USC Has Dual Role At Pac-12 Meetings

USC president Carol Folt has been at the Pac-12 presidents and chancellors meeting in Tempe, Ariz., this week but has little to say because the Trojans are going to the Big Ten and the media rights deal is Topic No. 1 for the Pac-12.

That’s fortunate for Folt because right now the estimates are the Pac-12 might get less money than the Big 12 on its media rights deal. Folt and UCLA chancellor Gene Block leave the room when this subject comes up.

Frankly, I’m tired of hearing about the Pac-12 media deal and glad USC is no longer involved. I wonder if the presidents are just cordial or any of them actually confront Folt about the Big Ten and how USC kept it secret until the last minute?

Where Folt does have a say is when the Pac-12 starts talking about how Comcast paid it $50 million more than necessary and it wasn’t reported by the conference. USC and UCLA will bear some of the burden for this the next two fiscal years.

The conference will be Mickey Mouse until the bitter end for USC.


34 thoughts on “USC Has Dual Role At Pac-12 Meetings

  1. ugh,seams crazey that thay iz gunna wunna duel at this meating,but geuss itz sine o the times as thay say sense the polliticks is getin so decisive theese days,good thing we aint speek polliticks on this heer blahg and onley abowt sporets and sutch,

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    1. Ed –do you think it’s funny that Carol and Gene Block winked at each other & then left the room at the same time?


  2. There was no reason for USC to tell the Pac-12 that it was going to leave because there simply was no way that the Pac-12 could/would provide a deal that is even close to the deal from the Big 10. It was entirely appropriate to just negotiate with the Big 10 and when it was approved, tell the Pac-12 the deal was done.

    This is also pay-back for decades of abuse by the Pac-12. If you beat your wife for years, you dont deserve an explanation when she leaves and takes the kids with her.

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    1. “So there are five people taking the Fifth Amendment, like you see on the mob, right? You see the mob takes the Fifth. If you’re innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?” Trump told the crowd at an Iowa rally in September 2016.


      1. Inner Gabby: Oh no…what am a doing…I cannot take the pressure anymore…I am cracking up…off the rails…..can’t someone save me–from myself. Anyone have a straightjacket– I am unhinged…HELP!

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      2. slo troll: Oh noā€¦what am a doingā€¦I cannot take the pressure anymoreā€¦I am cracking upā€¦off the railsā€¦..canā€™t someone save meā€“from myself. Anyone have a straightjacketā€“ I am unhingedā€¦HELP!


      3. Inner Gabby: oooo no, all these people looking at me! Stop looking at me! Oh no, now they are all laughing at me!! Stop laughing at me…!!! Why are they laughing at me?! I must…..escape…must…find some way out! Ahh.


      4. slo troll: oooo no, all these people looking at me! Stop looking at me! Oh no, now they are all laughing at me!! Stop laughing at meā€¦!!! Why are they laughing at me?! I mustā€¦..escapeā€¦mustā€¦find some way out! Ahh


      5. Oh, just let it go you little bitch. This is football blog. You mouth off one more time I’m gonna break all your plates, and then yell you to clean em up.


      6. “Let it go”….too funny!….81 million people want to see this guy in prison. middle finger up….dipshit!


  3. That extra money will come in handy for SC and fucla. Those lawsuit settlements didn’t come cheap. Billions.

    The remaining PAC 10 teams have to pay off settlements for their own indescretions. Oh, that’s right, there were none.
    Weekenders in Piscataway, 2023. Fun times. Hint, start buying your winter clothes soon for next year.
    Wiley and choc chip are gonna be exposed as fair weather coaches. October/November away games against the road graders in WI, MI, OH, PA should be fun to watch.

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    1. The University of California system paid nearly $375 million to more than 300 women who said they were sexually abused by a UCLA gynecologist, last year.

      Sounds like USC over- paid in contrast to UCLA.

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      1. UCLA just doesn’t have the funds to compensate all their victims, Gabby….


      2. I call total BS, Crabs. Please provide a verifiable ref. for your unsubstantiated claim UCLA paid $375 million to settle the GYN lawsuit(s).



      3. G
        ‘Sock it to the private schools because they have large endowments!’

        If that’s the case,

        Then a financial risk manager should have done their job. Oopsie
        Ever hear of oversight and checks and balances?
        I didn’t think so.

        In the long run, the PAC ten will be glad they got rid of the LA schools. Money isn’t everything. But poor behaviour is.


      1. MG
        I’m looking forward to fucla and SC games in early winter in those states. Frankly I’m interested on a purely theoretical level.
        Just keep the games at 1pm so I don’t have to alter my rest home viewing habits. TYIA.

        One $Billion dollars. Think of all the good that could have done if applied as a positive force.

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    2. Cal75,

      I think Cal can be a force when SC and ugly leave the Pac 12. Howeve, the adm has to put full support into the program and it seems to me, My opinion, that the adm wants to get rid of the football team and turn the field into a pot growing field. LOLO. However, I do think if the adm would support the team, then they could better. I enjoyed Tedford when he was there. He did a great job and he is from Downey CA.

      What are your thoughts on this?

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  4. Excuse me Cal, who has more fans attend games? The Big 10 or Pac 11? Pac 10? 12 until SMU and SDSU join? Comcast provided $50 million in welfare and the conference didn’t let anyone know? Do the next media partner knows and will insist on not doing any reimbursements? Pac 12 gonna squeeze UCLA to pay up to cover their negligence? Isn’t it an act of fraud not to report income? Think the feds and the IRS might want to ask some serious questions? It might get cold but there will be no shortage of interest. . .now as for the Pacific/Mountain West Coast Conference? They should just fold up and join the Big 12. Replacing LA with San Diego and sorta Dallas metroplex is embarrassing. Talk about rebound relationship desperate.


    1. Regarding the money in question, UCLA thought it was an incentive-based bonus for “finally” finishing ranked within the top 20


    2. World
      Please. In some parts of the country, FB is almost the only game in town.

      As for the questionable money situation, I use the old MG blame game. The refs and NCAA had it in for SC. For decades. If you repeat a lie enough time, it almost becomes fact. On that note, I blame Larry Smith for everything.

      Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to grab a little sleep and prepare myself for the sixth annual installment of the Justin Wilcox NSD speech entitled, ” We Have To Try Harder”.

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      1. LIKED!…… I have to grab a little sleep and prepare myself for the sixth annual installment of the Justin Wilcox NSD speech entitled, ā€ We Have To Try Harderā€.

        Love the humor!……..seem like you’re having a good day, from a health standpoint



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