Lincoln Riley Doesn’t Surprise Other Pac-12 Coaches

What does the rest of the Pac-12 think of Lincoln Riley saying he won’t change any coaches?

“I expected it,” a Pac-12 coach told me. “I don’t think he wanted to change anything. These are his guys and he can’t get rid of them. He’s loyal to them. Sometimes that can bite you. It can even cost some (head coaches) their jobs.”

  • USC 7-1 freshman Vince Iwuchukwu, who hasn’t played this season because of a heart issue, could join the basketball team this weekend according to Seth Davis.

26 thoughts on “Lincoln Riley Doesn’t Surprise Other Pac-12 Coaches

  1. No guts, no glory.. lol. Lincoln Riley doesn’t have the guts to fire coaches who need to be fired. Sounds familiar? Riley’s philosophy is, let’s out score them until we reach the playoffs, then get our ass kicked… lol. It’s all about show time during the regular season, just to appease the SC ass lick fanboys . 😂😂.

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    1. Kirk Herbstriet is so ashamed of his behavior he has morphed into Lawyer John. But even Lawyer John as the crying jags. Super, now the name John has been defiled. At this rate, is any name safe?


      1. Don’t kid yourself that’s faux Ed. Same email and same Avatar. Only the name has been changed to protect the idiot


    2. No testical fortitude either that’s why Caleb Williams stayed in the PAC 12 championship game at 40%. With a capable Miller Moss as back up.


  2. USC basketball Needs 7 foot 1 center Vince Iwuchukwa. Need some one tall to get Rebounds and Play Defense in the Middle..this has been Missing.. Could have used him against FUCLA…

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    1. SUCC BB wants to win so badly it’s willing to play a recruit who recently had a heart attack during a bozo BB practice. Even at a 1000 to 1, the risk of a HA relapse, on the court, is too close for comfort. We’re talking about the young man’s life here……Just my humble, no medical degree opinion.


    1. So much lying going on on both sides, George, you’ll fit right in.

      However, to claim your resume is merely “embellished” is an embellishment unto its own.

      Furthermore, not all of us embellish our resumes. I’ve had former managers who have told me my resume omitted many skills & accomplishments. What can I say? I prefer to under promise and over deliver.

      I would say you’ll be a one term Congress member for sure but heck, the entire Squad got re-elected.


  3. Only a blind fart with no sense of smell would ever consider fucking MTG.
    Guess most g o p house members still qualify.


    1. Not only are women on the Right generally better looking. The Left has a lot more women who don’t shave their pits or use deodorant.

      We all watched the 2020 riots fake Boogs.


      1. Thanks so much for standing up for MTG and showing your desire for her.
        Good to know I’m not the only one around here who knows she’s hot.


    2. Fuc off who ever is trying to use my name. Get a fucin life imbecile. Getting tired of the nonsense from the trolls on here lately. Their team sucks. So they stalk these boards to make themselves feel all good inside. Get a life losers!


  4. GRINCH is under contract with USC. The University has FULL power and control..of grinch…they told RILEY to keep NO defense grinch….1 more year before the BIG 10


  5. That’s the plan.
    And it doesn’t sound familiar.
    The last guy couldn’t even do that much.
    [Everyone owes it to themselves to go to that other USC site wherein the two truest of fanny fan boys repeat over & over & over “we have to trust the coach to know what’s best!” By the 10 minute mark it really starts to get funny — they seem to think by repeating the same words ad infinitum they’re building an ironclad case]….


    1. wolfies anonymous losers allow him to make inane comments daily…he did manage to inform SC #1 prize recruit from last year may actually begin to play after 1/2 the season is gone in basketball…can’t wit to read more of his feelings on this?


  6. Riley will keep Grinch until he’s told he has to choose between Grinch and his own job. Like Nixon said, “when you’ve got ’em by the balls their hearts and minds will follow.”


  7. I think Riley believes that the team can get into the CFP even with Grinch. Grinch does have the excuse that they didnt have the right players. Unless you have someone really asking Grinch the hard questions, it would be easy for him to not look responsible.

    the questions to ask grinch are:

    – why did you not develop/play younger players like Raesjon Davis and Domani Jackson, given that more senior players were underperforming?
    – why did the defense actually get worse during the year?
    – why did the defense suck against every facet of the game, including rushing between tackles, edge rushing and passing?
    – why could you not teach tackling?
    – why were players consistently out of position on the field? (dont tell me they werent)
    – why were players put in positions that are not ideal for their skills? (like Tuli dropping into pass coverage, or Korey Foreman doing the same?
    – why are you not wanting to fire any coaches if they didnt deliver results?
    – why has your defensive staff and you failed to recruit at a high level for the 2023 class?

    right after the Tulane game I wasnt as negative on Grinch, but as I think more about it, he failed at everything.


  8. The hilarious part is that Anthony Lucas coming to USC will save this clown ass DC and his “Heltonesque” Riley buddy. Getting that kid means USC has someone the defense has to account for. Adding Pleasant will also mean getting another playmaker on defense to go with Bullock and Gentry who makes plays. This bullcrap might just get USC into the playoffs.


  9. I probably pointed this out at least once; I wrote a paper for a college class and cited my brother as my source. I used his first and middle name Dr. Mark Travis. The lady typing the paper for me (because she could type like a college student and I was an electrician at the time) Asked me about the quote and I bragged about making it up. The long story short she changed my citation to “a doctor said”
    I got a C on the paper which prevented me from getting an A in the class. The comment from the professor was never use “a doctor” always use the name of the Doctor, otherwise it looks like you made it up.
    Scott’s “a coach told me” sounds like it was made up

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