These Frogs Have Horns!

What would a Cal fan say in 2016 if you told them Sonny Dykes would be in the national title game six years later?

TCU went from 5-7 last year to 13-1 this year. But some USC fans say they are just happy they got this far after being 4-8 last year.

The Fiesta Bowl exceeded expectations. Thankfully, no one can blame Pac-12 refs. That was an SEC crew.

Will the Peach Bowl exceed the low expectations for it?

UPDATED: Yes, the Peach Bowl exceeded expectations. And then some. Two highly entertaining games. Thank God no blowouts!

68 thoughts on “These Frogs Have Horns!

  1. ugh,its so troo john,if u aint winin evry gaim than u aint hav nuthin to be hapey abowt,its awl cuz of them fan bruthurs ruwinin evry thing fir evry wun,smdh

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      1. Well Michael, the guy he did have could have won the Heisman too he was that clutch. And now he goes up against Walk-On Bennett, Georgia’s peach and another who could have won the Heisman

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  2. Happy New Year fellow bloggers

    Thanks for putting up with me through the years.

    Special shout out to MG, 67, CR Smith, Cal, Ed G, Pasadena, Rushmore, Tim, Bob Jensen,LJ, Gabby, So Cal and our fearless leader Scott Wolf.

    Happy New Year to all!!

    Wishing all of you and your loved ones peace, prosperity and excellent health!!

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      1. btw,
        Good of you to remind us to say thanks to the fella who makes all this possible: the one, the only…Scott Wolf.

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    1. “Peace, prosperity, and excellent health…” I’ll drink to that! Cheers to all the interesting characters who inhabit this blog, and the intrepid blogger himself.

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      1. Hey Sparrow,
        I was waiting till it was actually New Year’s Day [which it is in Maui as of 14 minutes ago]!
        Happy New Year!
        [Say a prayer for our George]!


  3. Sonny should have run out on the field at the handshake and slapped Harbaugh’s extended hand and said “HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT JIMMY” and run off. Just like Harbaugh did to Carrol and then to Neuheisel. Cocky bastard should have gotten it stuffed back in his face. Would have loved to see that.

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    1. …Jim Harbaugh, “always the bridesmaid, never the bride.”

      Harabaugh has lost his last 6 bowl games in a row.
      I’d include the lost Super Bowl to his brother.

      Big Blue 1-7 in Bowl games under Jimmy.
      “How’d ya’ like that?”


      1. George –my wife & whole family knows about and follows you here….and they all want me to wish you the very best always! Please get well for us. We love you, man!

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  4. Ryan Day, go for the win. Why did he call for a run when Georgia was on their heels? Do a roll out and keep the ball in the hands of the best player in the game.

    I honestly feel that TCU should be favored in the next game. Georgia looked so bad. And they lose home field advantage in LA.

    I can’t believe TCU may win the championship next week if Georgia can’t recover some health in time.

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    1. I only saw the last 10 or so minutes — and Ryan Day got the fuck coached outta him. It almost looked like he wanted to lose —from that worthless field goal to that forever developing play that led to it.
      His heroic players deserved more. He coached them outta the finals.

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      1. Well, not yet, anyway…..

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  5. New Years Eve, what’s left of it at now 11:20 and counting down–

    For college football fans the 2-Finals games played today may never be repeated
    Constant exciting offensive football with scoring in the 40s and beyond
    — With each team having a chance to win it at the end

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  6. I guess running Air Raid offenses can win championships.

    The Pac 12 zebra crew performed WAY better than the Gold Standard SEC zebra crew. The world turned upside down.

    USC men’s basketball won again and nothing from Wolf. Happy New Year. Only the weather will change.

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    1. …the SEC crew blew a roughing the QB call on the UM QB just like the Pac12 crew did in the first USC-Utah game (the game that cost us a perfect regular season).

      Still, I think the Pac 12 crews have a lot of work to do.

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    FIGHT ON !!

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    1. Happy Hawaiian New Year, George!
      Just wanted ya to know that our entire family enjoys your brand of joyful wit, my friend! And we’re always pulling for ya!


      1. George –it was a beautiful New Year’s Eve here —non stop fireworks ALL over the island from 10 to midnight. Never seen so many!
        All my best to you & yours ALWAYS!


  8. tcu had Gary Patterson not the blimp hellton,the systemic poison of football teams.
    over Pattersons tenure tcu was a team to be reckoned with unlike SC under hellton.
    Dykes inherited a good team and a has Mike Leach passion for football…the Lincoln has that passion and inherited a pos from hellton…

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  9. Re: “Thank god no blowouts”

    This is what college football has become. A basketball shootout until the last seconds of each game. With no defense and refereeing that shapes each game to assure a shoot out. BORING! I would rather watch a 7-0 game. So, TV ratings control the game. Funny that at the same time Wolfe criticizes an SC weak defense. You can’t have it both ways. I can’t watch college football anymore. Too much like phony NFL games.

    Did you notice NFL TV games now have 1984 Orwellian notices appear on the screen? They say “FOOTBALL UNITES US”. This implies that religion or God, patriotism, the Constitution, etc. no longer unites us. Now I know why I don’t own a TV.

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    1. Coca Cola started it —with their “we’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony” bullshit. Products don’t bring us together.
      [Still, football is pretty fucking cool —ya gotta admit]….

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  10. One of these days. The ghost is going to be considered a regular, he’s only been on this blog since Michael Lev was beat reporter for the O. C. Register. Maybe it’s the name changes?
    Anyway Happy day before the Bowl Game 🏆🏈🎆🎇

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    1. We love you. People are just being superstitious when they don’t wish you a Happy New Year [something to do with not wanting to be in a conversation with a ghost]…


  11. Happy New Year to a great crew.
    As a group, we had a pretty fanatastic 2022.
    Thankful to Mr. Wolf for keeping us all involved.

    On the TCU topic, yeah I remember how lame the Sonny Dyke’s Bears were during his tenure. Thanks to Charles for the reminder of that game when Agholor ran all over the Bears. I’m not sure Dykes is a great coach, but he took Gary Patterson’s players from last year and lead them on an epic run. I think the veteran Duggan–with a good offensive-minded coach in Dykes–has a lot to do with this year’s success. I think TCU will return to their proper place in the Fall of ’23.
    (Along those lines, what happened to Aranda’s Baylor Bears this year?)

    I’ve been vocally supporting Grinch over the year and will continue to do so. However, when you look at available DC talent and look at timing, here are a few ideas…

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    1. DC’s who might be on the “move:”
      1. Gary Patterson–special assistant to Sark at U Texas. Patterson always had a sporty D, and D was his interest. He is a bit older. When you look at the Texas D, they ranked pretty highly per ESPN FPI efficiency–#24 versus pretty good offenses. Before Patterson’s arrival, Texas was #59
      2. Jimmy Leonhard of U Wisky. Always a top 10 defense.
      3. Morgan Scalley of Utah. Always a top 10-20 defense. Head Coach in waiting?
      4. Trent Bray of the Beavers. Contract extended to 2024, but…

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      1. All solid choices, Bourbon —but I’m with you: let’s see what Grinch can do with some new faces at linebacker and corner —gives him some depth.


  12. Air raid getting to the CFP – good. Riley’s younger brother as the OC.

    I heard a podcast that said Sonny Dykes inherited a very fast, physical roster and that helped the turnaround. I think he had alot better roster to work with than Riley.

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  13. I wonder what Parker Lewis (USC’s former kicker who transferred to Ohio State) thought about that last second kick last night? Ryan Day apparently didn’t remember that Parker Lewis Can’t Lose.

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  14. TCU was the healthiest team out of the four playoff contestants. The luck they’ve created has gotten them into the championship but against Georgia, they will have to avoid turnovers and run the ball to win in L.A. Georgia can win without playing their best. I know TCU can’t get away with that.


    1. …and the majority of the UGA team has already dealt with the distraction and stress of a Natty Game.

      Georgia’s D is great, and TCU D got shredded last night.
      OSU was probably the best O in CFB this year (with USC a close #2).

      TCU will score some points, but hard to bet against the UGA.

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