USC Gets Linebacker Transfer

Georgia State outside linebacker Jamil Muhammad committed to USC on Sunday morning.

Muhammad (6-2, 245) had 44 tackles, eight quarterback hurries, five tackles for loss and 1.5 sacks this season.

24 thoughts on “USC Gets Linebacker Transfer

      1. Gabs that’s one of ‘Owns’ numerous nom de plume….he’s got 6 or 7
        He’s such a loser living inside that ‘lift station’ near Hyperion and desperate for any interaction aside from the monthly disability check he gets from Newsom…..


      2. No, Caleb does very much look like a clown when he dresses which means he probably is a clown in life which is why he can’t beat the no nonsense Utes and why he struggled against the no nonsense Oregon State Beavers. Just facts.


    1. Offense and Defense linemen. That’s what you need. You have a line of scrimmage problem. Yes, even in the weak PAC 12. You better fix it before you hit Big 10 county. You people should actually re think that move based on what I saw in the PAC 12 championship game. Just sayin’


      1. You must be hater, who care WTF you think Mark! I know you for sure ain’t in California, keep your ass hiding behind your image you chump


  1. ugh,he aint a lines man john,i thowt we aint got enny lines man so we gotta git em,wye aint no buddy lissinin to me,git moar lines man so no buddy got enny,its that eezy,smdh

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  2. If BVLD was as aggressive as Student Body Right then USC would have all the linemen in college football. This need to have total control is typical of all universities that want things both ways.

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    1. NIL is a dirty game. It is far better to allow outside collectives to play get down in the dirt, so the university has no liability. USC could have the “official” NIL which would get money to all the players and help with sponsorship deals and then the collective can go in and target specific positions of need – like a collective for the starting offensive line.

      Recruiting without outside collectives is like entering the boxing ring against Tyson with one hand tied behind your back.

      That linebacker might have lots of upside if he has only played the position one year.

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  3. Memo to: Commie Lush

    Starting early on Putain’s Old Yellow Piss Vodka today uh Lush?; you such be stinking drunk and in the gutter by 4pm.

    #трахни свою мать AH.


    1. It was used in a literal sense…nice try! It’s interesting you were aware of penis breathe back in the sixth grade…. Nothing wrong with experimenting


  4. Good pick-up for the Defense! Now keep ’em coming before they commit to some overrated SEC teams.

    The BLVD better rebrand or get out of the way. Seems Student Body Right had more juice behind it and I don’t mean OJ!

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    1. The problem is SBR is dead and nobody wants to pick it up and run with it. Not sure why unless they are afraid of the administration, which is a joke because the admin is afraid of everything. Without a wild and out of control NIL collective dealing with recruits USC is going to continue to lose out on the top prospects.


  5. Breaking News: JustOwn’s academic probation officer just released his/her/its most recent report card.
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  6. Everything that was taken from Reggie Bush and from USC (in regards to Reggie) should be given back and Reggie should be re-instated as a bonified Heisman winner. USC should begin to push for that.


  7. Well parcelman, what was taken from USC, had a lot to do with Reggie and his parents. I agree, Reggie should get Heisman back but I don’t lose much sleep over it.
    I’d be happier if Reggie came out and discussed his involvement, maybe threw out an apology here or there.


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