USC-Tulane Has SEC Feel

The Cotton Bowl will have an SEC officiating crew. Referee Steve Marlowe is an Alabama graduate.

Now you might not like Pac-12 refs, but a Pac-12 crew will do the Georgia-Ohio State game (Peach Bowl). Part of the reason for that is because you can’t have an SEC or Big Ten for this game.

But Pac-12 officials have been busy during bowl season. They worked the Quick Lane Bowl, First Responder Bowl, Liberty Bowl, Duke’s Mayo Bowl and Music City Bowl.


34 thoughts on “USC-Tulane Has SEC Feel

      1. The prosecutors hate him. The police hate him. L. A. voters like him. [And if they like George, they’ll love Karen Bass]…

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      2. Just imagine how the $104 million – not a typo – Caruso spent on his failed LA major campaign could have been used for USC NIL…

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  1. Guys! Watch the Cotton Bowl practice. It appears Caleb is very far from 100%. Unless he’s playing possum it looks like he lacks the bounce in his leg to scramble.
    Not sure he’s gonna be available.

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      1. 67 is BACK! Yes, fingers crossed and hands folded in prayer!
        [Remember: In our first few games our entire offense was built on Caleb, Dye, Addison, Neilon and Vorhees —-and they are likely all out]….

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      2. Michael, I watched an approximately 5 minute video of the USC practice today, it showed Caleb throwing only warm up stuff. Maybe I missed the one you watched? I couldn’t tell one way or the other from his warm up throws…

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      3. Went off the grid for a few days, and I have to say that not being reminded of all of USC’s faults was a wee bit refreshing.

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      4. That’s all I saw too, 67 —but I did see Caleb walk to his throwing spot and his leg looked stiff [even taking the brace into consideration].
        Glad you’re Back!
        [I hear Sark is preparing to put out job offers in about an hour for a “personal liquor store pick up & delivery driver —24/7 continuous work between the months of January 2023 and September 2023”]…..

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    1. Sark on phone to “friend”: “Remember that ‘medication’ program we talked about? It goes into effect tonight at midnight. Still have that $10,000 I gave you? Got a pencil? Okay, take down this address….”

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      1. Sad to say that in 10 years, Seven Win Sark is now Eight Win Sark…

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      2. 100%. He’s been a very valued assistant at both USC and Alabama —but he’s not head coach material.

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    1. Could Zion Branch play as well? I remember that Zion was dressed for a game during the season. How about Raesjon Davis? It feels like the defense needs to get some young players on the field and get them ready for next year.

      If Caleb is not 100%, this is going to be a real tough game.

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      1. Caleb is not 100% —and this IS gonna be a real tough game.
        Remember —our offense [and really our defense– -depends entirely on Caleb. Lincoln is gonna have to coach his way outta this one.


  2. Guys — watch Caleb carefully during that Cotton Bowl throwing session. On two passes he’s favoring his injury to the point he looks off balance. I can’t believe Riley is gonna subject him to a makeshift o-line. Our only hope is that Miller has been given a run-heavy gameplan for the Cotton Bowl… sprinkled with short passes [short not because Moss can’t throw long —he definitely can —-but because he can’t be protected on plays that take an extra second to develop]….


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