Discuss The USC-UCLA Game

If you are watching the sold-out USC-UCLA basketball game tonight, you can post comments here.

The teams have split the past 14 meetings. UCLA is a 11.5-point favorite tonight.

  • Wake Forest QB Sam Hartman is transferring to Notre Dame.

The USC football schedule in 2023 will include road trips to Oregon and Notre Dame and a home game with Washington. Little more difficult than 2022.

  • USC has offered a scholarship to Michigan defensive end Julius Welschof. He played for USC defensive line coach Shaun Nua at Michigan.
  • USC has hired the husband/wife team of Adam and Brittany Thackery from Mississippi State as a strength coach and football support staffer, respectively. At least they aren’t from Cincinnati.

43 thoughts on “Discuss The USC-UCLA Game

  1. Can’t help but love Sam Hartman’s story. What a tough kid!

    I hope he remains cancer free and will be pulling for him at ND, when he’s not playing us.

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  2. UCLA got away with one; thank you very much. Unfortunately SUCCsters, moral victories don’t count in the W/L column.

    #The Booger really blew it.

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  3. Question: Will Riley can Grinch for losing games that could and should have been won by USC?
    Hint: What did Clay Helton do after Toa blew games USC could and should have won?


  4. Do you guys really, truly care about the basketball teams? Really? I wanna see if the NCAA goes after Harbaugh! There are so many games, I’ll care when March Madness starts. Riley knows what’s going to happen if he delays the inevitable. Mike Stoops all over again.

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    1. No one really cares about basketball, World.
      As for Riley, I hope he’s gone into ‘radio silence’ cuz he’s hammering out a mega deal with one of the 2 dozen D.C.’s who can provide USC with enough defense to keep Big 10 teams from running all over us in 2024.


    1. He is considered the best in the nation, but why come to USC where the room is overflowing. Why transfer period? Is it a money shot? Why would USC jeopardize the future even more if this guy comes in someone else will go portal.

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      1. Perhaps he wants to pair up with the best QB in the country versus a new QB that might have training wheels on!


  5. Suggestion for the football defense problem: recruit mostly local players. And the defensive coach should also be local.

    Quote: Niccolo Machiavelli

    “All princes must build on strong foundations. The two essential components of a strong state are good laws and good armies. Good laws cannot exist without good armies. The presence of a good army, however, indicates the presence of good laws.

    There are three types of armies: a prince’s own troops, mercenary troops, and auxiliary troops. Mercenary and auxiliary troops are useless and dangerous. Mercenaries are “disunited, undisciplined, ambitious, and faithless.” Because their only motivation is monetary, they are generally not effective in battle and have low morale. Mercenary commanders are either skilled or unskilled. Unskilled commanders are worthless, but skilled commanders cannot be trusted to suppress their own ambition. It is far more preferable for a prince to command his own army.”


    1. Reason why Machiavelli isn’t quoted more often:
      “Fortune is a beautiful woman…. and sometimes she must be taken by force.”


  6. Hello sports fans, well the bb game with ucla heres the thing that charge call with the mop haired campbell was terrible it descided the game ! the clown campbells feet were moving and not set? that ref made the call was at mid court out of position! enfield s job to be aware that campbells a flopper !!!!!!! Regards , E


    1. Sounds like typical bozo, whiny, excuses, excuses, excuses…..

      Campbells feet were set when he took Booger’s out of control charge.

      #Thanks Booger


      1. After careful study I have determined that every USC loss over the last half century has been the result of poor officiating……

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  7. I volunteer to do a tab of LSD with Lincoln Riley —to take him beyond the here and now and into the world of pure theory —where past friendships and alliances do not exist — only pristine ideas and strategies —-so that he can see once & for all Grinch cannot continue as DC….. or all will turn to ashes.
    Someone with advanced medical knowledge —I’m talking to you, Bourbon —should guide us through this experiment [to ensure neither of us tries to fly out the second story window]……


    1. Micael,

      Thw Swiss Guards are actual military personnel from the Swiss military. they know how to use guns, have military training, and take their job seriuously.


    1. (yahoo sports)… “MarShawn Lloyd will be the hammer in the USC ground game. He is powerful, hard to tackle, and a short-yardage beast. He will get the tough yards Travis Dye gained for the Trojans in 2022. This substantially fortifies USC’s ground game, giving the Men of Troy a complete offense for next season.”

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      1. tell that to Josh Jacobs so he can slap you around like a pinata….you truly have a limited football IQ. Pad level matters!



      2. Owns…..it takes pride and dedication to troll a rival blog 24/7 for well over a decade.

        With that said, you officially get my vote for “Troll of the decade”. It took many years in the making, and no one is more deserving of the award than you.

        Feel proud and honored to be considered for the prestige award.

        Cue: Trolling for a living


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