USC Morning Buzz: A Final Thought On Jordan Addison

The fact Jordan Addison is skipping the Cotton Bowl is pretty standard these days with marquee players and not surprising.

But . . . the one thing that doesn’t sit right is USC brought the No. 3 out of retirement just for him and he can’t play his final game. That doesn’t exactly live up to any ideals of being a Trojan or honoring the legacy of Carson Palmer.

It just reinforces what a dumb idea it was to give Addison No. 3 in the first place.


34 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: A Final Thought On Jordan Addison

  1. This is disturbing.
    The number formerly known as “Three” needs to be banned at Stanford University ….and all centers of higher learning….


      1. Yawners!

        As usual Ricky ‘O’ Ticky, Andyain’twinning has been cream puffing it.

        Stay tuned for the bozo date of the Colorado St. victory ring ceremony.

        #”Where’s the Beef”


  2. P. S.
    We don’t need Jordan for the Cotton Bowl. We do need Vorhees —both his skillset and his leadership. If he sits it out — we’re probably screwed.

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    1. And…
      …”one should never expect mercenaries to defend the realm…”
      — Gibbon’s “The Rise & Fall of The Roman Empire”
      [maybe I’m talking more about the United States’ congress than Jordan Addison here]…..

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    1. Maybe it’s time to read the article someone posted about “The Death of The Rose Bowl.” It’s about way more than a single bowl site. Or a single bowl game. It’s thesis: Society collapses when it discards all tradition …and treats NOTHING sacred.

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      1. Now wait just a minute MG, any time bozo FB has the sh*t kicked (ex. 47 -24) out of them, is for me, highly sacred. The schadenfreude just swells in my beating heart.

        I mean the SUCC rah-rah whining, the sweaty hand-wringing, the excuses, the ref’s SUCC’ed, the calls to fire Carol what’s her name, the retro blaming of St. Pat and Mr. Swann, after any FB loss, is just so damn delicious. I mean sacred.

        Cue: Samuel Barber’s “Adagio for Strings.”


  3. For those bemoaning where USC stands in national rankings per recruiting here’s a list of final rankings from 2015 – thru – 2023 (currently 22nd December 2022) – found on 247 sports and CBS note the rankings for 2020 – 2020 was the last year Heltonska Chevrolet and 2022 was Riley’s 1st year and he relied overwhelmingly using the portal rather than recruiting.

    2015 # 2
    2016 # 10
    2017 # 5
    2018 # 9
    2019 # 11
    2020 # 63
    2021 # 10
    2022 # 70
    2023 # 11

    Clay Helton….what a nice guy …. what a complete joke regardless of his first year @ GA So….that’s where he always belonged.

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    1. We should think about stealing Ken Norton out from under Chip Kelly and ucla. Pay him a 1Meeeelion to run the LBs and he’ll become the Defensive Coordinator soon say maybe week 2 if we get smacked around by LSU in the opener. He got set aside for Clancy Pendergast so I’m sure he wouldn’t mind showing his football knowledge again for a winner at USC.

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      1. I love Kenny Norton as a LB coach because of how he recruited and coached some amazing LBs under PC. And he had the same success in Seattle. I’m just not convinced he’s a great DC.

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      2. Sam, you don’t post a lot but when you do I love what you have to say. Bringing in Norton would be a colossal get for USC but who do you get rid of?

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  4. Cornerback coaches don’t make a difference. Who is the cornerback coach for Georgia?

    Scott, why don’t you start your own school and start a football team and make all of your antiquated rules and see how far you get? a jersey number. Ask Notre Dame how “honoring the past” works for them? You’d rather lose honorably than win and stay relevant. It’s annoying how you shine that they don’t do things your way when YOUR NOT EVEN A DONOR. MCKAY IS DEAD, JESS HILL AINT COMING BACK. GET OUT OF THE PAST OR MOVE TO ENGLAND.


    1. Fran Brown is the DB coach at Georgia. He’s known for being an excellent coach whose players don’t give up thousands of yards on PI penalties and blown coverages, rather than for just being a top notch recruiter.

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  5. Poor Scott…..he was searching for something to complain about…Enfield was not cooperating by winning (that bastard)..then he hit upon the #3 controversy!

    I cannot think of anything more outrageous going on in college football than this #3 fiasco. How dare this kid fake an injury (because Scott also possesses a keen medical mind that can conduct a correct diagnosis without ever seeing the person). How dare this kid worry about jeopardizing a large NFL contract!

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  6. Hop on or watch us go by. I feel like he might be able to back it up. As for Addison, he was a jewel in the crown but not the best one. I love that we managed to steal him, but he never impressed me as a runaway favorite.


    1. I think his rep caused other receivers to be open, and he even made some great catches when double covered. Just his being in the lineup would strike fear into defenses always having to be conscious of him.

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  7. Scooter,

    What does the #3 have to do with Addison being injured? Nothing. Now, if he did not want to play but was healthy, then you could rag on Addison and disgracing the past of the number. If he is injured, then he is injured.


  8. Love this blog but this one was idiotic. Dude delivered and defense cost us the playoffs. Smart move not to play in meaningless game to him.


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