USC Notes: Picture Of The Day*

Let’s appreciate this picture of Lombardi Award winner Brad Budde leads the way for fullback/Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Allen and tailback/Heisman Trophy winner Charles White.

  • The Chicago Bears named Big 12 commissioner Kevin Warren as President and CEO. So USC and UCLA won’t even spend a day under the commissioner who brought them to the Big 12.
  • Four-Star cornerback Aaron Butler decommitted from USC. The Class of 2024 prospect had been committed to the Trojans since January, 2022. Butler has 27 offers including Alabama.
  • Former USC wide receiver CJ Williams is transferring to Wisconsin. The Badgers have three news QBs: Braedyn Locke (Mississippi State); Tanner Mordecai (SMU) and Nick Evers (Oklahoma).

19 thoughts on “USC Notes: Picture Of The Day*

  1. The decommitment of Four-Star cornerback Aaron Butler, a Calabasas California recruit shouldn’t be much of a surprise especially with USC’s underperforming season long defense and Riley’s decision to keep Grinch.


    1. As usual, Lincoln Riley and his loyal fanboys jump up and down with excitement whenever he signs skilled offensive players. But he’s repeating the pattern that leads him to the playoffs, where he always gets his Azz kicked. Maybe Sonny Dykes can explain the concept of football during the offseason, because he found out the hard way.


  2. Scooter,

    That photo always reminds me of how physical and dominating USC football was and can be. You have an olineman representing the past, present, and future All American olinemen and how they ruled the field. You have two rb’s that represent the SC power run game that was a machine. Every SC alumni that is a CEO should have that photo hanging on their office wall.

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  3. Scooter,

    You did not report this, but the School of Social Service went completley woke and Political Crap when they said that they would not use the word “Field”, when they mention that they are going out to the field, meaning that they are leaving the office to go to work outside. The only reason SC has not been labeled Cal of the South is because of their great sports program. It is getting close though.


    1. I get my back into my living

      I don’t need to fight

      To prove I’m right

      I don’t need to be forgiven

      Great song!

      Bummer about Jeff Beck, but 78 isn’t too bad. And Lord knows, he left his mark!!

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  4. USC got the idea about field from the University of Michigan, which is also banning the use of the word field when it comes to Social Work. I still don’t understand the rationale but some people feel inclined to be demonstrative about items that appear trivial to common sense.

    Wisconsin? With a defensive head coach and new quarterbacks? They don’t throw the ball in Madison! What’s Fickell thinking? Air Raid in the Snow? Some sorta Snowstorm offense?


    1. White people trying to feel good about themselves.

      I highly doubt any brown or black person ever equated a “field” of study or a news outlet’s “field” reporter with the “field” in which their ancestors toiled.


  5. When looking at the above photo, how I would love for USC to go back to that style of offense. The style of offense with the dominant offensive lineman, an ass kicking fullback, a tough as nails tailback, and an attitude that says, “We’re going to run the ball down your throat and there’s not damn thing you can do about it.” Think back to the final drive of the 1980 Rose Bowl against Ohio State. That is what USC football should always be about.


  6. Hello football fans, the hubbard for cincy in condition carried that ball all the way for td ????now lets look at the oklahoma rental player andrews i cant stand most tight end he fell flat on his face chasing hubbard !!! does this guy know kathleen andrews of the 78 well you will be eliminated? Addison hes part time player who does not block in the not fool log or long nfl !!!!!!! Regards E. ps addison stick it in your ear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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