Would The Broncos Consider Lincoln Riley?

Would Lincoln Riley consider a move to the Denver Broncos? More likely, would the Broncocs consider someone like Riley?

Being an NFL coach is real work compared to life at USC, where you have so many inherent advantages over almost every other college football program. The Broncos would also need to insist on hiring a top-notch defensive coordinator since Riley teams don’t typically play good defense.

In short, I don’t think this will happen. But I’m sure Riley’s name will get thrown about. I just think he would be crazy to entertain an NFL job when he has it made at USC.


26 thoughts on “Would The Broncos Consider Lincoln Riley?

  1. Don’t know if #LincolnRiley has NFL aspirations. Like any good coach, he has a big ego and would like to go up against Carroll, Reid, McVay, and Belicheck et al. Get a Natty at USC first, then go for it.

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    1. CR, ask Matt Leinart if your advice to get a natty, then go for it, how that strategy worked out for him.

      I say if the money’s right go for it. It’s going to take at least 3 years for Denver to recover from loss of high draft choice surrendered in the RW deal.

      Denver needs a remodel. Showing some Bronco W/L improvement over those 3 years means LR job security.

      Just saying for a friend.


      1. YOU GOT A FRIEND ??????

        Haha JUST KIDDING



  2. The problem is there are a lot of piss poor NFL teams that are desperate for a good head coach and LR fits the bill offensively. That NFL money is no joke and could lure away even the best of them. Look at Nick Saban at Miami! Riley could probably get an NFL team into the playoffs, but he’d get fired for the lack of Defense.

    I say it’s too soon for him to leave, but give it another 2-3 years and perhaps he’ll make the jump to the NFL. Hopefully we’ll have a Natty or 2 by then with Garrett Riley waiting in the wings to take over. Keep it in the family!

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  3. The Cardinals poached Kliff Kingsbury a few years back from the USC OC Job; and he’s about to be gone soon. So LR has some precedent to go by.
    Fight on

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      1. Fact:
        Kliff spent ONE work day with Helton ….and never returned to his office again…

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  4. LR would work well in Denver. He does have a rep for turning around moribund FB programs. R. White would definitely benefit if Denver employed LR as there new HC.


      1. If you say so BUMMSTER. But aren’t you one of those half-wit bozo rah-rah’s who had Clown U firmly in the CFP?

        #Cotton Picker/Picking Bowl or bust

        BUMMSTER I hope you took advantage of SUCC’s buy a ticket to the Cotton Picker/Picking Bowl and get 10 tickets for free.

        Cue: “Ticket to Ride”


      2. My friend Owns continues his campaign to turn 11-2 season and Cotton Bowl bid into a “bad” thing….


      3. HEY OWNS
        TROJANS 48
        CHOKERS 45





  5. Of all the asinine, moronic, bald headed stupid posts, this was probably dumber than Dante Williams coaching UNLV.

    Why? Jim Harbaugh. Or Sean Payton. Frank Reich. Mike Tomlinson to get past the joke of an interview given to Brian Flores. For that matter, Raheem Morris makes more sense. If your willing to pay more than 12 million a year then why not get someone who is more in tune with pro football than any college coach? They’re pros for a reason and no new owner is dumb enough to go with a college guy over the names I just mentioned.

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  6. Stating Lincoln Riley would need to win a NC before bolting for the NFL – good luck.

    Only three football coaches have won both a college NC and a Super Bowl ….and all three did it in that order.

    Jimmy Johnson (Miami Hurricanes – DAL)
    Barry Switzer (OK Sooners – DAL)
    Pete Carroll (USC Trojans – SEA)

    John McKay, John Robinson, (USC) Nick Saban (LSU) Urban Meyer (FL-Gators & OH St. Buckeyes) Steve Spurrier (FL – Gators) Dennis Erickson (Miami Hurricanes) all won the first but not the second.

    Bill Walsh won the second and failed twice at Stanford
    It isn’t that easy to do and even if it is done the difference btwn college and pro is vast. There isn’t the connection btwn. the players and coaches in the pros there is in college.

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    1. You forgot to mention how easy [and fun] it was for Urban Meyer to make the transition….
      —Urban [explaining the difference to his wife]

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      1. Meyer as great a career he has had in the college ranks he is fast morphing into Uranium – in 2023 looking forward he is very radioactive and prone to infect (sanctions) any program foolish enough to hire him.


  7. More likely landing spot for Riley would be one of the LA teams. It looks like that “dum ass” Branden Staley will get another year as the Chargers clinched a playoff spot tonight. They’re a sure 1 and done. I hope I’m wrong but the Rams or Chargers may offer him the job in the next few years

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    1. Cowboys. Jerry loves and adores Riley after meeting him. Jerry doesn’t care about the lack of experience or bad defenses.


  8. Considering how much more college coaches make than NFL coaches I don’t really think it makes sense to even ponder this question. Only Carroll and Belichek (spelling) make more than the $10m Riley gets and nobody bought them a huge house.


  9. Shake it off Scotty. Did you get left off Santa’s list again? Has that Scrooge spirit set upon you for another year? Try to be nice and maybe next year Santa will be nice to you. You are a mean-spirited man, Scotty. I wonder if it comes from a deep sense of inadequacy.


  10. Damn BUMMSTER, UCLA would have won the rivalry game if DTR hadn’t throw that last minute INT and you know it…..but woulda, coulda, shoulda doesn’t count.

    Besides BUMMY, after falling behind 17 – 3, Utah scored 44 points of the last 51 points in the Pac- 12 Championship game. The Bruins losing by just 3 points is no were near SUCC’s pathetic humiliation in losing by 23 after leading 17 – 3. The Ye Auld snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, as it were.

    Quit making excuses for bozo FB choka, choka, choka, choka choke job.

    Hell the Bruins defeated the Utah team that Clown U lost too TWICE in the 2022 season.

    #Cotton Picker/Picking Bowl or bust; buy a ticket to the game and get 10 tickets for free. I guess Ripple and Puke fat cat fans were set on going to the CFP, not the Cotton Picker/Picking Bowl…….LOL

    #Ah choka, choka, choka, choka choke…..Don’t you just love it?


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