Good Weekend For USC Quarterbacks

Caleb Williams wins the Heisman Trophy. Sam Darnold is 2-0 as the Carolina Panthers’ starting QB.

The Panthers upset the Pete Carrollhawks, 30-24, in Seattle. Darnold passed for 120 yards and rushed for 30. He threw a touchdown pass and, did not throw an interception.

18 thoughts on “Good Weekend For USC Quarterbacks

    1. Hard to be great when you get drafted by the Jets and play behind a line that’s worse than the one USC is currently fielding.


  1. Questions for Scott:
    Are we supposed to take Caleb at his word when he says he’ll be back for the Cotton Bowl?
    Is it true that Caleb asked Folt and Grinch to stay away from New York over the weekend “so as not to taint the Heisman ceremonies”?

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    1. Answer: Next October.
      Scott is playing with the idea of combining next year’s Notre Dame report card with this year’s [cuz he thinks we might lose at South Bend and it’ll be easier on him —-psychologically speaking —to give out the grades at that time]…..


  2. USC can’t seem to get the big defensive tackles needed to win against the best teams. Caleb Banks chose Florida over L A and a fat NIL deal. They better pull a rabbit out of the hat and pick up a huge d-tackle soon.

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    1. Our coaches on D don’t inspire confidence ….making it easier for top schools to woo players away from us.
      Our next move should be obvious.


  3. The Good News is that Lincoln Riley is trying to duplicate Pete Carroll’s defense. The Bad News he is trying to duplicate 2022 and not 2008 or 2013.


  4. Greetings sports fans, well Coach Carroll realy playing some lack luster football this season with loss to carolina sam the qb has 0 intercepts verus seahawks !!!!!!this is outrageous sam tosses 3 intercepts per game usually ???/ woeful effort !!!!!!!!!! regards, E


  5. greetings fans, well coach carroll lets recall 78 and your polyester slacks at yikes pittsburgh that must have been tough coaching there!!!! see any clubs up and over the head????? the twoa try some fast playaction passes down the field early in the contest!? regards , Edward


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