USC Morning Buzz: Two More Blows For Tradition

USC just can’t leave well enough alone when it comes to the venerable Student Union Building.

The USC pharmacy, which has probably been in the Student Union for 80-90 years, has been kicked out in favor of one of Carol Folt’s pet projects, the Office of Sustainability.

And the Daily Trojan student newspaper, which has been on the fourth floor above Tommy Trojan for about 100 years, has just been evicted for La CASA, a center for Latinx advocacy and community.

This is a blow for tradition because for decades you had students like the famous newspaper columnist Art Buchwald covering USC from the fourth-floor of the Student Union building. Everyone on campus knew the Daily Trojan was in the center of the campus.

Remember, during the pandemic, USC kicked the ticket office out of the second floor of the Student Union, which had been there since the 1930’s.

Fight On!

  • Paula Cannon, an associate professor of microbiology at the USC Keck School of Medicine, who leads the renaming committee for the University, called Allyson Felix “the ultimate Trojan” in a press release on the renaming of Cromwell Field to Allyson Felix Field.

Yes, “ultimate Trojan” except for the part about actually wearing a USC jersey and competing for a Trojan team.


90 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Two More Blows For Tradition

  1. Sad & shitty news about the Daily Trojan. Joel Rosenzweig and I got interviewed in that office several times as we ran against each other for ASSC President. The staff was full of energy and, although they’d hate to hear me say it, a child-like innocence.
    Carol keeps dismantling everything I loved about USC. Hate to think about what the place will look like by the time she’s done fucking it up.

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    1. From the NY Post…. and more proof that USC is fully WOKE

      The University of Southern California’s school of social work will no longer use the word “field” in its curriculum, saying it may have racist “connotations.”

      USC’s Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work said the change was critical to support anti-racist social work and inclusivity.

      The department specifically decided to remove the word “field” from its curriculum and replace it with “practicum,” according to the letter, which was dated Jan. 9 and shared to Twitter.

      “This change supports anti-racist social work practice by replacing language that would be considered anti-Black or anti-immigrant in favor of inclusive language,” the letter said.

      The letter continued: “Language can be powerful, and phrases such as ‘going into the field’ or ‘field work’ maybe have connotations for descendants of slavery and immigrant workers that are not benign.”
      USC says they are joining other universities across the nation in making changes to their institution to “honor and acknowledge inclusion and reject white supremacy, anti-immigrant and anti-blackness ideologies.”

      “We are committing to further align our actions, behaviors, and practices with anti-racism and anti-oppression, which requires taking a close and critical look at our profession — our history, our biases, and our complicity in past and current injustices,” USC said in the letter.

      Critics took to social media to insult the university’s attempt at inclusion.

      One Twitter user wrote, “For someone who spent more than 7 years at USC with 2 graduate degrees from this institution, I am so embarrassed at what’s happening there. I wonder how much of my money they spent on coming up with this amazingly useful change.”

      “This is just a fancy way of revealing that the organization is overstaffed,” a commentator added.

      Another frustrated Twitter user noted, “Important stuff. Making the world better one canceled phrase at a time.”

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      1. Henceforth, all “fields” will now be referred to the “thing”. As in, I am majoring in the thing, you know, the thing. I got my degree in the thing.

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      2. Scooter,

        so is Suzzane Dworak a racist? She states that she is anti white supremacy. That is a general and broad stroke and that catagorizes all whites as a white supremacist. Can she name a white supremacist, does she know one, has she ever seen one? Does she hate herself for being white (presuming that is she is Polish). Does she have the white guilty feel to her? I am declaring that she is a honky hatin’ liberal and she is a racist.

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      3. Looks like folks from the school of social work, to shield themselves from the awful blow of hearing the word “field,” won’t be attending the Allyson Felix Field naming ceremony. Will Carol Folt be fielding questions about the whereabouts of the social workers?

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    2. Carol is the worst president possible. She has zero vision for a bright future for USC.

      The best that can be said for her is that there wont be a big scandal. She is good at covering her ass, just like any politician.

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      1. She is not that good at covering her ass, gametv…..
        [And, worse, we have video of Carol disrespecting other people’s asses: micro-aggressions of the lowest order]…


      1. I’m not sure about the relationship to USC’s Cheerleader —Joel was the director of some episodes of Cagney and Lacey …but he’ll always be remembered as the first person to stage the rock opera Tommy w/ the Who [while he was still a student]! [He also used to buy me jelly beans at the old Farmer’s Market cuz I was always broke]…..


    1. hi john,iz we dun complanen abowt that uthur thing frum yestir day and know complanen abowt this,and a few other things like me looking for some balls to suck. oh, n one more thing john , i take peenus up my Azz too 🍆😃👅


      1. I fell asleep while seeking enlightenment deep in the bosom of Doheny many times. Very peaceful place, except when student stackers wheeled squeaky book carts nearby.

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      2. One of those cart-masters was probably yours truly, Rushmore…

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      1. I still don’t understand why a real gun with live ammo. Why not use blank rounds?

        Baldwin’s attorney will argue his client was under the assumption the gun was a “prop” which would be a non-functioning replica.

        5 years mandatory…..ouch!

        Baldwin: “I never pulled the trigger”…….(FBI experts disagree)

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      2. Baldwin’s only defense is “I delegated the duty to inspect to the props manager”. But, according to industry standards, that is a non-delegable duty….

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      3. LOL! Of course they were supposed to be blanks!

        Some of the dumbasses on set were plinking during down times, so they had live rounds on the set. This is against the most basic armorer rules, which prohibit live rounds being anywhere near or on a set.

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      4. “I still don’t understand…”

        You don’t understand a LOT and the entire blog knows this.



      5. Gabby:“I still don’t understand…”

        Spoken in the words of slo troll: “I was using it in jest”

        slo troll: “You don’t understand a LOT and the entire blog knows this.”

        Says the guy who has a single-digit football IQ, and the entire blog knows this

        Dude, the joke is on you AGAIN!…..NO-WIT!



      6. An 1880 colt is a first generation black powder gun. No brass cartridge. If others were screwing around ‘plinking’ then it is very possible that an ember could have been in the gun to have a ‘hot fire’.
        Without seeing if the cylinder has been swapped out, it would be impossible to determine how a round could go off without pulling the trigger.
        Baldwin refuses to take responsibility. Sorry Alec. You are 100% responsible when that gun is in your possession.



    We wonder why there’s such horrible success in elementary & secondary education… higher education doesn’t realize THERE IS NO X IN LATINO!


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      1. Will the Universal Life Church Incorporated still be running adds in the personals offering minister and bishop credentials for $5.00 and $15.00 respectively? I could only afford the minister credential when I was a student at USC and I’d like to become a bishop now that I have a few more bucks.

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      2. I’d pay the $25 it takes to become Pope….except for all the taint now attached to that title….


    1. Not so fast.
      You gotta know that UCLA is not far behind—reevaluation of all use of the word “field” will be starting sometime later today, my friend…

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      1. Speaking of which —have you heard any of Rob Reiner’s most recent political observations? He seems to be getting dumber.

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    2. I saw him and his dad and Charo at the premier of Yellow Submarine in Westwood long ago. They were roped off in a VIP section of the concession stand. We waived. He waived. Charo shrugged. His old man grabbed the popcorn bucket. And they were escorted into the theater. No contact since then.

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      1. Ha! My wife and I had the same experience — only it was with Cher at the first showing of Conan at the Century Theater in Century City. I guess the A list folks enjoy a somewhat different theater experience than the rest of us —escorted in by the manager, protected in safe V.I.P. zones from supposed fans and, then escorted out by a double security unit.

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  3. “Field of Dreams” was so fucking racist. Forcing James Earl Jones to star in it [without food or water] was a dead giveaway……

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    1. I had a breakfast encounter with Costner (before he made Dances With Wolves). Told him how much I liked Bull Durham. We talked Southern California baseball. College ball. Clearly he loved the game. Bull Durham and Field of Dreams are wonderful, in my view. I respect Costner for those movies. No Way Out too. Not a fan of his westerns, including Yellowstone.

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      1. After Costner made No Way Out he got interviewed by David Letterman. He told a story about how tough his Dad was that reminded me of the way I was raised. After he screwed up some chore his Dad sat him down, read him the riot act and wrapped up by saying “I don’t wanna have this talk again.”

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      2. Rush, I disagree. Silverado is one of my all time favorites. (What a cast!) I like Open Range, as well, but not as much as Silverado.

        I used to be into cycling, so I enjoyed American Flyers more than most. (Ray Dawn Chong was so easy on the eyes!)

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      3. Sean Young was considered quite the hottie back then, (No Way Out). Who’d have thought she’d turn out to be quite the psycho, stalking James Woods.

        I guess just as was implied in Once Upon A Time In America, he was sporting a larger than average package! Young didn’t want to go without it.


    1. Within hours of being sworn in as the new governor of Arkansas, Sarah Huckabee Sanders signed an executive order Tuesday banning the term “Latinx” from official use in the state government.

      I personally don’t know of any Hispanics that embrace the term “Latinx”. You’re either a Latino or Latina. The gender you were born with follows you to your grave

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      1. It wasn’t as much about the multiple gender thing as it was about Latinas being included in the plural form…Latinos. Latinos is supposed to include both. But since its basic form is male, virtue signalers assumed females would be offended because “They are NOT male!”

        It’s much ado about nothing because I don’t know any Latinas who use it either.

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    2. Dos XX & TRES XXX – “La Cerveza Oficial de Los USC Trojans!”

      These beers are the only time we Latinos embrace an X.

      Tell the payasos who trumpet this X thing to “besa me culo!”


  4. Hey Everybody —Great News!
    Scott is gonna let us run wild between now and Spring Practice!
    No opinion too outrageous! Come one, come all [not what you’re thinking, though, Fuck You]….

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  5. Scooter,

    A couple of things to solve this woke Politcal Crapness crap.

    1. Line up all of the wokes that work at SC and shoot them and charge their family for the bullet.

    2. Lock all woke personnel in their offices and call in an air strike and drop naplam on SC.

    Sick of this crap.


      1. # MeToo. : a movement calling attention to the frequency with which primarily women and girls experience sexual assault and harassment

        I don’t think that’s what he’s talking about….just saying!


      2. I realize that. I was using it in jest, as indicated by the tongue sticking out.

        Once again, something that most people would understand.

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    1. Another thing, he was expressing his dislike of our woke culture.

      In using the term/hashtag, I too am expressing my dislike for it and hijacking it to say “we will use it however we choose”. (Contrary to what many claim, women should not always be believed. Some are vindictive witches who conflate regret with rape.)

      Have a great day!


      1. “Contrary to what many claim, women should not always be believed. Some are vindictive witches who conflate regret with rape.”

        TOOOOO FUNNNNY!…..words taken from the twice impeached mouth!


      2. Oh yes, only Trump. Please!

        As a sports fan you know darn well rich athletes are often the targets of false claims. Heck, even rich athletes to-be. (See Brian Banks. I still need to watch that.)

        Any film critics here who would either suggest it or tell me it’s not worth a watch???

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      3. Thank you for bringing that movie up….I see it’s available on Amazon to rent.

        Rotten tomatoes…….tomato meter: 63% Audience: 97%

        Give it a try…..

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      4. The money that bitch got what long gone by the time she recanted.

        But they should have made her spend as much time in prison as Banks did!


      1. Yawn.

        Get a grip Crabs. Do something good for a change, go see your Ta-Ta, Ron Jeremy. Maybe he can explain why you’re such a whiny, little dick.


      2. We are ALL feeling left out, pardner…
        [A little like having to follow Lenny Bruce at Comedy Club]…


  6. Memo to: Crabs Jeremy

    Riveting third grade repartee.

    “Badda Bing?” WTF? What next…..Crabs: “I’m soooo bitch’n”

    Cue: Chuck Berry’s “Ding-A-Ling”


  7. Why is UCLA begging ex-Trojans to play for them? Don’t they know how to recruit wide receivers? Is it really that difficult to ask a young man to catch passes for Chip Kelly? Please explain!


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