Caleb Williams Says He Will Be Ready For Cotton Bowl

USC QB Caleb Williams predicted he will play in the Cotton Bowl despite his hamstrung injury that limited him in the Pac-12 Championship game.

“Hamstring is doing well,” Williams said. “I am confident that I will be out there.”

Even though this season is not over, Williams is already thinking about next year.

“Next year, I’m gonna work harder,” Williams said. “I’m gonna do more, mentally and physically when I’m out there. And I’ll be back in New York and hopefully win a national championship next year.”


46 thoughts on “Caleb Williams Says He Will Be Ready For Cotton Bowl

  1. Like his attitude but just hope he isn’t risking his physical health by forcing himself to play in the Cotton Bowl.

    Best bowl this year is the Sugar Bowl on 31st December 2022
    10:00 am PST ESPN AL vs. KS St..

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      1. I lost respect for him acting the way Mack Brown did back in 2004 begging his southern good ole’ boys to vote him higher than Cal….his brother was head coach @ AL-Birmingham and brought home the bacon getting TX ranked higher than Cal and gave them the Rose Bowl vs MI….

        That’s what Saban was doing calling in his fellow ‘rebel Roys’ to give his Crimson Tide a berth with 2 losses… least that was denied and let’s hope Chris Kleiman is the equal of Bill Snyder.

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      2. I don’t know what was more pathetic and embarrassing, trump asking Raffesperger to find him 11,780 votes or Nicky’s rant on National tv directed at the CFP committee

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      3. Hey Gabby, 1st disagreement with you. Roll Tide! Lots of connections
        to Alabama. Lady partner of almost 30 years is from Birmingham, Al.
        Son-in-law went to school there and is from small area in Albertsville.
        His father was starting Offensive Tackle with Joe Namath and played
        in the NFL. Saban has not lost too many season after season. This year
        Alabama lost two , both on the last play of the game with a much
        stronger conference schedule than the Trojans.

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      4. First and foremost, I’m a long-time critic of Nick Saban. He just happens to be the coach of Alabama. It’s pathetic when Nicky tries to move the goalposts because the situation isn’t favorable.

        While Kiffin was OC at Alabama I was always rooting for his success, and still do. Thanks for sharing your story!


  2. I like Caleb’s attitude and fortitude. In almost all circumstances (but not all), talk is cheap. When Caleb says he’ll work harder in the offseason and next year and “be back in New York” and win a national championship (or try his hardest to win one), I tend to believe him and I think he can deliver on that, or at least has a very good chance. What he says, I actually take seriously, in that I think he has the ability, the work ethic and the psychological ingredients of a winner and a hard worker that can achieve his stated goals.

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  3. SC has one committed D-Lineman (Sam Greene) out of high school who really looks good on tape. They have another one (Elijah Hughes) who is 100% SC according to the crystal ball and he is also outstanding. They have them listed as 3 stars. Watch the film. They look like 4 stars to me. Hopefully, they will get them both. They are a lot better than the kid that de-committed from SC and went to UCLA.

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    1. No they have two DL committed from high school. Sam Greene and Deijon Laffitte. One more from the portal Kyon Barrs. Could use one more though and Hughes would work great. I am really looking forward to our linebackers on the roster stepping up. There is potential there.

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      1. I have watched Lafitte on tape and he is good. But those other 2 guys actually look like they are better than him. But all 3 have potential.

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      1. If Vorhees, Addison and Tuli play, I think that they will be motivated. I can’t imagine those guys coming out there and taking a chance of getting injured just to give a 50% effort.

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    1. I hope it will be like when they gave Texas Tech a beat down 55-10 in the Cotton bowl with keyshawn Johnson. Not like when they got a beat down by Ohio St with clueless Clay. Or didn’t even show up in the Sun bowls against TCU and Georgia Tech. None of that undisciplined nonsense. Just show up and fight on! No let downs! Beat down! They are better then Tulane. Show it!

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      1. Guys, it will be tough if Caleb and Vorhees and Neilon aren’t out there.
        [It woulda been nice if our #1 back, Travis Dye, coulda played in this one….. but Austin Jones is playing at a very high level himself].

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  4. Caleb is a competitor, first tier.

    And speaking of first tier, USC lands Tackett Curtis, number 12 ’23 LB in the country, high 4 star, he dismantled Arch Manning in their HS meeting this fall. USC beats out Ohio State, Clemson, Oklahoma, Georgia, LSU, Michigan, Oregon, Notre Dame, Auburn, for Tackett and about 40 other programs.

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  5. I don’t get Grinch, always going small on the d-line when teams are getting bigger and bigger? Ya need at least two brawlers to keep the backers clean!

    Freaking Miami is cleaning up in recruiting but the skill players flat out stink due to lack of development. Jimbo Fisher working at Miami, I guess.


  6. This is a terrible idea, Caleb needs to sit out the bowl game and sit out next season to protect his health and his draft season if he gets hurt or doesn’t have a season that is on par or exceeds what he did this year his stock will fall.


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