Hype Video Season Underway

USC chose to post this video with the glorifying images of the strength program/workouts.

It would resonate a lot more if everyone didn’t have fresher images of Tulane pushing around USC last week.


13 thoughts on “Hype Video Season Underway

  1. STOP your baloney. We need to attract five and four star players. If these videos help -so WE DON”T GET PUSHED AROUND – THEN BY ALL MEANS PUT OUT THOSE VIDEOS. You are really myopic and just a person who wants to harp on our shortcomings. Let them fix the program. We had lots of positives, now strive to improve the negatives. You can’t get better doing nothing.


    1. Doing nothing is staying with the status quo! With Bringing Grinch back as DC! Which LR has chosen to do. His friendship is more important than the program now. You don’t, think that will affect 4 and 5 stars from coming on defense? Propaganda videos are just that but tape don’t lie on game day. When they can’t even tackle and are getting man handled all over the field. Changes need to be made ASAP or it’s going to be more of the same. We seen this already in Oklahoma, now it’s the same thing out West.


      1. Have you coached? We all know what the defense did, what Grinch has done. P.S. Riley went to the Championship game last night. He saw and he knows what it will take to win. I was there too. You need five and four star players, plus changing your strategy to include defense – sorry Coach Leach, you DO need a strong defense – to win at an elite level. If Coach Riley doesn’t know this now, and he and Grinch don’t change what they are doing, then it’s their fault. If Riley keeps him, I expect to see a different philosophy out there next year. If not, then Riley should go. It is on him. Now let’s see what happens. Fight On!


  2. USC’s marketing and communications are mediocre at best and pretty much off-target.

    – USC has some of the most iconic branding elements in the country. Fight on. Traveller. the SC logo. Tusk. Why are they not used effectively and consistently?
    – If we need to recruit the trenches, then why not focus on our physical play, instead of the flashy plays? This video will recruit skill positions, not the trenches.
    – Riley talks about trust, but can the players trust a staff that keeps Grinch? and Donte Williams?
    – USC alumni dominate hollywood. Shouldnt the program have a comprehensive media content strategy that tells stories effectively and supports the goals of the program?

    This video is a typical hype piece that doesnt set USC apart from any other program and it doesnt change the perception of USC.

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      LETS USE IT.


  3. Hype videos are cute. Being the biggest bullies would be better advertising. Being small and lacking athleticsm doesn’t generate fear from opponents. Smells like desperation to change the narrative. SC can’t handle the physical. Until otherwise, they can keep their hype Porno for the naive.


  4. Greetings fans , well seattle players iffy parkineat via stanford 6 foot 7 250 and does not block at all or cant ? a slow footed tightend ??? seattle has too many players like this guy! the pass rush well a guy in a wheel chair could do better!? Regards , E ps your dedense makes all the qbs you face look good !?/ that clown for 49ers was running sideways and backwards and you still failed tackle him your lbs are a step slow and appear over weight

    Regards , E


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