Tuli Tuipulotu Announces He Will Enter NFL Draft

No surprise as USC defensive lineman Tuli Tuipulotu announced tonight he would declare for the 2023 NFL Draft.

He finished the season with an FBS-leading 13.5 sacks.


33 thoughts on “Tuli Tuipulotu Announces He Will Enter NFL Draft

  1. Congratulations to Tuli, thank you for your great play and our best wishes for your continued success! I am sure that I will be only one of many, many Trojan fans who will follow your career and cheer for you! #Projans

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  2. CJ Williams is leaving USC. Tuli is going pro. Definitely, an interesting juxtaposition. CJ headed to UCLA or Arizona?


  3. Calling Jordan Addison! Tuli is a real USC Trojan… fake #3 just used USC for a one-semester LA “VayCay” …

    Clearly the passing game didn’t miss him one bit.


  4. Thank you #49!!

    Tuli you were awesome during your Trojan career. You are truly a great example of hard work, dedication, andincredible work ethic. You really showed up those so called expert who focus on # of stars rather than what’s in your heart. A freaking 3 star declaring for the draft as a junior is amazing.

    Wish you all the success and good fortune in the future.


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  5. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/35372772/source-panthers-owner-jim-harbaugh-talked-coaching-job

    How does anybody trust a coach who goes back on his word about staying in college and no more NFL interviews?

    Don’t be shocked if Jimmy Lake name is brought up as a replacement for Alex Grinch. Grinch can get a nice go away present and Lake would keep the recruiters-uh, coaches who worked under Grinch with one add on Lake can bring as a grad assistant.


  6. Calling Jordan Addison! Tuli is a real USC Trojan… fake #3 just used USC for an LA “VayCay” …

    Clearly the passing game didn’t miss him either.


  7. JUST RECRUIT… Bye the way the USC Defense did Everything to Give the Football Game to Tulane… And the Grinch Loves It…..


  8. Matt Gaetz: “We offered Kevin McCarthy terms last evening that he rejected. We sought a vote in the first quarter of the 118th Congress on term limits. He refused. We wanted a budget…that balances on the floor in the first quarter. He refused. We wanted the border plan that the Texas delegation put together on the floor. He refused. And it is true that we struggle with trust with Mr. McCarthy because time and again, his viewpoints and positions shift like sands underneath you.”


    1. “How dare you post anything political! Waaaaahhhh!!!” 😭😭😭😭

      All joking aside, it is disappointing. But if those things are true, can’t blame them for not supporting McCarthy. The American public has wanted term limits for decades and they all come in claiming they support that. But 10 years or more down the road, they conveniently forget their previous statements.

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      1. Yeah, Land Owner, not like the guy in the White House who showered with his daughter until she was about 12-14. Didn’t matter to his supporters cuz he had a D next to his name.


      2. Actually, voters, especially independent ones hatred for Trump was so deep that they voted for the most disliked President (and oldest) in modern American history. In a country where ageism is the biggest form of prejudice, Biden overcame a 43% liked profile to win. Trump’s profile in 2016 was 45%. But them again seeing how Republicans are performing in electing a House Speaker it’s no surprise that Democrats won 50% of the independent vote and still have the Senate plus 212 seats in the House. The governor races were just as brutal. I mean you would think Republicans have Clay Helton and Alex Grinch running their elections.

        Those two know how to turn winning into losses!


      3. So Cal,

        I’m really liking how you do that butwhatabout thing.
        We don’t have to be better than them!


  9. Wow did we enjoy watching Tuli (and his brother Marlon) over the last few years. Tuli has a great motor and will flourish with great coaching in the NFL.


    1. BTW, the Trojan NFL pipeline has been pretty good for O-line and D-line over the last 10 years*. Drake Jackson is showing nice progress with the 49ers–likely due to good coaching in the NFL. Lo Jack still has a great career going for him. Uchenna is playing at a high level.
      Several O-linemen are still on NFL rosters.

      …all this with what most would consider a mediocre O-line/D-line coaching tree over the past 10 years! Imagine the results with our local talent and a top 5 O-line/D-line coaching tree?

      *….while not like the Marv Goux/Hudson Houck years of the 70’s/80’s


  10. The Trojans didn’t lose to Tulane because Addison let his ankle rest in preparation for a multi-million dollar career in the NFL.*

    The Trojans didn’t lose to Tulane because Addison chose a “retired” jersey #. Fer cripesake, there is no college football player who’s contribution to the “Alma Mater” warrants retiring a jersey. Why isn’t Anthony Munoz’ jersey retired. Hell, Bruce Mathews and Donny Mosebar open holes for 2 HEISMAN TROPHY winners? Why aren’t their jerseys retired?

    The Trojans lost to Tulane because the defense has played horribly all year. I enjoyed watching all our other WR get a chance to shine, and Caleb and the WR corps shined brightly. To have our returning WR corps play against the #25 defense in America (per FPI) was invaluable for 2023!

    *I made many choices in my 8 years (undergrad and med) at USC that supported my professed plan to make my $millions in medicine: didn’t go to BB games at the Sports Arena because I was studying. The MBB team could have benefitted by my attendance but I chose med school over the MBB team. Rarely made it to a home baseball game at Dedeaux, because I was studying.


  11. It wasn’t like the Republicans were foreshadowing this maelstrom years earlier? Couldn’t replace Obamacare? Shutting the government down and not getting anything for that sophomoric act? Worse group of pols since Eugene McCarthy and Red Riding Hoods.


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