USC Sunday Buzz: Caleb Williams Heisman Facts

Here’s the Heisman voting results:

Caleb Williams won all 6 regions and had 2,031 points to Max Duggan’s 1,420 points.

  • Lincoln Riley joins Tommy Prothro as the only coach to be the head coach for two Heisman winners at two different schools. Prothro did it in 1967 when Gary Beban won the Heisman at UCLA after first coaching Terry Baker at Oregon State in 1962.
  • Not everyone voted for Williams.

47 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz: Caleb Williams Heisman Facts

  1. ugh,it aint fare john,onley the bessed playurs getin theese so calld re-wards,thay aint leevin enny fir the ressed of them poeple,seams like sumbuddey gotta put an end to this cuz i thinck evry wun shud get a trophey re-ward,smdh

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      1. So many school districts to choose from…SF is even better, where the school board prioritized renaming schools (include Abraham Lincoln) over reopening the schools after COVID. In fact, when confronted about reopening, the school board confessed they didn’t even have a plan.

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      2. Well, you’re not being entirely fair to the S. F. School Board, 67 — they explained the whole thing: “We’re working night and day on renaming our schools —can’t be bothered with re-opening right plans now — that would involve education.”

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  2. Unbelievable reaction from his high school. Wonder how they really feel about Caleb. That says a heck of a lot about the young man. One of the best things Scott has posted in a long time. Thanks

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    1. Gee Ricky Ticky, name a former bozo QB, H/T winner that wasn’t a total bust in the NFL.

      You might also name a former bozo QB to start as a QB, to win or lose a SB. Garbage time (say the last 2 minutes of a SB game) action doesn’t count. Take your time, I’ll be around.

      Personally, I’d rather win a NC as part of a TEAM rather than the cheap, individual, stats orientated H/T. Unfortunately for the team, Williams engineered a 47-24 an ugly defeat, snatched from the jaws of victory. Of the last 51 points scored, Utah had 44 and the H/T winner had 7. OUCH!!!

      Yes Williams got his H/T, but the team, “THE TEAM,” Ricky Ticky, got stuck with the Cotton Picker/Picking Bowl, instead of the CFP. Williams refusal to come out of the game cost the team and the back up QB the chance to win the game. I mean why LR allowed this to situation to fester into a choka, choka, choka, choka, bozo FB debacle is beyond my kin.

      It’s true,Williams will get the big bucks from some foolish, loser NFL team, but the Clown U team won’t be sharing in Williams’ NFL earnings/wealth. So, Williams gets the H/T and the $$$$$$, and team gets the shaft…..The Cotton Picker/Picking Bowl.

      #Happy Holiday’s in your cups, Ricky Ticky.


      1. Carson Palmer played for 14 seasons and threw for over 47k yards and 300 TD passes. What part of the qualifies as a bust….Details or STFU!

        Stat-wise, Carson blows Troy away in the NFL…..nice try!

        Speaking of a “shaft”…..try the olive oil on the cucumber


  3. Scott – you voted for Duggan? No wonder everybody gives you so much crap.It’s because you deserve it. The numbers don’t add up and neither does the talent or electricity. Not enough led in the pencil for Duggan – sorry.

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    1. Yeah right, like crying after the Utah debacle was classy; especially since it was his fault the bozo’s just scored a monster 7 points in the 2nd half.

      #what a pussy


      1. The fact is that real men do cry. Crying is a healthy emotional response to a difficult situation, which should be normalized and embraced.

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  4. Hard to believe Caleb turned 20 only last month. Great poise, leadership skills, discipline, ambition, maturity for such a young fella. Congrats to him, looking forward to CFP next year.

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    1. 67 —Like everybody else here all I’d heard from Caleb until yesterday came in the form of answers to standard questions on sports shows and after practice. Last night was the first time I heard him really speak. He’s got that magic only a few athletes have …. championship blood is running in his veins.
      #[AndVorhees –IfHePlaysInCottonBowl,YouNeedToPlayToo]

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    2. Yeah maybe ’67, but Williams didn’t give a shit about the team.

      Second half game score, Utah 44 – Williams 7. That’s some kind of leadership skills.

      Next year, opponents will have Caleb “the cry baby” figured out. So, no CFP for the bozos next year.


  5. Most sports award speeches are so pregnant with cliches that the constitutional right a few Roe v Wade Justices spotted in the penumbra of the First Amendment ought to be exercised. Thankfully, Caleb’s speech deviated from the usual. It was refreshing and inspirational. He’s a great ambassador for the university and the football program.

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      1. 100%! Here’s to hoping they come through for him in the Cotton Bowl if he’s given the greenlight to take the field against Tulane.

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      2. Injuries aside, let’s see if Riley has the words to get these young men motivated and in the right head-space, absent the missed tackles and blocks.

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    1. What a load of Trump inspired horse s**t. Christ, what next slow-mo, you pontificating on the fat pimple on Williams’ ass.

      FYI Slo-mo, the predicted Ratpublican landslide tanked, like the bozos in Vegas. Can’t wait to read your clumsy commentary on the bozos Cotton Picker/Picking Bowl game loss.


  6. FYI Crabs, Carson “the Bomber” Palmer was pretty much a failure in Cincinnati. He was a total failure in AZ.

    Like Reggie Bush, the only way “the Bomber” get in Canton’s NFL HoF is to purchase a ticket.

    #3Int’s and 2 unforced fumble T/O’s are “the Bomber’s” stats in NFL CS game that cost AZ a chance to win go to the SB!!!!


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