with your biased opinions–

    I don’t know if a healthy ‘Celeb’ would have won that SC-Utah Part 2 game or not,
    because SC fans gave the Utes an added incentive by saying SC-Utah 1 was won by the Utes because of Utah bias in the refereeing of that game, and now SC “fans”
    are Belly-aching that SC lost Part 2 only because ‘Celeb’ got hurt

    Is there any wonder how SC “fans” have earned their reputation as “poor losers?”

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    1. LJ….I have been betting on sporting events for decades. With that said, I have yet to hear of a linemaker/handicapper using “poor losers” or bantering between rival fans as the criteria for determining a send-out point spread. Which is often perceived as who is the favorite.

      You’re buying into the hysteria!


  2. Please Mr. Wolf let us not dwell on the Exaggerated score of SC-Utah Part 2,
    the Trojans had the game won in the first half of the game and might have won it then and there but with some questionable play-calling, sorry Mr. Wiley

    Rabid sports fans (is there any other?) sway as if dancing with the soft breezes from the Himalaya down into the flatlands of great India entranced by the importance of


  3. Wolf can’t move on. It was a great year. Can’t wait to see who comes through the transfer portal, especially which linemen. It’s gonna take talent (& NIL) to overcome this staff’s arrogance to win a national championship.


      1. I don’t know. It looks to me that they’re good on offense and good on defense. We’re great on offense and horrendous on defense. I would think that that means that they are more balanced.

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      2. Sorry. I was trying too hard to be funny, parcelman. Tulane is definitely more balanced than we are.
        They could be a big problem. They took out Kansas State ….and Kansas State is no joke.


      3. Tulane is a very good team. If they were to win the Cotton Bowl(and especially score 40-50 points), that might not be a bad thing. Something needs to happen to convince LR that we need to concentrate on creating a great defense. I don’t think LR has ever had a great defense.
        If LR doesn’t change his overall strategy, he’s going to end up like Chip Kelley….winning a lot of games 52-49 but never even winning the conference championship.
        This LR experiment must be successful. If LR’s teams don’t get the expected results, I don’t think that SC will be willing the spend the big bucks on the next guy. There is already a lot of resentment among the educational elites at SC about how much money SC has spent on this football venture.


  4. Two things that will come to pass:

    1) Caleb Williams will win the Heisman in a rout.

    2) Caleb Williams will not play in the bowl game vs Tulane that starts at 10 in the morning.


      1. It changes –sometimes 3 —sometimes 2 —-we’re in a 2 phase right now…


    1. Crabs, SUCC ‘s olive oil gladiator has a huge hard-on for male chickens, sheep, cats, dogs, rats, cattle in a field, and mallards if he can catch ’em.

      #Cue: “Cornholing is fun”


    1. We tried to injure him…it just didn’t work…


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