USC Saturday Buzz: Beware Star Ratings

Look at this list of the highest-rated wide receivers according to the 247 Composite rankings.

It’s especially painful for USC fans. Actually the entire list is revealing. Julio Jones and Percy Harvin escaped the curse, at least.


25 thoughts on “USC Saturday Buzz: Beware Star Ratings

  1. Well, it’s Saturday close to noon and Alex Grinch still has a job as DC. I guess USC is not all that serious about competing for a National Championship.

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    1. Great to see Louisville out recruit Lincoln Riley, and is a matter of fact, everyone is coming into USC’s backyard to recruit 5 star High School players 😂. Riley better focus on taking average defensive transfers from the portal like last season, because his staff is weak at signing 4&5 star players, like Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Miami, and Ohio State. When Caleb Williams leaves for the NFL, so will Riley… lol 😂


      1. Louisville coach Satterfield left for Cincinnati. QB recruit Clarkson not as highly regarded as Malachi Nelson. Nice try guy.


      2. Sonny Dykes in one year did what Lincoln Riley could not do in five years 😂😂. Riley is one of the most overrated college football coaches, and his WEAK recruiting at a top program, with all the resources is a perfect example of it.


  2. Scottie, before you go all negative, remember USC has the Drake, Mike Pittman Jr, Amon-Ra, Ju-Ju, Nelson Aghelor, Robert Woods, all in the NFL, maybe some others I missed.


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  3. Wide reciever is highly skilled I think sometimes just they are super fast but don’t actually have the skills. Whitney Lewis just broke down mentally as he wanted to goto florida state.

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  4. This how much Grinch sucks.

    The last full season of Clay Helton, 2019, his defense ranked 78 at the end of the season. Grinch was 106.

    The 2020 was cut due to covid and 2021 Helton was fired after two games.

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  5. It’s kinda obvious that even if you have the best recruits in all aspects of your team. They have to be able to execute the gameplan and know how to deviate from that plan as well to make plays.

    They need to get more experienced on the interior of the defensive line from the portal. Plain and simple. Otherwise, it’s looking like 11-2 again.

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  6. To be fair and balanced, how about a list of USC 3 stars who succeeded at USC who went on NFL.

    My list of 3 stars would be Clay Matthews, Rhett Ellison, Jurrell Casey, Uchenna Nwosu, Ryan Kalil. Most recently Tuli Tuipuloto will be minimum 2nd rounder!!

    I am told Patrick Mahomes was a 3 star recruit along with Aaron Donald. They both are future hall of famers.

    Just like when I grew up in the 70s/80s – Johnny is gifted and Monica is gifted. Well folks, Johnny is now the night manager at 7 Eleven and Monica is a freakin greeter at Sams Club. How did that turn out for them?


  7. Scooter, how about John Jackson who played in the 80’s, Bob Chandler, Keyshawn, that no good former AD bum #22, Robert Woods, McKay, and others who proved their worth in the Rose Bowl games and in the nfl? These guys are better than what is listed.

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  8. Maybe we can get faux Ed to claim that Grinch choked him during consensual sexual encounters . It seems moral turpitude is being used to fire a coach and or player more often. It doesn’t matter if the event actually happened or not. Recently the University of Texas basketball coach was fired for cause because of being investigated of a sexual assault Even though the lady in question has been on record as saying it was just a playful slap and misquoted remarks that actually happened.
    Maybe faux Ed can make the same claim and affect the end of the Grinch era at USC


      1. MG are you surprised that offered up a troll (and not myself) or that the plan, which seems plausible, is devious and possible?
        My usual goal is being silly, but in light of the Dodgers treatment of Trevor Bauer, where the victim is now being counter sued for defamation, I can see real possibility here.

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