JT Daniels Transferring Again (Again, Again)

Former USC quarterback JT Daniels is on the move. Again.

The restless QB has entered the transfer portal after spending a season at West Virginia, according to Pete Thamel.

Where will Daniels end up? Oregon State? UCLA? Georgia Southern? Mater Dei?

Daniels is trying to become the first player to play in every Power 5 conference.

So there now 2 former USC QBs in the portal, as Daniels joins Kedon Slovis.


58 thoughts on “JT Daniels Transferring Again (Again, Again)

      1. Rumor has it the DTR has not come out of his room since the USC loss (except for the Cal game)…he is asking for an increased supply of tissues.

        Poor UCLA, always the loser, always the second rate, always the crybabies, always the whinner, always the troll….Must be why UCLA fans lead lives of loud desperation–they expect to lose and live their lives that way.

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      2. …not to put too fine an edge on it…
        Breaking News: UCLA is trying to suppress the “DTR attempted suicide via spatula insertion” story…


      1. Yes we do MG. We just don’t whine with BS excuses, excuses, excuses when we lose. According to the little weeny, bozo rah-rah’s, SUCC never loses or choka chokes, it gets jobbed by the weather, the ref’s, injuries, bad luck, field conditions etc.

        And you MG, you wonder why people can’t stand bozo U.

        MG, a hummingbird fart has more humility than a dbl. fireball swilling, bozo, FB crowd.

        #Cue: Marty Robbins’ “A White Sport Coat and a Pink Carnation”


  1. Anyone who has been a QB on a high school or college team knows that only 1 QB can play at a time otherwise you sit, consequently if your not playing and you feel your good enough to start your frequently on the move…it’s a stark reality.

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  2. JT feels good enough but the reality is that he is not. He needs to transfer to a D2 or a very low D1 like Nevada-Reno. Anybody know the going rate for homes in Reno? May be some good investment opportunities if the market isn’t saturated?


  3. The truth is that Amonra Brown made his high school career. JT would not have been rated that high if it weren’t for the team around him.


      1. Not as big a joke as Utah 47 – mighty, mighty Clown U 24. I mean MG, the last 51 points in the game = Utah 44 – choka, choka, choke SUCC 7.

        Now that’s a decent bozo joke.

        SUCC SUCC’d, as it were.


      2. If Rising got hurt instead of Caleb the score would have been reversed [but if Caleb got hurt in the UCLA game the score would have been the same….. cuz…. bruins want to be humiliated]……

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      3. …sorry, I went a little overboard…







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      1. UCLA/Coach Wooden 10, NCAA, NC BB titles. Look it up PT.

        bozo BB OOOOOOOOOOferever.

        PT, Coach Wooden never had to bribe a father with employment in order to sign a 2 brother recruits that turned out to be choke artist.

        I wonder PT, did you attend Andyain’twinning’s Elite Eight 19 point loss ring ceremony? I bet that stunt was a thrill an hour.

        #Is it true PT, Andyain’twinning whistles when he speaks?


      2. Leave it loser JustO to bring up Wooden. The sainted Wooden who turned a blind eye to the mafioso-like Sam “Big Daddy” Gilbert.
        Also, who gives a damn about basketball, everyone knows the only college sport that matters is football…where UCLA is the all time choke leader (remember Miami…another UCLA choke job). UCLA in the middle of one the prime recruiting areas in the country..and what do they have to show for it..nada, zippo. These are not the Gutty Bruins, but the Gutless Bruins. Their school color is powder blue–who the hell picks powder blue for a football team uniform. Surprised they don’t paint daisies on their helmets.

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    1. Gosh TIREBUMMER, no shit. FYI Auld Stick, I said 97% of team bozo wouldn’t know were Tulane was located. I wasn’t aware Riley had you suiting up.

      Remember the 80’s Freedom Bowl BUMSTER? The bozos were heard to mouth off “Where the hell is Fresno.” As I recall, Fresno ran/rammed the ball down SUCC throat for the too easy Bulldog victory in Anaheim.

      That bozo pathetic, humiliating defeat is one of my most favorite bozo choka, choka, choke jobs.

      “Where the hell is Fresno,” indeed.

      #SUCC, all mouth & towel waving and no game.


      1. Pac 12 on the line…and what does UCLA do? They lose to Arizona!! Now that is the height of choking. So typical of the UCLA mentality. They simply are second-raters. Nobody does choking like UCLA. No matter how good a season appears to be going they will find a way to choke.
        The UCLA fan is the type of person who would hold back the women and children to be first on the life boat. They are the ones who knock over the old woman to grab the last seat in a theatre. Just second raters through and through. Just look at this clown JustOwns–he spends his time on a USC blog—the epitome of the UCLA loser mentality.

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  5. Just remember, Owns – no matter how bad you think SC is – The Gutties will always be a notch below. DING! DING! (That new paint job looks sweet.)

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    1. Blue is Lucifer’s color…. when the bell is painted blue [which hopefully never occurs again in our lifetimes] it is subjected to various kinds of “abuse” in the town of Westweird …. ALL of which I hope Trojans can’t even imagine….

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    2. Damn 9000, which team holds the record for most consecutive (8) rivalry FB victories?…..D’oh!

      UCLA Women’s Soccer team just won the 2022 NC vs UNC.

      On the other hand, Clown U choka, choka, choka, choked in the Pac-12 FB championship game AND the NC Water Polo game vs Cal.

      #Goose egg on.

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      1. 50-0 is what the world calls a goose egg……

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      2. The Gutties got their half-a-title before the advent of the facemask.The streak here and a streak there amounts to nothing.While your nose mashes up against the glass (because you’re on the outside looking in) You can only dream of anything substantial -i.e.,Natties,All Americans,Pro Hall of Famers, Rosebowls…..RECOGNIZE.I still loved it when the Gutties went full Chernobyl down in Miami and choka choka choked away a shot at the title.But hey, you’ve got that girl’s softball thing.Love those Rosebowls against Wisconsin too.You guys are the Wile E. Coyote of CFB.Strap on another Acme rocket and we’ll see you next year.MEEP MEEP!!

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      3. Ha! Love it. Your references are so good they’re sick. I had delicious visions of that poor, star-crossed Coyote —-dressed in powder blue—-at the bottom of the canyon waiting for the 2 ton boulder to land on his head…. same cartoon year in & year out….


    1. You could [unfortunately] be right, freddie. The internet is filling up with stories about how Caleb shouldn’t get it …cuz… [wait for it] he painted a very bad word on his fingernails (Twice!)…….


    1. I get it. Good point. I just couldn’t think of another word to use in the event Caleb doesn’t get the award he deserves….


  6. Daniels should transfer to the USFL or whatever the heck the non NFL league is called, because he isn’t going pro any other way. He can be the captain of Combined Parochial Schools team. Mascot: Deer in the headlights


  7. At some point these guys have to realize that they peaked in high school, pick a more reasonable career path, and just be happy with where they are.

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  8. JT Daniels publicly criticized USC fans (“who haven’t played the game”) in 2018 for criticizing Clay Helton. JT, time to strike up the old band in Statesboro.

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