The Transfer Portal Remains Out Of Control

One of the original purposes of the portal was for players to find a school to get more playing time. But now it’s being used to get better NIL deals.

More than 1,200 FBS scholarship players have entered the portal since December 5th. The problem with this is some of these players will not find new schools.

There was some real scrambling last season for a few USC players who could not find new schools. And it’s only going to get more difficult.


33 thoughts on “The Transfer Portal Remains Out Of Control

    1. Not everything is w[r}ong Ed, the sun came up real nicely this morning, and I saw the prettiest girl in the park the other day

      But you are right that some things are rong like with ‘Without-a-Folt’–
      Just read hur (Ed language) 4-years ago resignation letter from North
      Carolina where she claims she had Confederate statue pieces removed for “public safety” even though there had not been any controversy for decades until hur arrival in 2013.

      And she might want to re-write her cliche’ riddled little speech where she states, “…our students and alumni are succeeding in all FIELDS.”

      I was leaving ‘Without-a-Folt’ alone until I realized she is trying to
      re-make USC in her image no matter how much Trojan history and tradition gets waylaid and trampled on

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  1. They wanted free agency and money. They got both. I had no pity for any scholarship D1 football player before the portal, and I certainly have no pity for any of them now. Maybe some will learn from the mistakes of others, but I’m not holding my breath.

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    1. For those of us who came of age in the 60s his music was wonderfully woven into the soundtracks of our young lives. Older and wiser, his “Wasted On The Way” is a poignant musing about time’s flow, perspective gained and opportunities lost. Love that song.

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  2. so cal…..The big guy upstairs can take you in a split second. I hope you’re getting regular check-ups, exercising or moderate walks, and eating healthy.


    1. Awww, I knew you cared, Gabs. Doing all of the above, thanks.

      Yes, I’ve known too many people who went in their 30’s-50’s.

      My finances in good order. But damn, as George Carlin use to say, I’ve got way too much shit! Need to do some Swedish cleaning, so the boss doesn’t have to call 1-800-Got-Junk.

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      1. My mom is an organized hoarder. She hangs to shit that hasn’t been used in years. I think she has a really soft spot for Christmas decorations. She buys a lot of new decorations each year but refuses to let go of the old stuff.

        Speaking of Swedish cleaning, this might be helpful.

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      2. Sometimes I envy the unencumbered outdoorsmen (Jesse Ventura’s euphemism for the homeless). I miss the days when all my possessions fit into my small car. My wife endorses Swedish Death cleaning. But the stuff we’ve accumulated over the years is not disappearing fast enough to zero out when we zero out. Sorry kids. The number for the dumpster service is in the Rolodex.

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      3. “That’s not hoarding, it’s a collection that will go up in value someday”……LOL!

        keyword: “someday”


  3. Some guys weren’t good enough to earn a spot on anyone’s roster because they simply didn’t play enough. That’s why there’s levels to this sport and life. They can find their level or find another way.


  4. Only a closet Socialist like Mr. Wolf would complain about free market being allowed into his precious world. . . Avery Brundage would be so proud of him.

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  5. In the tradition of Scott Wolf, a little David Crosby Hollywood stuff. He portrayed a hippie and himself in movies, but the roll of Tickles in Hook is my favorite. He had undergone a liver transplant and Spielberg wanted him in the movie because there was no telling how long he’d be around.


  6. Good thing USC and UCLA are leaving the Pac 12 before Coach Prime takes over. Colorado may be the toughest road game for USC next year with two five star CB’s roaming the secondary and the fastest player in the conference on offense for the Buffaloes. Thank goodness, they still lack linemen.


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