USC Notes: Haskins Picked For Bowl Game

USC offensive tackle Bobby Haskins has been picked for the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl, which will be played Jan.28 at the Rose Bowl.

  • Oregon State linebacker Omar Speights has transferred to LSU
  • Former USC linebacker Junior Seau would have turned 54 today.

28 thoughts on “USC Notes: Haskins Picked For Bowl Game

    1. After the game, as the Lockheed Electra 12A climbs into the fog, Gabby and SoCal walk down the mist glistened runway, arm in arm, and Gabby says, “SoCal, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” Triumphant music swells, credits roll (special thank you to Scott Wolf), and all’s right with the world.

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    1. The O-line (recruiting rankings) are the best crapshoot,” said UCLA coach Chip Kelly, who spent four seasons coaching in the NFL and had some of the best offensive linemen in the NFL in Philadelphia. “The best center in football, Jason Kelce, was a former walk-on linebacker. Lane Johnson was a high school quarterback. Jason Peters was a tight end in college. Offensive line is kinda like the last stop. That’s the one position where you really have to project or push people to. When it comes to quarterback and O-line, they’re really their own little worlds.

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      1. mustn’t react……must act like all is ‘normal’ ….. must match the idiocy of LA media and the millions of the ‘hoi polloi’ in worshipping ‘Vin-dawg Chevrolet’ as the 5th member of the Holy Trinity (4th was JFK ) and the 6th is Jonnie ‘the peckerwood’ Wooden, but I digress…..

        Frank you seem to be a ‘chicken hawk’ looking for that fat sluggish ‘gusano’…be brave and use your ‘real’ nom de plume….’strangers in the night’ sound right?

        ‘….what were the chances////lovers at ‘first sight’…exchanging ‘glances’….little did I know… Yerah well even a ‘sailor’ like you knows the rest of that ‘pride’ anthem what?


  1. Ethan White, an O-Lineman from Florida U is visiting USC today(I think it is today). He started all 13 games last year at Florida and was 2nd team all-SEC this year. Florida was 24th in the nation in rushing yards and was 2nd in the SEC in least sacks allowed. They had a good O-Line. Hopefully we can get this guy. We have already gotten one of their O-Lineman.

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  2. With all the talk about the portal and potential add ons, it could be an interesting few weeks. I have read that USC has 89 players on scholarship right now. That’s over the limit with more coming. Some of the dead weight will be seen in the portal soon.

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      1. UCLA is really good in basketball. They beat Kentucky and totally stomped on Maryland. But tell me something new. SoCal has always been a UCLA town in basketball and an SC town in football. Very little has changed. The only thing that has changed in the last 15years is that outside teams now come into town with bags of money to offer. And money talks…..everything else walks.


      2. JO, no one gives a damn about basketball. A girly sport, right up there with hopscotch and jacks. I hear the UCLA players will be taking up Irish stepdancing and will be holding slumber parties.


    1. CR,

      youmade me get rain in my eyes and I blame you. LOLOL. Mr. White, is one of the toughest rb’s and gracious men that you will ever meet. I met him one time and he was very nice and kind. McKay needs him to give Ricky bell a rest up in heaven. God Bless him.

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